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The Old World Charm of Montreal and Quebec
The Old World Charm of Montreal and Quebec
Living in Ontario, the neighbor province, it was long due that we visit Quebec the province and the city. That too, as visitors and tourists we have visited half the world...
Red Pagoda with Miniature Buddhas and Arahats
Hong Kong: A Tourist’s Delight
Hong Kong is a tourist’s delight. There are so many interesting places to see! We had been to Hong Kong recently and saw the usual tourist spots – Giant Buddha at...
Panchgani: 'Land of Five Hills'
Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani
Mahabaleshwar The literal meaning of Mahabaleshwar is “God of Great Power”. This hill station has lush flora, breathtaking views and soaring peaks. Mahableshwar welcomes...
Naini lake is the heart of the hill station
Uttarakhand Delight – Ranikhet – Nainital
Ranikhet Ranikhet is a small Hill station is located In Almora, Uttrakhand. The place has bristling good old fashioned military atmosphere. With peaceful walks and breathtaking...
Coonoor is known as the Hidden Valley
The Magic of the South – Ooty and Coonoor
Ooty Rolling hills, tea gardens, eucalyptus trees and lush greenery all around! No wonder Ooty is called – the “Queen of Hills”. Do you know Ooty is short for Udhagamandalam?...
Rishikesh: City Of Saints
Rishikesh – Mussoorie – Dhanaulti: Spiritual Retreats
Rishikesh Popularly known as City Of Saints, the holy town Rishikesh is a must visit place for devotees. The city has always been a legendary part of Garhwal. According...
A view of the Teesta River valley near Kalimpong.
Pic: Anuj Kumar Pradhan (Wikimedia Commons)
Picturesque Darjeeling and Kalimpong
Darjeeling Summers can be unbearably hot. Why not head to the cool environs of Darjeeling – the “Queen of hill stations”? Nestled in the Mahabharat Range or...
The Christ Church
Shimla – Kullu – Manali: Alluring Sense Of Calm And Peace
Shimla Think of hill stations in India and Shimla immediately comes to mind. A name almost synonymous with hilly retreats, Shimla has for several hundred years now been playing...
Mesmerizing North-East – Shillong & Gangtok
Shillong Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is one of the most stunningly beautiful hill stations in India. Located at an altitude of 4,908 feet above sea level, Shillong...
Magnificent view of lake
Srinagar – Gulmarg – Pahalgam: If There Is Paradise, It’s Here!
Srinagar Surrounded by lush greenery and mountains; Srinagar is often called as the “Venice of the East”. Nestled on the banks of the Jhelum River, Srinagar is...
Lonavala Hill station, India
Pic: Arjun Singh Kulkarni (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0)
Breathtaking Lonavala – Khandala
Lonavala Want a break from your hectic lifestyle this summer? Head to the green environs of the breathtaking Lonavala. Located in Pune district in Maharashtra, Lonavala is...

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