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Rabbit and His Friends

June 7, 2017 | By

A fable about a greedy rabbit and one of his misdeeds which taught him a life lesson, written by 8-year-old Srobona.

short stories by kids

Rabbit and His Friends is a short story by little write Srobona Banerjee

Rabbit and his friends, turtle, mouse, and raccoon were jumping around, and playing all through the yard, with balls, jump ropes, and hula hoops. Rabbit got so tired at playing he decided he needed to have some rest. So he went to the hill where he would rest for some time. This hill was rather slippery, so he had to be careful when he had arrived there. He walked carefully and rested in the grass spot.

“Ah! What good days! Just resting, and resting”.

He fell asleep in the soft grass.

As he rested the soft grass the hill got more slippery and more slippery. He slipped in the pond right next to it! But he was still asleep in his beautiful dreams, so there was nothing to do to swim out! He woke up and when he opened one eye he had noticed that he was at the bottom of the pond! He got scared for a second, but then he saw some shiny pearls.

“I’ll put these in my pocket and when I get back home I will put them in the safe,” he said. These pearls were magical and belonged to the mermaids and whoever took it they would drop it or it would disappear. Now Rabbit was in this spell but he didn’t know about this! When he was trying to swim to the top, he fainted for a few minutes.

He had woke up again and he realized that he was floating on top of the water. “Oh, let me hurry up now before it gets dark and put it in my case,” he said. He ran all the way home, even though he was tired. When he got home he noticed that his pocket was empty.He cried and cried as he said, “How could I ever do such a thing!”

“Stealing was not right!” He said. He never even dared to go to that pond ever again.

The moral of the story

Get greedy and you will end up with nothing.

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Srobona Banerjee, 8 years, studies in second grade and stays in Texas with her parents and her sister, a first-grader. She also loves playing the piano, dancing, art, reading the American Girl series and watching Kids' Baking Championship and other cookery shows.
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