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let the flowers bloom (short story) lnc

A beautiful garden, a shelter to numerous plants, birds, animals, fishes and insects has only one friend – little Montu. Will he be able to save it from being demolished to make way for a new apartment block?

‘Let the Flowers Bloom’ is a translation of ‘Phool Photao’, a short story in Bangla, written by Rina Chakrabarti. Souryadeep has translated it into English.

Let the Flowers Bloom!
Let the Flowers Bloom!
A beautiful garden, a shelter to numerous plants, birds, animals, fishes and insects has only one friend - little Montu. Will he be able to save it from being demolished to make way for a new apartment block? 'Let the Flowers Bloom' is a translation of 'Phool Photao', a short story in Bangla, written by Rina Chakrabarti. Souryadeep has translated it into English.
He climbed up the tree getting hold of a hanging root and settled on one of the lower branches of the tree
The Curious Onlooker
One eventful day, Aman ventures on a trek in a dense forest, overlooking the gloomy forecast of heavy downpour and thunderstorms. He gets stranded in the woods by evening because of heavy rain. But he was not prepared for the series of unpleasant events which the forest tosses on him one after another. As the night progresses, he finds himself in the middle of a complex mystery which seems impossible to solve. Without Sahil, he finds himself severely handicapped and helpless, a lame spectator to the crimes which are committed right under his nose. Will he able to catch the culprits alone? Read on to know more about his adventures in the fifth story of the Aman and Sahil series. Illustrations drawn by Varun.
Aman and Sahil with the old man
An Unexpected Companion
Aman and Sahil are back on their adventure ride with a trip to Karnala Bird Sanctuary near Matheran. What started off as a leisurely morning trek turns out to be a very insightful trip about the different kinds of birds in the sanctuary. They befriend a forest officer who gives them a detailed account of the migratory birds which visit the sanctuary every year. But excitement and thrill never cease to follow Aman and Sahil wherever they go. Read on to know more about their adventure as they trek to the Karnala fort along with their new friend. With beautiful illustrations by little Varun!
Victoria Memorial
There is Sorrow That Lingers in Old Parks
My tribute to the protagonists Ashoke Ganguly and his wife Asheema Ganguly of Jhumpa Lahiri’s brilliant novel ‘The Namesake’, which was adapted into a film by Meera Nair in 2007, starring Irrfan Khan, Tabu and Kal Penn. Written during the first day of PANDORATHON: an online writing festival happening in The Significant League, a literary group in Facebook in the month of May. This is in response to a prompt initiated by Dr. Santosh Bakaya, author, poet, academician.
Bimal Chadha looks back at a 45 year old friendship to recount a hilarious 'escapade' of Kaku high in the tough terrain of the Pir Panjal Mountains.
Two souls travel, on two avenues, meet by chance for a little while and what happens then? Adaptation of an excerpt from Amrita Pritam's Yeh Kahani Nahin
Two Little Babes and an Adventure
Two Little Babes and an Adventure
Two children, Charu and Raghu, dodge a dozing dad to skip out of the house on bright sunny afternoon and explore the world of animals all by themselves.
The Gandhi Within
The Gandhi Within
Innumerable unsung freedom fighters and martyrs had given up everything to win independence for our country. The need of today is to invoke the Gandhi within. A special story by Ramendra Kumar on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.
A deeply touching story about the inexplicable bond between a father and a daughter. A Daughter's Day special story by Ramendra Kumar, this is excerpted from the anthology of 5 stories, titled Different Shades of Eve.
I am Your Man
I am Your Man
A chance meeting of a young boy and girl at a bus stand seems to be brimming with the lethal(?) ammunition of upsetting the apple cart, in a big way. Read the love story 'I am Your Man' by Santosh Bakaya, from Bring Out the Tall Tales, a collection of short stories by Santosh Bakaya and Avijit Sarkar.
The Modak Thief
The Modak Thief
In the backdrop of the spirited Ganpati Celebrations of Pune, Aman and Sahil find themselves in the middle of a whirlwind of adventures. One Modak box goes missing every day in one of the popular pandals of Pune. Racing against time, with credibility at stake, Aman and Sahil find themselves in a nail-biting chase to find the Modak Thief. The sketches are courtesy 10 year old Varun Narayanan.
Saare Jahan Se Achchha....
Saare Jahan Se Achchha….
An Independence Day Special Children's story by Ramendra Kumar that explores the richness of diversity, culture, traditions and values India stands for.
Simple by Choice
Simple by Choice
Simple by choice is a story that espouses the virtues of simplicity. It highlights how resources can be best utilised for everyone's needs and consider simplicity as a mission to be protected and spread all around. It shows how two committed professionals can make a positive difference by being simple by choice.
Shaukat Ali
Shaukat Ali
Every one of us carried a typical “Shaukat Ali stamp” on our heads (as per army regulations). Shaukat Ali cast his impressions deeply not only on our heads but also our minds as school children.
A  Pursuit on a Pilgrimage
A Pursuit on a Pilgrimage
Aman had met Sahil by chance in Matheran about six months ago and solved the mystery of a stabbed horse. Fate brings them together again as they embark on a pilgrimage to Tirupati and this time the mystery of the lost boy makes them go on a hunt. The sketches are courtesy 10 year old Varun Narayanan.
A Ride to Remember
A Ride to Remember
A beautiful, touching story about how a chance auto ride together became a memorable love at first sight but will he find her again?
Felicity - A Story of Selfless Love
Felicity – A Story of Selfless Love
Felicity is a celebration of existence. To us, they’re Radha & Krishna, but as nebulous entities, they’re wind and music and many more unseen by mortal eyes.
A Holiday Mystery
A Holiday Mystery
What happens when a horse is knifed and a gold bracelet stolen? Out on a holiday at Matheran, Aman finds himself in the middle of a chase to solve a theft. A suspense filled short story by Anantha. The sketches are courtesy 10 year old Varun.
Mera Wala 2 States
Mera Wala 2 States
Author Ramendra Kumar steps back into memories and recounts his own love story that bridged two states in a "special, special story for Valentine's Day".
A Wish for Life: Wistful Tiny Tales
A Wish for Life: Wistful Tiny Tales
We always live the life we wish for… maybe not in this world but in an alternate one. Enjoy the first little story by Ronin in a new series of wistful tiny tales.
Chu and Chi
Chu and Chi
What happens when two aliens run out of fuel and land on earth? Chu and Chi find a solution with their human friend in this sweet short story by Sutapa Basu.
We can’t burn them because when plastic burns it releases toxic gases.
Making a Difference
On the occasion of World Environment Day which this year has the theme 'Beat Plastic Pollution', Learning and Creativity presents a touching short story by Ramendra Kumar on what an individual can do to make a difference towards the only home we have - the Earth.
Mother Courageous
Mother Courageous
A heart touching story of an indomitable mother who suffers the biggest losses and courageously stands up again to find her life force in children.
Tagore and the Hills
Tagore and the Hills
A brief personal story about a young writer's school memories of Bengal's illustrious poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Accompanied by a sketch of Tagore drawn by the writer himself.
the girl with blue eyes
Love, Scynthia
Author Ramendra Kumar had conducted a workshop on creative writing for students of Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC) Dhenkanal. Learning and Creativity presents the best story submitted by a group of participants at the workshop. Group F - Rituparna Ghosh Rishabh Sharma Shruti Debendra Kundu Sonalika Samal Anusaya Sahu Sunita Pradhan
Vikas quietly moved his queen two steps and said very calmly - "Check and Mate."
Check and Mate
A touching story by Ramendra Kumar about a disabled boy's struggle to become the champion in his chosen sport. A Christmas Special story from Learning and Creativity.
(Pic: Shamit [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL]  via Wikimedia Commons)
English Translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s Short Story ‘Subha’ (A Short Excerpt)
On the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of Gurudeb Rabindranath Tagore, the bard of my soul, the illustrious Nobel laureate of Bengal, my humble tribute, a short excerpt from my recently released book, ‘The Broken Home and Other Stories’ (Authorspress, 2017), a collection where I have translated in English two of his novellas and six short stories of his magnum opus work of fiction, ‘Galpaguchchho.’ One of the stories of this collection, ‘Subha’ is a heart-rending tale of a mute girl, steeped in deep pathos and also a level of mysticism which was the trademark of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's poetry and prose. I sincerely pray I have been able to do a wee bit of justice to him through my humble translation. This short excerpt, I hope, will give the readers the impetus to read the full story along with the other stories and novellas of the collection.
The Battle of War and Peace
The Battle of War and Peace
What makes you more powerful - winning wars or ensuring peace? In a heartwarming story of two kings, Ramendra Kumar explores the eternal conflict. A Republic Day Special from Learning and Creativity.
Winners were chosen after careful selection
Weave a Ghost Story Contest Results Are Out!
The much awaited Results of the Weave a Ghost Story Contest are out! Congratulations to the winners and contributors for their participation!
The modern day Calcutta skyline (Pic: Wikimedia CC0)
Joy India
"Profits make you happy but while doing business if you can serve your country or help making the place a better place, that will give you a real joy. A true businessman should not distinguish between his customers." Arunabh's short story delves into the inseparable bonds of pride and patriotism that make us go the extra mile to preserve our heritage.
I was just trying to make do with an apologetic array of vegetables available in the swanky kitchen. Half an onion, three–fourths of a capsicum, and a couple of potatoes.
Yummy, Mummy! Anything for a Hungry Tummy
"I knew the concoction that I was trying to cook, was far from yummy, as I was just trying to make do with an apologetic array of vegetables available in the swanky kitchen. Half an onion, three–fourths of a capsicum, and a couple of potatoes." Santosh Bakaya muses over the challenges mothers face to serve up something yummy, something different for their demanding kids.
The Spirit of Diwali
The Spirit of Diwali
"The sound of the bursting crackers, the smell of the mouth watering sweets, screaming, shouting and merrymaking of the children, the brilliance of the millions of tiny lamps reflecting the light of love, of knowledge, of happiness.....You want me to miss all this? Diwali is the festival of festivals." Ramendra Kumar's touching story about the spirit of Diwali celebrates the indomitable spirit of human beings to fight odds and enjoy life in the Now.
Voting Fiasco
Voting Fiasco
"The absurdity of the whole process made me feel selfish...." Priyanka Chauhan's short story delves into the fads of the social media.
Swing and Sway with Your Baby
Swing and Sway with Your Baby
Health brings sheer excellence in every sphere of life. And the foundation of a healthy child lies in inculcating healthy habits early on. Life is a way to celebrate with your baby, not to find reasons for not doing things.
The Last Night of My Life
The Last Night of My Life
A young married woman, a mother faced with a cruel reality of her life, as her family crumbles down.
The emptied bottle of sleeping pills lay open by the cushions.
The Separation
A touching, heart-wrenching saga of love, sacrifices and loss, centered on the relationship between a father-in-law and a daughter-in-law.
The Red Rose
The Red Rose
A short, simple, yet touching tale about the meaning and essence of true love.
The Price of the Fumes: A Short Story
The Price of the Fumes: A Short Story
A short, but powerful fictional piece with a strong social message.
"Santa must be out of his home by now and have started visiting houses, he might drop in to our house any day!"
A touching short story of a humble Christian family and the unconditional gift of love they received from their daughter on Christmas eve.
Merry Christmas, Steve!
Merry Christmas, Steve!
On the festive occasion of Christmas eve, Ramendra Kumar presents a touching short story on the real spirit of Merry Christmas and how owning up to one's mistakes is the first courageous step towards self improvement.
The most beautiful Puja Pandal was given the 'Spectacular Spectrum Shield' by the sponsors.
The Puja Spirit
What are Pujas all about? Are they only about merry making, singing, dancing, and eating? - A touching short story about the real spirit of the Durga Puja.
A nostalgic love story written with the phenomenal Coffee House of College Street, Kolkata as the backdrop.
It was Jamai Shashti, that special day when son in laws were celebrated and pampered across Bengal.
Jamai Shashti
Jamai Shashti is a touching story about broken dreams and the courage to break free.
The Letters from Girish
The Letters from Girish
A wistful romantic story of a couple in love, with a difference.
Delightful Dickens: Some Tribute, 2012
Delightful Dickens: Some Tribute, 2012
An uncanny and absorbing fictional piece, inspired by Charles Dickens' phenomenal work 'The Christmas Carol' and presented as a homage to the novelist.
Strangers in the Sand
Strangers in the Sand
"We tried opening the mat further and creating more room for ourselves, it was herculean, but we finally managed to make a little tent for ourselves, pulling down the ends with our hands and feet to prevent the carpet from flying away. ..." A chance encounter that becomes memorable. A short story.
A Memoir of Mirror..!
A Memoir of Mirror..!
A reflection of the human mind, its various foibles and epiphanies unfolded through the omnipresent voice of a mirror. An eye-opening fictional narrative.
Game, Set And Match - Father's Day Special Story
Game, Set And Match – Father’s Day Special Story
This Father's Day Special Story by Ramendra Kumar unfolds the triumphs and glories of a father-and-son relationship in the most endearing and memorable way.
Two Bellboys From Virudhachalam
Two Bellboys From Virudhachalam
An endearing and hopeful fictional narrative about a girl's aspirations about her life and how she settles into an arranged marriage, albeit a happy one.
“But Mum, it’s too dark at night. How do we play catch-me-if-you-can? Nobody can see anybody,” complained Baflee, the child-little-beetle.
How The Firefly Got its Twinkle
A beautiful story on the explorations and travails of the fireflies to get their own twinkle so that they can see where they are going in the dark.
It Hurts
It Hurts
"He always did that; ignored me, after he had a drunken night and some incidents of hitting. I think he felt ashamed of his behaviour, that’s why he kept silent." Rhiti Bose's poignant short story chronicles an honest, seething account of a housewife's harrowing journey through domestic violence.
"Promise," his father took his hand in his and shook it
The Promise: Republic Day Special
Greetings to all our friends on Republic Day! We present a touching story on patriotism and faith on the occasion of Republic Day by Ramendra Kumar.
Kite’s string had been ‘cut’ and it was now sailing away
Shaolin – Makar Sakranti Special
Johny was around fifty years of age, tall, with thick grey hair and an athletic body. He was clad in a white shirt and formal blue trousers.
His father, Jacob Kurien, and he had decorated the Christmas tree.
The Spirit Of Christmas
The true spirit of Christmas is in giving and sharing. It is in showing love and kindness. A beautiful short story on the festive occasion of Christmas.
" just slips out that you are a greater expert at puddle-jumping than I...” Read this lovely children's story by Ramendra Kumar about a boy who loved puddles, published on the occasion of Children's Day.
A Hundred Million Years
A Hundred Million Years
I had two friends Ami and Iam with whom I played and conversed on the vast canvas.
Did her fingers brush off the same stroke of words as mine would begin to soon?
The Typewriter
With a poof of breath, he got rid of the dust on it and set it on the floor for me to see. It was a typewriter alright. Only, it seemed haunted to me.
She wants to bring a change to this world
A Story: Not A Random Thought
Like every other person on this Earth, she also started her journey on a day which she celebrates as her birthday every year.
India and its villages need good doctors far more than rich countries like America."
On the occasion of India's Independence Day, Learning and Creativity presents a special short story by Ramendra Kumar on the true essence of patriotism.
LOC, directed by JP Dutta, is based on the Kargil War
A Father And A Patriot
Major Tiger tried his best to fight back the tears welling up in his eyes but he couldn't. The crumpled paper in his hand was wet as he read it again and again...
L&C Short Stories Contest (Anthology) Results Declared
L&C Short Stories Contest (Anthology) Results Declared
L&C's Short Stories Contest (Anthology) Results Declared. Winning entries to be published as ebook.
A large tree stood beside the house. With its yellow and red leaves, it attracted Adhiraaj like never before
The Maple Tree
A dim light shone in her room. He heard sounds of sobs. The whole family had gathered around his daughter’s bed. He pushed everyone along the way.
Papa Dearest
Papa Dearest
Father's Day Special Stories: Parents are often unaware how their behaviour impacts their kids.
The One Who Came Around
The One Who Came Around
I first saw her when I was in Rome in front of that ‘fountain’; now they say if you make a wish and throw a coin in the fountain, it comes true.
The Scar
The Scar
Amit was a tall handsome guy, who was not only the heartthrob among his relatives but friends and college professors also. He had an attitude to win, and he was always a winner...
An Afternoon In Verona
An Afternoon In Verona
Like every other girl, I dreamt of my perfect man. The only difference was I didn't dream to live my life with him.
Venkat had got his favourite berth - a side berth and that too, a lower one. 
(Pic: Dforest, Wikimedia under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 )
It was then that he remembered a Telugu saying 'Even a baby crow, to its mother, appears cute.' A touching story of a mother's love for Mother's Day by Ramendra Kumar.
It was an old,damp house. I saw them enter the house all three of them.
The Window
They would never know that it was I who taught him to utter his first word ‘maa’. I encouraged him to say it “mmmmaa…” He looked carefully at me and repeated the word.
"I did some internet research and found that Parvati art gallery had given him his first break and you were the curator at that time"
Two Losses
Short stories about love: Two Losses is a story by Jagjeet Kaur about love, its wins and its losses.
The dusty streets of Rotherham
The Game Of Royals
The very next day, at the stroke of seven, Daniel was out on the road for this dismal job of cocaine transfer.
"Now its two weeks since the carrots have appeared on the rack"
Should she dress-up more smartly? Has she taken their relationship for granted? Should she confront him about his indifference?...
“Oh you mean, the elevator? It’s stuck. Must be a power cut,” Sandip said and asked again, “Are you ill?”
“Oh you mean, the elevator? It’s stuck. Must be a power cut,” Sandip said and asked again, “Are you ill?”
The rain beat down hard against the roof. The wipers swished furiously across the windscreen.
Ideals in Frenzy
Every Calcuttan knew by now that come sunset the city’s teeming streets turned into battlegrounds and men were killed and abducted to score points in a bloody political game. It was called revolution!
He simply loved the calm and serene atmosphere of the lake which was so different from the hustle and bustle of the city.
The Chameleon
As he drifted off to sleep, there was in his mind a lurking suspicion that something about the Swami wasn't quite right.
'Texas' would be a good idea, he thought. Didi had taken him there a couple of times. They prepare delicious chicken pakoras and tikkas.
Rahul And His T-shirt
A touching short story by Amitendu Palit about a young boy and his tryst with his newly bought T-shirt.
Pattu had seen a lovely besari (nose-pin) at the goldsmith's house. The diamonds blinked at her invitingly and she had fallen in love with it at first sight.
The Diamond Nose-pin
The diamond nose-pin had lost all its glamour. Pattu was ready to forego anything, if only she could save her husband.
Name less faces retreading to their homes, fading in the pale hue of the twilight.
The Dark Evening
Short story - Only for a few moments till she stepped outside. To become a part of the dark evening.
The Devata
The Devata
She stopped on seeing them. Her eyes filled with fear. `Oh, no, you won't take him away,' she screamed. She tried to drag me away from their presence.
He looked at the clouds that were becoming increasingly menacing with each passing second
Mere Naina Saavan Bhaadon
Mere naina saavan bhaadon, phir bhi mera man pyaasa. This Kishore Kumar song was a favorite with Pralhad for the last many decades.
The sun was setting and it was a beautiful sight.
Love In The Skies
He was in his white T-shirt and blue jeans smiling at them with their luggage. She looked at him with all her love.
Sunil looked out of the window to catch a final glimpse of the Kennedy International Airport, fast receding below
The Caged Liberator
The distress phone call from Mrs Joshi in the middle of the night was nothing unusual. Could he come over to examine a little boy suffering from acute high fever?
A Dream Come True
A Dream Come True
A touching short story by Ramendra Kumar set in a circus about how animals respond to compassion and cruelty.
Only two of you staying in the house. Then why sleep in separate rooms? He asked straight away.
Deep Within
Only two of you staying in the house. Then why sleep in separate rooms? He asked straight away.
I hung up the phone smiling accepting his apologies with grace.
The Genus
My vision cleared suddenly, and I could clearly see the deep furrows fording her forehead.
Her eyes searched every approaching form carefully until she was sure it wasn’t him. She became an automaton, performing her task mechanically while her mind refused to focus on anything but the memory of him.
The Girl Who Sold Grass
Her eyes searched every approaching form carefully until she was sure it wasn't him.
The already mysterious house now became even more intriguing for Ashok and his friends.
The House at the Corner
The house lay veiled in a thick cloud of secrecy. Despite their best efforts, Ashok and his friends never saw its inmates.
"To assure me YOU are always within my day!"
The Reunion
The passionate love at the time of marriage -- my friends foretold that this marriage would go to the rocks, that I was crazy to go for the wild Pragya -- soon petered off.
The night train left around midnight and as Tarun revved up the car to return home a windstorm ran amok.
The Rains
They remained close, almost indistinguishable, so similar were their interests and attitude, yet they fought, sometimes bitterly, like two rivals trying to score debating points.
Man had always been a lonely being. Now he could read every one, every one of his children like a book. They needn’t say any thing. One thing was certain. They didn’t need him any longer.
The Loner
Man had always been a lonely being. Now he could read every one, every one of his children like a book.
The Jackpot
The Jackpot
A humorous short story about two thieves who hit a jackpot.
He did not even care to pick up the roses by himself. I took out three healthy yellow roses from a bundle and began to dress them.
The Whisper of Yellow Roses
Don’t we all crave for happiness? So, says my florist brain, why care about flowers, which are anyway going to end up into the waste bin?
The rider and horse, on a battlefield, had to have a companionship on which the lives of both were firmly dependent.
The Warrior
The rider and horse, on a battlefield, had to have a companionship on which the lives of both were firmly dependent.
Reluctantly, he closes the door. He can feel the pain of being alone begin to throb in his heart again and he makes a desperate effort to keep his mind busy.
Death of a Man
His body will be recovered by the government, and his death assigned in dusty files to a heart attack.
He is a jailbird who if killed while on duty will not be memorized as a martyr; rather his bereavement will be retired with a whiff of respite.
Bedlam of a Jailbird
He is a jailbird who if killed while on duty will not be memorized as a martyr.
Dear Mr God, My Mama used to say that you love children very much. That you always answer their prayers.
Dear Mr God…
Dear Mr God is a beautiful short story about a little girl writing letters to God.
Sun peaking behind a slumbering gray giant, having lost most of its heat but not its light.
“It had been a beautiful day.” He thought dispassionately. “The first day of the rains…” The day had begun with dark overcast skies that gave way...
The long slanted handwriting, the faint perfume still clungs to the note.
From America, With Love
Paddy was busy reading the note attached to the box. It simply said "From America, With Love." But there was..
Lost in the City Forest
Lost in the City Forest
"At least we can light a candle for hope, and try once again for a better world."
Lightning struck as thunder-wielding clouds crashed head-on in the heavens above.
Fisherman’s Lantern
The light shone brilliantly, cutting across the storm-darkened night. He blinked at its intensity. The fisherman’s lantern!
Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact--
William James
A Life’s Worth
Though he was only a peon, there was nothing about the work at the office that he did not know.

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Inspirational Quote: Follow your Heart