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valentine's day love poem

Ramendra Kumar dedicates a love poem to his beloved wife Madhavi Kumar to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

My Smiling Assassin!
My Smiling Assassin!
Ramendra Kumar dedicates a love poem to his beloved wife Madhavi Kumar to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Spreading Christmas Joy with Homemade Cookies
Spreading Christmas Joy with Homemade Cookies
Eleven year old Varun has developed a new fascination for baking. And what can be a better time than Christmas to try out some great cookies with the new baking knowledge! Here's Varun wishing everyone a Merry Christmas with a delightful, colorful spread of homemade treats.
Durga Idol Made of Scraps: Creativity of a Mother
Durga Idol Made of Scraps: Creativity of a Mother
In the absence of any formal art training, Rekha Dey, a housewife from Kolkata, chose the internet as her teacher, making optimum utilization of it, thus opening herself to a new world of art and craft. The DIY videos on the internet inspired her during the lockdown. She used scraps to craft idols of Ma Durga along with idols of Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesh and Kartik to celebrate Durga Puja.
Love and Only Love
Love and Only Love
Valentine's Day, the day of love has come and gone. But hope stays alive of a utopian world where love rules and hatred gets a drubbing every day.
The singer and the dancer
Celebrate the Differences, Enjoy the Similarities and Forget the Rest!
Every relationship is a potpourri of similarities and differences. Ramendra Kumar muses about why his marriage is considered a runaway success.
Two Little Babes and an Adventure
Two Little Babes and an Adventure
Two children, Charu and Raghu, dodge a dozing dad to skip out of the house on bright sunny afternoon and explore the world of animals all by themselves.
Hell Over Helmet Amid Smiling Santa Caps
Hell Over Helmet Amid Smiling Santa Caps
As the wasteful Dirty Dozen find their lost helmet in a sink with a bag of uneatan food, Santa caps bring in the Christmas cheer for the ragpicker kids. Its Christmas and you celebrate it the way you wish to.
Durga Puja: Ruminations
Durga Puja: Ruminations
The nip in the air and the azure sky take Lekha Sengupta back to her childhood days of Puja festivities. A short, ruminative essay on the auspicious occasion of the upcoming Durga puja.
The Costumes Story
The Costumes Story
Its fun to dress up in fancy costumes, especially during festivals. Anantha loves to design costumes and also wear them to dress up as a witch on Halloween or Santa Claus on Christmas.
Gold Jewellery - The First Love of a Woman
Gold Jewellery – The First Love of a Woman
We explore the latest gold necklace models and gold bracelet designs which are in high demand and can go with any outfit on any occasion.
Mera Wala 2 States
Mera Wala 2 States
Author Ramendra Kumar steps back into memories and recounts his own love story that bridged two states in a "special, special story for Valentine's Day".
“Aap Phir Kab Aaoge?”
“Aap Phir Kab Aaoge?”
This Children's Day, breaking away from the norm of visiting schools, Ramendra Kumar spent time with the children in an ‘Observation Home’ which is housed inside a prison campus.
Fairy Tale Country
Fairy Tale Country
A beautiful fantasy of a little girl's dreams that come true because of her golden heart and her love for her ailing naani. Children's Day Special Story by Ramendra Kumar.
When Uma Meets Durga On An Ashwin Day
When Uma Meets Durga On An Ashwin Day
On the auspicious occasion of Mahalaya and Navaratri that marks the homecoming of Goddess Durga, Learning and Creativity presents a special picture story by two Dallas-based creative minds. As talented artist Kusumika Ganguly, an artist and teacher based in Dallas, Texas, gives her beautifully soothing touch of artistry to a painting of Ma Durga, Durga Durgati Nashini, the supreme woman power of Hindu mythology on the auspicious eve of Mahalaya, the initiation of Devi Paksha, author Lopamudra Banerjee complements the painting with her memoir on how she perceives Uma and Durga and herself as a woman staying in the foreign shores, ten thousand miles away from her Bengali hometown. The piece is from the Durga series of her book 'Woman And Her Muse'.
In the smell of rain
Your Memories
A wistful love poem for Valentine's Day by Ramendra Kumar.
Happy Diwali with Handpainted Diyas by Anshula
Happy Diwali with Handpainted Diyas by Anshula
Using pearl colours and craft material (stones and pearls), Anshula, a Std VII student made these handpainted diyas for home and her teachers and friends.
Holi is an especially popular holiday in Lansing, Michigan
Holi Hai! An Indian Holiday Greets Spring with Showers of Color
Holi is an especially popular holiday in Lansing. The Bharatiya Temple hosts the area’s most prominent Holi festivities. Budding editor-writer and booklover Nitish Pahwa writes about how joyous a festival it is for Lansing, Michigan's residents.
Bollywood: Classic Love Sagas Inspiring Poetry
Bollywood: Classic Love Sagas Inspiring Poetry
My poetic tribute to two timeless romances of Bollywood which swept me off my feet in my girlhood days, Ek Duje Ke Liye, and Silsila.
Love is... finding utopia even in shackles. On Valentine's Day, enjoy this sweet love poem from Ramendra Kumar.
Two Love Poems for Valentine's Day
Two Love Poems for Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day Special: Two love poems by Uma Subedi translated from Nepali to English by renowned poet/author/translator Suman Pokhrel.
Happy Children's Day: Paintings by Preetika
Happy Children’s Day: Paintings by Preetika
Budding artist Preetika paints her favourite pastimes for a Happy Children's Day Special. Learning and Creativity is proud to present our youngest artists and their enthusiastic art work.
Carmine is Essential for Safe Driving in Cold Weather
Carmine is Essential for Safe Driving in Cold Weather
Your customized Carmine has a handy and useful tire pressure gauge to ensure you don’t venture out on tires weakened due to cold weather.
Love is...
Love is…
A refreshing, inspiring poem about the meaning and essence of love
A wistful poem celebrating the all-encompassing beauty of love and togetherness.
The Red Rose
The Red Rose
A short, simple, yet touching tale about the meaning and essence of true love.
A Lover's Plea
A Lover’s Plea
A heartfelt, romantic plea from a lover to his lady-love, a simple celebration of their blissful days together.
Love Like Wine
Love Like Wine
A soulful poem on matured love and how the lovers' emotions evolve while exploring love.
Kiss Me Goodbye...
Kiss Me Goodbye…
A poem celebrating the quintessential passion of love.
Autumn Kiss
Autumn Kiss
An intensely passionate love poem, celebrating the emotional fervour of the lovers.
134-Year-Old Bonedi Barir Durga Puja: Dutta Bari@Balaram De Street
134-Year-Old Bonedi Barir Durga Puja: Dutta Bari@Balaram De Street
Durga's appurtenance, the Lion has a horse face at Dutta Bari, Balaram De Street, Kolkata, where the Ghosh family is carrying forward a rich tradition of Bonedi Barir Durga Puja for 134 years.
35 Holi Songs of Bollywood - the most comprehensive list
Rang Barse… Evergreen Holi Songs Of Bollywood Over 6 Decades (1940-2014)
From Aurat in 1940 to Ram Leela in 2014, Holi songs of Bollywood have added colour, energy, music and dance to films through the decades. From the mellow and richly classical Holi songs in the 50s to the fun songs in the 70s, the flirtatious songs of the 80s to the power-packed, rigorous dance sequences in the new millennium, Holi songs have seen a gradual but marked change in style of music and picturisation.
Enjoy the songs.... and have a Happy and Safe Holi!
His father, Jacob Kurien, and he had decorated the Christmas tree.
The Spirit Of Christmas
The true spirit of Christmas is in giving and sharing. It is in showing love and kindness. A beautiful short story on the festive occasion of Christmas.
" just slips out that you are a greater expert at puddle-jumping than I...” Read this lovely children's story by Ramendra Kumar about a boy who loved puddles, published on the occasion of Children's Day.
Holi Art Competition Winners
Holi Art Competition Winners
We are floored with the beautiful, eye-catching paintings our little artists have sent with so much love and enthusiasm. Learning and Creativity Holi Art Competition has announced its winners! Go ahead and check out which paintings scored over the others to emerge winners!
Holi is celebrated in different styles in different places. And each version is equally delightful and unique.
Best Places in India to Celebrate Holi
Holi is celebrated in different styles in different places. And each version is equally delightful and unique.
Healthy Low Calorie Holi Recipes
Healthy Low Calorie Holi Recipes
Start the festive day with healthy and low calorie dishes and Indulge your sweet tooth without any guilt.
Holi was the time to forgive and forget. It was the day when even enemies were supposed to set aside their differences and celebrate together.
Friends Again
That day Anmol waited hoping against hope that Rohan would come. At around nine his elder brother Amit’s friends came home and doused him with every shade of colour.
Holi Recipes By Sanjeev Kapoor
Holi Recipes By Sanjeev Kapoor
Brighten up the Colors this Holi with these Traditional Holi Recipes. L&C presents some selected recipes by Cooking Expert Sanjeev Kapoor.
How To Make Puran Poli - Holi Recipe
How To Make Puran Poli – Holi Recipe
Holi is the time of celebration and festivities and one aroma that is closely associated with Holi is of puran poli being prepared in homes. So here we bring a quick holi recipe for making puran poli.
How To Make Mawa Gujiya - Holi Recipe
How To Make Mawa Gujiya – Holi Recipe
We cannot think of any Indian festival without food. Among all food Gujia is one of the most popular dishes of Holi. It is a must for every North Indian home.
Holi Scenes from Bollywood
Classic Holi Scenes, Bollywood’s Favourite Festival
Learning And Creativity brings you a selection of some great Holi scenes woven around this colourful festival.
Buy Prahlad (Amar Chitra Katha) from Amazon
Holi’s Colourful Legends
Hiranyakashipu received a boon from Lord Brahma that made him immortal. This boon made him arrogant and he felt he was God, and urged people to worship him.
Removing gulal from the face can be a nuisance. Apply moisturizer to protect your skin.
Tips for Playing A Safe & Enjoyable Holi
The chemicals used in the colors during Holi can wreck havoc on your skin and hair. Here are a few tips that can help you ensure a safer Holi.
In the flowers, in the pollen 
In the petals that had fallen 
Love was everywhere.
Spring the season of love As ordained by Mother Nature, Was holding in its thrall Almost every creature.
Best Bollywood Romantic Movies
Best Bollywood Romantic Movies
Romance has always been the most bankable genre in Bollywood as almost every heart can relate to it.Here is a list of the best Bollywood romantic movies that have touched million hearts across the world.
Valentine's Day Store - Best Selling Romantic Novels
Valentine’s Day Store – Best Selling Romantic Novels
L&C brings you some of the best romantic books, you can gift to your sweetheart this Valentine's Day. Some are contemporary, some are timeless classics and all are truly romantic.
Super Discounts On Valentine's Day Gift For Him
Super Discounts On Valentine’s Day Gift For Him
Surprise your man with unique and awesome gifts this Valentine's Day. From clothing, watch, grooming kits to some practical items; the list is endless.
Great Discounts On Valentine's Day Gift For Her
Great Discounts On Valentine’s Day Gift For Her
Shower your sweetheart this Valentine's Day with beautiful gifts that bring a smile on her face.
Romantic Destinations in Europe for Valentine's Day
Romantic Destinations in Europe for Valentine’s Day
Going on a romantic getaway to some exotic location in Europe can be the best Valentine gift for your sweetheart. Some of the most romantic destinations in Europe are...
Apple iPhone 5c (Pink, 16GB) Price: 39,250.00
You Save: 2,650.00 (6%)
iPhone 5c – Capable, Colorful, Trendy, A Perfect Valentine Gift
iPhone 5c features an all-new design crafted from a single, hard-coated polycarbonate body. It is a perfect Valentine gift, available in trendy colours
The Spring Mood
The Spring Mood
Love is the theme note of the scene that nature paints, inspired by Kamadeva.
Trendy Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Men
Trendy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men
Declare your love for him with some unique and beautiful gifts this Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Ladylove
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Ladylove
Want your sweetheart to swoon over something unique or personalized? How about a personalized coffee mugs or personalized cushions that proclaim your love for each other along with both your images imprinted on the mugs?
7 Fun Facts About Valentine's Day
7 Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day
There are some interesting fact about Valentine's Day which are not commonly known. Check out some fun facts about this festival of lovers'.
15 All-time Hollywood Romantic Movies
15 All-time Hollywood Romantic Movies
Love is in the air! If you are celebraing Valentine's Day as a quiet, romantic evening at home with your partner, watch one of those immensely watchable romances that will make you smile and value your love even more. We pick for you the 15 all-time Hollywood romantic classics
7 Surprise Ideas For Your Valentine
7 Surprise Ideas For Your Valentine
Can't come up with any stunning Valentine idea? No need to worry. We have come up with some amazing ideas for Valentine surprises.
How To Make A Valentine's Day Cake
How To Make A Valentine’s Day Cake
This valentine's day Impress your special one with a home made cake especially when its easy to make and so yummy.
How To Make A Heart Pillow - Perfect for Valentine's Day!
How To Make A Heart Pillow – Perfect for Valentine’s Day!
A bed piled high with a variety of such cushions can provide a sensual centre point for a room. So what are you waiting for, just express your love to your valentine.
How To Make Valentine's Day Pop up Card
How To Make Valentine’s Day Pop up Card
Just a few paper punches, embellishments, and patterned scrapbook paper can turn any easy Valentine's Day card into a beautiful way to say "I love you."
Buy Amar Prem from Amazon
Amar Prem: When Love Transcends All Barriers (Watch Full Movie)
Amar Prem portrays a pure and selfless form of love which happens to take shape and grow in adverse situations and places.
The sand dunes of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, greenery of Kerala, beaches of Goa, the majestic hills of the North; there is so much to explore and enjoy a romantic vacation in this country.
Romantic Getaways on Valentine
India boasts of a number of romantic holiday destinations to share some beautiful moments of rejoice, romance and intimacy with your beloved.
“I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved.” 
~ George Eliot
Sweep Your Wife Off Her Feet On First Valentine
The first celebration of your accomplished love brings pleasure and anxiety at the time as you are never satisfied with your preparations to give your princess the happiness of her lifetime.
Today Valentine’s Day is all about mushy romance and love!
Legend Behind Valentine’s Day
Have you ever thought how 14th February got to be celebrated as Valentine's Day? The legend goes that there was a saint/priest called Saint Valentine who served as a priest in Rome during 3rd century.
Helsinki Lutheran Cathedral with the statue of Emperor Alexander II of Russia in the front.
Helsinki, Finland: The Land of the Midnight Sun
L&C presents a tour of Helsinki, Finland: Land of the Midnight Sun. Historic landmarks, nature and islands, Helsinki has much to offer its visitors.
The legend of Santa Claus is based on St. Nikolas, a 4th century bishop.
15 Not-so-Known Christmas Facts
Check out some of the not so known and interesting facts about Christmas.
Let Christmas be not just a day, but throughout year, for years to come......
Honour Christmas
Christmas is not a day, but a state of mind. Peace, Goodwill and Humanity unfurls the real spirit of Christmas
It's the Christmas Season at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Christmas Decorations at Berlin
It's the Christmas Season at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Holiday Vacation - Europe Calling!
Holiday Vacation – Europe Calling!
There can be no better time to pack your travel bags and head to a family holiday vacation that begins with Christmas and ends at welcoming the New Year at your favorite location.
How To Make A Christmas Tree Cupcake
How To Make A Christmas Tree Cupcake
Get creative this Christmas by trying delicious and mouthwatering Christmas Tree Cupcake that will impress your friends and family. This classic recipe will instantly evoke warm Christmas memories.
Sagrada Familia is a magnificent basilica, known for its detailed exterior and interior design.
Barcelona, Spain: A Magical Journey
Bracelona in Spain is home to many UNESCO world heritage sites and several rich architectural marvels of renowned Catalan architects.
Easy To Make Origami Christmas Tree And Christmas Greeting Cards
Easy To Make Origami Christmas Tree And Christmas Greeting Cards
Children love making their own Christmas tree. We present here some great how to make Christmas tree with paper and with the Origami art.
Ceiling frescoes by the famous Russian painter Vereshchagin in The Nativity of Christ Cathedral (in Riga, Latvia)
The Legend of Jesus Christ
Christians all over the world celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ to Virgin Mary as was prophesied in the Old Testament.
He looks immaculately dressed, impeccably attired, at all times.
Fading Images, Losing Appeals
Is Santa for real? That, alas, is a question that is being posed by a large number of children. In fact the age of disillusionment with faith is setting in earlier than noticed, heretofore.
Bridge to southernmost point of continental Asia
Singapore : Where Nature And Urbanism Co-exist In Harmony
The English name of Singapore is derived from the Malay word Singapura, hence the customary reference to the nation as the Lion City. Singapore is the world's only sovereign city-state that is also an Island Country. It lies in Southeast Asia off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Pulau Ujong, is its native name. Tourism in Singapore is a major industry in Singapore. It has one of the world's lowest crime rates. Transport in Singapore exhaustive including the well-known Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system. Popular tourist attractions include the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa Island and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Singapore is a premium shopping destination as well with its various shopping belts Marina Bay, Bugis Street, Chinatown, Geylang Serai, Kampong Gelam & Arab Street, Little India, North Bridge Road, Orchard Road.
Santa Claus is coming to town
The Legend Of Santa Claus
Santa Claus, the white-bearded man in a red coat with a bag full of gifts, is coming to town. Check out the legend of Santa Claus.
Microware Christmas Tree Shape 4 GB Pen Drive
Unique and Beautiful Christmas Gift Ideas
Check out wonderful Christmas gift ideas. From gifts to kids to gifts to your geek pals, there are many gift ideas to choose from.
How To Make 3D Christmas Cards
How To Make 3D Christmas Cards
Christmas is almost here. Spread the joys and good wishes to your friends and family by sending them these hand made cards.
L&C's special Pinterest board on Christmas Bulletin Board ideas
Cool Christmas Bulletin Board, Activities Ideas
Check out this cool collection of Christmas Bulletin Board ideas from the best teachers sites, Pinterest boards and crafts corners.
20 Imaginative Ideas For Christmas Bulletin Board
20 Imaginative Ideas For Christmas Bulletin Board
Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most awaited festivals of the year. Bulletin board has always been the best medium for children to showcase and enjoy their imagination.
Chocolate Cocoa Truffles
Christmas Recipe: Heart Healthy Chocolate Cocoa Truffles
This holiday season why not indulge in deep dark chocolate desserts that contain superbly nutritious ingredients.
Herodus Atticus from the Acropolis.
Athens, Greece: A Tour Into The Ancient
L&C brings you a virtual tour of Athens, the capital and largest city of Greece with a glorious history spanning 3,400 years!
Jingle All The Way: Best Christmas Movie Ever
Jingle All The Way: Best Christmas Movie Ever
Christmas eve means frantic last minute preparations and shopping sprees. And when your child wants a little something, you leave no stone unturned to make it happen.
How To Make Christmas Baubles
How To Make Christmas Baubles
Christmas home decorations are the main thing that gives life and color to our home every season and specially if its Easy-to-make home made decorations. These Christmas Baubles guarantee to brighten the holiday season!
How To Make A Snowman
How To Make A Snowman
Kids & Moms don't wait for a snowy day to have some wintertime fun! You and your kids can make a snowman anytime with this festive craft ideas.
Jack made the snowman’s head and torso. William stuck its nose (a carrot) and hands (sticks)
The Talking Snowman
Christmas Special Story: "We are going to make the largest snowman in the world”
Se Cathedral is the largest Church in India
Goa – Pearl of the Orient
The famous Goa Carnival will be held in 2014, 1st-4th March.
Mirror image of the rows of coconut trees on the still waters of the vivacious Vembanad Lake
Best Places To Go In Christmas Vacation
We queried our travel enthusiasts who are perpetually affected by wanderlust, and here’s their list of the best places to go in christmas holiday
The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights were named by the French scientist, Pierre Gassendi, in 1621.
Aurora Borealis: Amazing Natural Illumination In Norway
An aurora is a natural, colourful light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions. The most reliable chances to see the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are from Fairbanks(ALASKA), and above the Arctic Circle. The Aurora Belt in Alaska's great Interior and Arctic Regions are among the most active in the world. The Aurora is typically at their most frequent in late winter or early spring but can be seen throughout the winter months on nights with clear skies. In November, December or January one can experience short day light hours which provides a unique experience of viewing Aurora Borealis.
New Year's Resolution Ideas
New Year’s Resolution Ideas
Turn your New Year's Resolution Ideas Into Reality. This powerful goal setting program shows you not just how to set your goals and reach your new year's resolution ideas, but most importantly how to achieve them faster than you ever thought possible.
How To Make An Origami Santa Claus
How To Make An Origami Santa Claus
It is said, that Santa brings gifts to the good children on Christmas Eve. He makes a list of what the kids want to receive for Christmas, and delivers these presents according to their behavior throughout the year.
How To Make A Paper Christmas Tree
How To Make A Paper Christmas Tree
If you're looking for a way to do something crafty with your time, here's how to make a paper Christmas tree.
Virgin Mary fountain - A beautiful fountain built in the end of 19th century.
Zagreb – The Blend of Old and New
The historical part of Zagreb boasts of magnificent palaces, churches, museums and more.
Top 10 Greatest Christmas Movies of All Time!
Top 10 Greatest Christmas Movies of All Time!
This Christmas it's time to take a break, so lets enter the Winter Wonderland of Cinema.Featured video top 10 favorite Christmas movies of all time.
Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All The Way
Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All The Way
Which Christmas song is your favorite? Here we present the top 15 songs capturing the essence of this joyous season. Sit back and enjoy the wonderful music of Christmas with your loved ones.
Some Extra-Special Christmas Gift Ideas
Some Extra-Special Christmas Gift Ideas
Are you looking for some extra-special ideas for all those people on your holiday list?Have fun watching these Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas.
Colourful and Pretty houses at Riomaggiore - Cinque Terre, Italy.
Cinque Terre – Charming, Beautiful, Mesmerizing!
A visit to Italy is incomplete without exploring Cinque Terre that lies in the Liguria region of the country.
Munnar, Kerala: Abode Of Tranquility
Munnar, Kerala: Abode Of Tranquility
The major attractions at Munnar are Sienna village, Mattupetty Dam, Kolukkumalai, and Nilgiri Hills among others.
The Vivekananda Rock looked imposing as we stood in a long queue to get tickets for the ferry.
Kanyakumari: A Voyage Into Spirituality
Surrounded by hills, banana plantations, paddy fields, and vast greenery; lies the picturesque Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu.
Learn Colors And Decorate The Christmas Tree
Learn Colors And Decorate The Christmas Tree
This Christmas Learning colors will be so much fun.Great Train theme will help your child remember colors even faster. So Enjoy and have fun
Christmas Recipe: Snow-Dusted Mini Linzer Tart Cookies
Christmas Recipe: Snow-Dusted Mini Linzer Tart Cookies
Who says you can’t enjoy the scrumptious holiday goodies and still maintain some waist management? Try snow-dusted mini linzer tart cookies that are festive, light and nutritious!