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A K Nanda (8 Posts )

A Fulbright Fellow, seasoned journalist and editor, A K Nanda had a long career in writing and editing, working in the areas of research and analysis in economic studies, population studies, corporate management and accountancy, to name a few. He lives in Delhi and spends his time now reading books on philosophy, spirituality and literature and answering the unending questions of his teenaged granddaughter.

Aabha Vatsa Midha (1 Post )

Aabha Vatsa Midha is an ex-teacher, a blogger, a poet and an author. She grew up in Allahabad and Zambia imbibing diverse cultures from a young age. She has four poetry books to her credit, titled Harmony, Home Alone, Miracle and Desire. Besides this she has contributed a poem towards an anthology , I am a Woman, a tribute to the poet Kamla Das. She has also authored a travelogue, Bafani Baba, To Amarnath Happily . A die hard optimist, a quintessential student of life and believes in the power of the written word. She was awarded Margdarshan Award by KRDWG in 2103 for being a social activist blogger.

Aastha Singh (1 Post )

A Teacher by profession and an Author by passion, Aastha loves to bring out her emotions on paper. A regular contributor of, her write-ups come across as genuine, meaningful and thought provoking as they bring forth the complications lying within society. Her articles are simple but straight from heart. She is a mother of two daughters and is currently staying with her family in Mumbai, India.

Abeer (2 Posts )

Abeer loves to draw and paint, solve puzzles and spend his free time in creative activities.

Abhik Das (1 Post )

Abhik Das is a software professional specialising in the storage domain and presently works with HP. Owner of a 2 bedroom flat which is a veritable zoo with hamsters, fish, birds and a dog, he is smitten by nature and bitten by the travel bug. When he feels like he dabbles in art as well.

Abhimanshu (1 Post )

Abhimanshu is a digital content writer with a passion for crafting engaging, informative, and impactful content. With years of experience under his belt, he specializes in creating content that resonates with audiences across various niches and industries. With a passion for writing, Abhimanshu has earned qualifications in both NET and GATE, cementing his status as a skilled and knowledgeable writer. His literary talents are diverse, with a particular fondness for engaging travel articles, insightful book reviews, and literary criticism across various genres.

Abhinav Das (1 Post )

Abhinav Das, also known as “Meet” at home, lives in Irving, Texas. He is 11 years old and he will be going to 6th grade this year. His interest for writing prose and poetry developed when he was in 3rd Grade. His hobbies are reading books and playing outdoor games like cricket, soccer. He is also fond of Mathematics. He had participated in CFBISD Math Olympiad [2017 - 2nd Position; 2019 - 2nd Position]

Abhishek Ghosh (1 Post )

Abhishek Ghosh is a teacher, writer and scientist. He is a resident of Montreal in Canada. He earned his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Calgary, Canada followed by a postdoc from McGill University in Oncology. Abhishek is an experienced writer with over a decade of training in scientific writing leading to many scientific publications/reviews in peer-reviewed journals. Despite challenges and hopelessness from renowned Doctors, Abhishek survived a rare immunosuppressive disease through yoga practices and hypnotherapy. Abhishek was greatly surprised to rediscover himself through his indomitable willpower. This turned him into the Vedanta philosophy and other Indian scriptures in order to find some answers to his burning questions. He started writing blogs about his experiences, using his pen name “The Blue Monk.” His writings often reflect the nuances of his homeland Kolkata and his travel experiences. Abhishek is a polyglot who can speak English, French, Hindi, and Bengali. He hosted breakfast shows in a South Asian Radio Station (CHRN 1610AM). He is also a Founder/Creative head of a Montreal-based YouTube channel called “Ghosh Company” which focusses on multidisciplinary art, informed discussions with guests across diverse fields, and social awareness. He currently assists a financial portfolio under the Canadian banking industry and volunteers as a Guest Teacher at The Future Foundation School, Kolkata.

Aditi Rattan (1 Post )

Aditi Rattan is a bright and creative 8 year old. She loves to paint, recite poems and role play.

Aditya (1 Post )

Aditya loves playing cricket and other sports.

Aditya Bhushan Mahajan (1 Post )

An IT professional with a keen interest in Observing things ranging from human behavior, emotions, creativity and anything that makes me think. Crazy about exploring knowledge through reading, observations and above all argumenting. Creative aspects include writing poems, short scripts, movie reviews, painting. Writes firstly for himself and Nothing provides more satisfaction than getting a weird situation and weave a story/poem around it. A great admirer of Gulzar and Kishore Kumar.

Adrisha Bej (1 Post )

Thirteen year old Adrisha Bej studies in Std VII at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Education, Kolkata. She has been interested in drawing since her kindergarten days. Watercolour is her favourite medium. Adrisha wants to pursue art and dreams of becoming a good painter.

Agneya Dutta Pooleery (4 Posts )

Agneya Dutta Pooleery is a seventh-grade student at Transit Middle School, Williamsville, NY. He loves reading, playing online games (such as Minecraft and Roblox), fencing, and playing western classical music on the guitar, violin and sometimes, the piano.

Aiman Abdullah (1 Post )

Aiman Abdullah, who is born in Kolkata, inculcates in her the passion for writing poetry. Enjoys reading and travelling. She is also a practicing lawyer at the High Court, Calcutta

Akash Nag (5 Posts )

Akash Nag is a student of Garden High School, Kolkata. He swears by cricket but loves swimming and watching football as well. When in a good mood, Akash loves to draw the world of his dreams.

Amarpreet Kaur (1 Post )

Amarpreet is Partner – Performance & Culture, Diversity & Inclusion at An alumnus of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, Amarpreet is founder and Partner at The company which was founded in September 2010 and works on a unique concept of work from home supporting women professionals who choose to pursue career opportunities outside of the practice of travelling to office. Over the years Amarpreet has been involved in consulting Indian, Japanese and American clients in building, stabilising and efficiently running the people agenda in their companies. While Amarpreet has expertise in all areas of Human Resources, the notable projects that she has lead are in the area of compensation benchmarking, women at workplace initiatives, policy design and implementation. She has also been actively involved in women empowerment, diversity, PoSH and culture building related activities, which not only are the basic essentials expected by employees, but have a direct correlation to the top line of the company.

Amit Shankar Saha (2 Posts )

Dr. Amit Shankar Saha is a scholar, editor, poet and writer. He has a PhD in English from Calcutta University. His research articles have appeared in anthologies and journals both in India and abroad, prominently in the journals of Purdue University (USA), Drew University (USA), Bordeaux University (France), BHU (India), etc. He was a guest lecturer in the distance education centre of Madras University and is currently pursuing post-doctoral research. He is also the co-founder and coordinator of Rhythm Divine Poets group. He has won a number of creative writing competitions too. His website is amitshankarsaha and he blogs at Amit's Diary.

Amitava Nag (26 Posts )

Amitava Nag is an independent film critic based in Kolkata and editor of Silhouette. His most recent books on cinema are Murmurs: Silent Steals with Soumitra Chatterjee, 16 Frames and Smriti Sattwa o Cinema. His earlier writings include the acclaimed books Satyajit Ray’s Heroes and Heroines published by Rupa and Beyond Apu: 20 Favourite film roles of Soumitra Chatterjee published by Harper Collins India. He also writes poetry and short fiction in Bengali and English – observing life in a platter. He can be reached at

Anagha Rajesh (5 Posts )

Anagha is a high schooler hailing from UAE. She loves reading and penning her thoughts in words. She is a passionate speaker who seeks to help solve challenges of the world. She believes that small ripples create big impacts. She is an activist for mental health awareness and greater representation of women in STEM. She is currently a part of the 1000 Girls 1000 Futures Mentorship Program of the New York Academy and a member of the Girls in Science Forum of the United Nations.

Anamika Dutta (1 Post )

Anamika is an English Literature student from West Bengal/India. She is also a freelance writer/blogger on WordPress/Blogspot.

Anand Patil (1 Post )

Anand Patil is a noted writer in children’s literature from Karnataka. He studied folklore for his post graduation, and did his PhD in ‘Folk Art and Rituals’. He joined All India Radio as a programme officer, served for 30 years, and retired as Station Director. Children’s literature has been a fascinating field for him. For almost 35 years he has worked on children’s literature. Creating a friends’ group, he has organized a number of programmes throughout the state, which include seminars, discussions and interaction sessions. He has spent time with children, especially from rural areas. He has created journals in Kannada and English carrying studies and criticism on children’s literature. As a creative writer he has bagged awards from Sahitya Akademi, Karnataka Sahitya Academy, and from a number of other organizations. With his keen interest in research, he has participated in a number of seminars at state level and national level. He has more than 50 books to his credit, which include 10 poetry collections, 4 novels, 8 anthologies of stories and other prose material, 3 picture books in Kannada, 2 picture books in English, 10 translations from English and Hindi, a collection 4 plays and 12 books carrying studies and criticism.

Anand Paul (1 Post )

A writer by dint of nature. A reader, a learner and a medium of expression with unique views on the world around him! Read my reasoned opinions on things you use and don't, things abstract and in-between.

Anand Sehgal (1 Post )

Anand Sehgal, who writes usually in his pen name, is a graduate research scholar who recently attained Ph.D. at North Carolina State University in USA. In his day-to-day life he is a very ordinary man without any extra-ordinary features. His passions are photography, music ( of course the genre depends on the mood), writing in his diary, pouring his ideas, thoughts and eventually some of them shape up to become a poem, some of them a short story, and most of them nothing at all. He loves to cook and through practice he believes he has become a decent cook. Being a Gemini ( by Bengali zodiac rules), he is pretty restless. He loves to travel a lot. He is also an animal and nature activist and have been associated with benevolent performing art societies and have also acted in a few stage dramas. He loves new friends, fresh ideas and inspiring life style.

Anantha (8 Posts )

Anantha is an IT Professional. Writing is her passion. She writes short stories, small stories for children, play scripts for theater, and also books and movie reviews. She is a professional book reviewer working for a book promotional company based out of United States. She regularly conducts storytelling workshops for kids. She runs a book club for children where kids meet every week to discuss and brainstorm about the books they have read.

Ananya Chatterjee (6 Posts )

Ananya Chatterjee is a software professional working for Oracle India Pvt Limited. A gold-medalist in Computer Science from University Of Calcutta, Ananya has always been passionate about writing verses. She is a trilingual poet and translator in English. She is the author of the Amazon bestseller, The Poet & His Valentine, a collection of verses.  Another Soliloquy is her second book co-authored with poet Shruti Goswami. Her works have been published as part of the anthology on erotica, Hot Summer Nights 2014 by Inner Child Press Ltd., USA, as well as, as part of an anthology of Epitaphs, also by Inner Child Press Ltd., USA.  Her poems were a part of  Soulful Whispers - An Anthology of poems from the All India Poetry Competition 2014 By Poetry Society India . She was the winner of the Ekphrasis Poetry Contest at the National Poet’s Meet 2015. She has been awarded Certificate of Merit as part of Reuel International Award for Literature, 2015. Ananya also worked as a translator for the poems by actor and poet Soumitra Chatterjee, published in the book Forms Within. To find out more about her works, please visit

Ananya Raghu (1 Post )

Ananya Raghu is a book lover, a short story writer and a poet. Her writing has been published in several newspapers and magazines and she is the runner-up of TOI’s nation-wide Write India Contest. When she doesn’t have her nose buried in a book, she’s probably listening to music or playing basketball. Ananya is passionate about art and believes in writing that has meaning. She loves animals and crazy poetry, although not necessarily in that order.

Ananya S Guha (4 Posts )

Ananya S Guha has been born and brought up in Shillong, India and works in India's National Open University, the Indira Gandhi National Open University. His poems in English have been published world wide. He also writes for newspapers and magazines/ web zines on matters ranging from society and politics to education. He holds a doctoral degree on the novels of William Golding. He edits the poetry column of The Thum Print Magazine, and has published seven collections of poetry.

Anindita Bose (4 Posts )

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Anindita Bose is inspired by the zeal of her city of joy. She has an interest in psychology which she believes has connected her closely to universal ideas and human emotions. She believes words have immense possibilities to create life out of nothing. "Let's decode the labyrinth of life" is what she thinks when words form stories in her conscious and subconscious minds. Recently her poems and stories got published in Tuck Magazine, eFiction India Magazine and Indiaree Magazine. Her poems are part of several Anthologies, such as 'Roses & Rhymes: Poetry on Love & Life' and 'Hues Of Womanhood' are two recent ones. She is a working professional and when not writing she is actively involved in activities of a poetry group named ‘Rhythm Divine’ of which she is a co-founder. Apart from poetry writing, she is also into short story writing, painting, photography and travelling.

Anindita Ganguly (1 Post )

Anindita is currently a research scholar at the English Department of Banaras Hindu University (BHU). Her passion includes reading and writing.

Anindita Mahapatra (1 Post )

An engineer by qualification, an HR Manager by profession with work experience in Organization development, Training and CSR; I am an avid traveler by choice and a lover of art and culture. A trained musician, I enjoy listening to and playing music, both classical and light. I am most fascinated by Astronomy and Space science; and perceive situations with a creative bend of mind. In short, I look at life as a precious opportunity and have a passion for doing different things. The crux of life is to keep our souls rejuvenated. I believe in living my life in a way that is fulfilling for me and inspiring for others.

Anisha Singh (1 Post )

Anisha Singh holds a Masters in English literature and is an aspiring writer. She has published short stories and a few poems in different anthologies. She has loved reading since she learned her alphabets and believes that time spent reading is time spent in heaven. She has a desire to travel and when she can't travel she quenches the thirst by still more reading. Having a positive outlook to life she believes that no hurdle is unconquerable. Writing is a passion for her and she finds a voice in writing which is often not available to women. Through her writing she wishes to question the labels that the world puts around indiscriminately on women and men. She blogs at:

Anmol Sharma (1 Post )

Anmol Sharma, a student of IX Std, loves to draw and paint landscapes and scenes in her spare time.

Anshula Mondal (11 Posts )

Anshula loves to draw and color, listen to soft music, watch good movies, read mythology and explore new places during her vacations. She is in her first year of college, pursuing a 3-year course in cinema. Anshula shares her artwork and stories on her blog on LnC and writes on movies for Silhouette Magazine.

Antara Nanda Mondal (75 Posts )

Editor in Chief, Learning and Creativity; Consulting Editor, Silhouette Magazine. A former business journalist, Antara writes extensively on the changing trends of music, direction and filmmaking in cinema. Her articles aim to provide well-researched information on the legends of cinema for the movie and music enthusiast. She is also the Founder-Editor of Blue Pencil, a New Delhi-based publishing house. She edited and published Incomparable Sachin Dev Burman, the biography of SD Burman written by HQ Chowdhury. She has co-authored a chapter on Hemant Kumar's Bengali music in the acclaimed book The Unforgettable Music of Hemant Kumar, written by Manek Premchand. Her articles have also been published in and Antara is Editor-Creative Director of Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Antarip Siddhanta (1 Post )

Antarip Siddhanta studies in Std II in Patha Bhawan, Kolkata. He loves colours, cars, long drives and dreams about driving the fastest and smartest cars when he will be allowed to hold the steering wheel.

Anusha Das (1 Post )

Anusha is 10 years old studying in Grade-5 L in Our Own English High School, Sharjah. She has a keen interest in reading and watching cartoons and has proved her creativity when it comes to developing a drawing or a story.

Anvesha Shukla (3 Posts )

I am a 10-year old and I study in Class 5. Writing stories and poetry is my hobby and whatever thoughts come to mind, I write a story or a poem on it. I love music and enjoy singing and reading books.

Arati Rajan Menon (5 Posts )

Arati Rajan Menon is Deputy Editor, Harmony Magazine.

Archisha (9 Posts )

Archisha loves reading adventure stories and is a prolific writer of stories and poems.

Arghya Adhikary (1 Post )

Arghya Adhikary is an amateur photographer.

Arin Banerjee (1 Post )

Arin loves to create new stories from his experiences and feelings. He expresses himself through his drawings and paintings. He is passionate about cars and vehicles and enjoys making various kinds of LEGO robots, cars, aircraft’s and spaceships. Arin is a student of Class I (IB Board). He is the author of a published book The Curious Little Bud — a beautifully illustrated bedtime storybook published by Blue Pencil.

Aritra Biswas (1 Post )

Aritra Biswas manages his family-owned timber business and has a keen interest in gathering information about Heritage Durga Pujas to try and enhance the family’s age-old Balaram Dey Street Dutta Bari-r Durga Puja tradition, which is now in its 134th year.

Aroop Banerjee (3 Posts )

Founder and Partner of the Avyudaya Centre for Transformation. Aroop Banerjee is an entrepreneur, explorer, learner and enjoys working with new ideas, strategies and businesses. He brings with him unique experiences of working with quite a few start-ups and bringing them to the stage of self sufficiency. He has keen ability to connect with the ground realities and work out practical ways to achieve business goals.

Arpita Pramanick (1 Post )

Arpita Pramanick is pursuing B.Tech. She has an occasional interest in creative writing.

Arshita Singh (1 Post )

Literature student, Bibliophile, Hopeful Romantic, Socialist. Writing is an escape from everything that doesn’t satisfy her curiosity. Books, bikes, movies and good music is what makes life. Travelling is like quenching thirst. So, looking for someone to correct your English or want a travel journal, want to know about music or what to read, you got your guy.

Arunabh (1 Post )

Brought up in the Patna city of state Bihar, in late 80’s and 90’s, with the confusing status of a convent going son of a government official and his Sanskrit scholar wife, amid hullabaloo of relatives of varying generations and genres, burden of idealistic middleclass academic expectations, and agony of infamous imagery of his hometown as a corruption and crime ground, Arunabh, a self-proclaimed curious creature, naturally drifted above some perplexing and some painful facets, and developed fascination for art and leisure. He made bat, books and Bollywood his best friends, as long as he remembers, and gradually with encouragement of the kid-brother, and bunch of school and sports buddies, immersed himself in storytelling, and attained knack of switching off from the real world to dive deep into the sphere of imagination and creation. This Don Bosco boy who never fell in love with school-books and rote-learning, later manifested his potential with practical scholarship approach and went on to achieve a distinction as a gold medallist in law and management dual post-graduation from one of the premier law Universities of India. Now a successful corporate lawyer, he thrives in the legal and corporate circles of Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, with the belief that his equally true calling is the ‘art of story-telling’. Well-versed in English, Hindi and Maithili, he yearns to add many feathers to his storyteller avatar’s cap, that for now is adorned with his stories “Atmahatya”, “The Intern” and “AmbCa”, published in the literary journal Manasvi in 2006; blog-space of Manipal Institute in 2014, and anthology “Roots and Meanderings” in 2015 respectively.

Atul Rajpoot (1 Post )

Canada-based Atul likes to capture nature's different moods. A spirited amateur photographer, Atul's shots take you through a virtual tour of the places he explores and its wonderful living creations.

Avijit Das Patnaik (22 Posts )

Avijit Das Patnaik is a banker by profession, network marketeer by choice, frequent traveller by rule, mad about sports by religion, socially active, foodie, stand up comedian (even while sitting) and Moviemaniac by diet.

Ayan Roy (4 Posts )

A writer, aspiring poet, foodie and a dog lover. Opinionated to the core, he is rarely right, but likes to take it light. He’s 25% writer, 25% comedian, 72% cynic, 28% bored and 100% wonky.

Beena Babu (1 Post )

Beena Babu is an educationalist who has penned articles on school curriculum. Poetry was a medium that she explored using while working with students through meaningful integration of science and language. Her purposeful documentation of the teaching-learning process proved to be useful educational resources. Initially her writing drew from her vast professional experience with teachers as her primary audience. Some of her articles have been featured in newspapers. Gradually there was a shift towards writing poetry based on ideas that sparked off her creativity. She hopes to have a compilation of her poems completed soon.

Beena Raghavan (2 Posts )

A Master’s degree in English literature helped Beena in critically analyzing the classics and imparting knowledge to the children. Intensive travelling and residing at different parts of the country not only widened her perspective but also inspired her to understand the intricacies of the complex mind and social relations at large. Life has been one roller-coaster ride where highs and lows have been dealt with equanimity and profound serenity. Apart from being an educationist, she enjoys writing poems, short stories, articles and blogs.

Benu Malik (1 Post )

Benu Malik has lived in the hills of Uttarakhand for the past three decades and has worked in the best residential schools of the region. Her sensitivity towards environmental issues led her to guide children towards developing a natural concern for Nature and all living creatures therein. It is her endeavour that all children must evolve as compassionate citizens of the world.

Bhanavi Mathur (3 Posts )

Bhanavi Mathur is in 12th grade at Bluebells School International. She enjoys writing musings and poetry.

Bimal Chadha (6 Posts )

Bimal Chadha, a Master in Biochemistry, has had a long stint with the media in the management stream. An aficionado of vintage music and movies, he is an avid reader and occasional writer. The nephew of the legendary actor Shyam, he has authored a book on his Uncle which is currently under editing. He also freelances and writes about true incidents from his life and experiments with fellow human beings.

Bina Shaji Kurup (1 Post )

A communications professional with a flair and passion for writing. Bina writes for several sites on topics ranging from Parenting, Jewelry to Hardware! She believes her love for reading ignited and polished her writing skills. A full-time mother and a freelance writer, Bina also works with the Art of Living documentation team to write up articles on the various AOL projects. You can reach her on

Bipasha Nath (1 Post )

As an aspiring journalist, Bipasha loves to read novels and write short stories. She's currently waiting for the Board exams to whiz past her without exactly feeling its presence while it happens.

Biswarup Sarangi (2 Posts )

Biswarup Sarangi is an architect based in Bangalore.

Brenda Downing (1 Post )

Brenda Downing is a writer and feminist autoethnographic researcher. She lives by the Indian Ocean in Perth, Western Australia. She is interested in exploring culturally silenced topics and writing from embodied perspectives. Her PhD thesis, Feeling the fleshed body: The aftermath of childhood rape was awarded the Edith Cowan University Faculty Research Award 2014 and jointly awarded the Magdalena Prize for Feminist Research 2014.

Chaitali Wadhwa (3 Posts )

Namaste! I'm Chaitali Wadhwa. I'm a poet by choice and a debater by nature. I aspire to be a lawyer!

Chaitanya Vats (1 Post )

Chaitanya Vats is a VIth standard student, studying in Loyola School, Jamshedpur. He is a good orator and loves to draw and play sports.

Champa Srinivasan (1 Post )

Champa Srinivasan writes on various blogs and magazines, including B’ on real life issues and incidents. She is a Post Graduate in English literature from Jadavpur University and has taught English in an Undergraduate college in Kolkata. Currently, she is busy shuttling between her husband and two grown up children, located in three different cities and running a family owned leather goods making workshop. Her hobbies include reading, watching films and browsing the net.

Chandamita Bora (12 Posts )

I love reading novels, writing, listening to music and singing. I am a debater and orator too. I aspire to be a successful doctor! I, from my deepest core, wish to do something for the welfare of this world. It is so beautiful; we can’t let anyone ruin its beauty even a bit!

Chhanda Bewtra (1 Post )

Chhanda Bewtra works as a physician but truthfully is an inveterate traveler, shutterbug and near fanatic birdwatcher. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

Craig Froman (2 Posts )

Craig Froman grew up in Northern California, where he gained inspiration from the Pacific Ocean and Sierra Nevada mountains, as well as the beautifully diverse people he lived and worked with. He is the author of two non-fiction children's books, "Passport to the World: Your A to Z Guided Language Tour" and "Children's Atlas of God's World," as well as his fiction book that reflected his escape from suicidal depression, "An owl on the moon: A journal from the edge of darkness." A curriculum writer and editor, he has obtained a bachelor of arts in business administration, and a masters degree in education, and currently resides in Arkansas, USA.

D. Russel Micnhimer (1 Post )

D. Russel Micnhimer has been writing poetry for forty five years while working at a variety of jobs and traveling through much of the world pursuing his interests in the archaeology of ancient civilizations and rock art. He is author of several books on rock art, fiction and poetry including his latest collection Notes to Be Left with the Gatekeeper published by Global Fraternity of Poets which earned him the honour of Poet Laureate from that group. His latest book is called Lotus Mirage: 52 New Ghazals In English. He holds a degree from the University of Oregon and makes his home in Central Oregon with a 200 mile view of the Cascades outside his front windows for inspiration.

Daipayan Nair (2 Posts )

Born in Silchar (3rd Feb, 1988), an educationally advanced city of State Assam, India. Presently, he is working as a freelance writer and poet. He has written many short stories, poems and songs. His poems have been published in quite a few magazines and anthologies. His book containing his selected works named 'The Frost (Selected Poems)' was recently published by the Authorspress Publications. Apart from that, he has created a new poetry form called 'Tideling'. He writes on an array of topics. Mother Jhumur Panday is a renowned writer and father Deepak Kumar Nair is an Associate Professor (ex HOD), Department of Botany, Cachar College, Silchar.

Debarati Bhattacharjee (1 Post )

Debarati Bhattacharjee is a scientist by profession. When she is not working, which is often, she watches movies and reads books, and dreams of going to exotic lands. She is an avid traveller and frequently dreams of a parallel universe where she is a hot shot travel writer for Discovery/NatGeo/Lonely Planet.

Debasish Bhattacharya (20 Posts )

A freelancer consulting Social Development Specialist, Debasish works in large-scale infrastructure development projects in India and abroad as well. An Anthropologist turned Regional Planner Debasish (Shibaji) is fond of several activities from writing travelogues to cooking, from sketching, painting, photography to dress designing, embroidering to choreographing. Whenever he feels, in the early mornings or dead of nights, he sits with doing something creative that is so close to his heart.

Deeya Bhattacharya (1 Post )

Born at Durgapur, West Bengal, Deeya Bhattacharya- a PG in English Literature and a Graduate in Education from the University of Burdwan. Her poems and articles have appeared in several National and International journals, websites, E-zine, besides several anthologies. Member of Poets International, Life Member of Tagore’s Nikhil Bharat Bangya Sahitya Sanmelan and CONTEMPORARY VIBES (CHANDIGARH). She has read her poetry at quite a few fests. She teaches English and Poetry at a State Government High School.

Devangana Aneesh (1 Post )

Devangana Aneesh is in Seventh Grade from Section I, in Our Own English High School, Sharjah, Girls Branch. She is 12 years old.

Dishari Dey (1 Post )

I'm a passionate writer with an ongoing curiosity to learn new things. I'm a proud co-founder of DArtisians. DArtisians exist to Entertain, Inform, and Inspire Artists through the power of Creation, Reflecting the Uniqueness of Creative minds to drive a new era Of Development, Growth, and Individualism.

Divya Chakraborty (1 Post )

Divya Chakraborty is pursuing Master's Degree in English Literature from Delhi University and occasionally indulges in poetic pursuits. She is also a part time content writer. She is a die-hard fan of contemporary English Literary works by Indian writers and loves British classical literature too. Solitary in nature, yet enjoys the company of close friends and family.

Divya Rajgaria (1 Post )

Divya Rajgaria graduated from Loreto College and did her Masters in English from Calcutta University . She is passionate about travelling and exploring the beauty of nature in the mundane things of life. Teaching English for the last 12 years to Middle and High school students and learning from them as well. Amazed at the transformation in teaching and learning in schools. Loves dabbling in poems and articles on issues that touch her heart.

Divyam Kaushik (1 Post )

MBA in Marketing from ICFAI Pune. Divyam is an avid traveler and loves to paint and sketch during his free time.

Diwakar Pokhriyal (1 Post )

Diwakar Pokhriyal is a writer by passion. He has written 10 poetry books and 1 short story collection which are published. He has been a part of 64 anthologies/magazines with writers around the world. His works are also included in various websites. He is also a part of "Limca Book of Records - 2015" as he participated in "Synthesis - The First book on Duet Poetry". He has won Poiesis Award for Excellence in Literature in 2014 for his short story. His work was selected by Aseem Ahmad Abbasi (famous Bollywood lyricist) to be included in a Hindi poetry anthology. He is also a member of GRV Band as a rhythmic guitarist and song writer. His songs can be enjoyed on You tube channel of GRV Band

Dr Aditi Panda (3 Posts )

Dr. Aditi holds a Masters and PhD in Social sciences from the School of Women studies and is the Project Manager under a UN project. Her areas of expertise are Disability, Gender, Accessibility, Women and Child rights. Apart from presenting several papers in conferences, both national and international, she has written for The Times of India and Indian Express. She writes for VIDURA, Grassroots, Coffee Bytes and Odisha Live on a variety of issues. Writing on simple subject matters that are relevant to each person is a perfect stress buster for her.

Dr Ampat Varghese Koshy (27 Posts )

Dr. Koshy A.V. is presently working as an Assistant Professor in the English Department of Jazan University, Saudi Arabia. He has many books, degrees, diplomas, certificates, prizes, and awards to his credit and also, besides teaching, is an editor, anthology maker, poet, critic and writer of fiction. He runs an autism NPO with his wife, Anna Gabriel.

Dr Anjana Maitra (1 Post )

Dr Anjana Maitra is a class 1 Gazetted Officer in the Govt of Orissa and teaches in a Govt College. A writer, orator, news reader she is also an active Rotarian and conducts soft skills training all over India.

Dr Bhaskar Bhattacharyya (1 Post )

Consultant Ophthalmologist at Disha Eye Hospitals, West Bengal. Keen traveler and enthusiastic photographer, Dr Bhaskar Bhattacharyya enjoys capturing his memorable travel moments through his camera lens.

Dr Jameela Begum (1 Post )

Prof. (Dr.) Jameela Begum was the Head of the Department of English and Director, Centre for Canadian Studies at the University of Kerala. She was the first woman President of the Indian Association for Canadian Studies, and the Secretary of the International Council for Canadian Studies, an organization which has a representation of thirty countries. She is currently the Chairperson of the Curriculum Committee of the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) of the Government of Kerala.

Dr Mary Annie A. V. (2 Posts )

Dr Mary Annie A. V., (M,Sc., Ph.D) writes under the pen name Anna Maria. She has been recipient of the Shanker’s International prize in writing at the age of five for her poem titled My Brother, which was subsequently published in the Illustrated Weekly of India. She has been an announcer for the All India Radio English Yuvavani programmes for nearly ten years during her college career and has done several features for the English sections of Yuvavani, AIR, Trivandrum. Though her subject is Zoology, her life is writing and literature and to her the simplest definition of Poem is : Virgin white paper Raped Rapt. She has been hugely acclaimed online and her poems have been published in Mirror, several anthologies in USA, U.K. and in e-zine magazines, India and abroad. She has been featured in Jes Führmann’s “The Diary of Pink Pearl, A Bird’s Eye View” released by Bookstand Publishing 2013. (First trilogy in America about a Moluccan cockatoo.), She has also been featured in The Camel Saloon, Destiny Poet’s, The Little Child Magazine, Muse India, Indian Ruminations, The Plum Tree Books, No Nothing Nowhere, The Origami Publications, The Indian Ruminations, The Taj Mahal Review, The Gulmohar Magazine, Musings: A Mosaic Thanal Online, and many more. Her poems have been translated into Malayalam, Brazil, Arabic, Greek, Russian and French. At present she works in the University of Kerala and resides in Trivandrum with her husband and three children. She also comperes for the Gyanvani FM, Trivandrum. She has two published collections of poems : My Beads Unstrung. by Poetree Garden, Trivandrum (2006) and More Beads Unstrung, by Roots and Wings,(2011).

Dr Nandini Sahu (3 Posts )

Dr. Nandini Sahu’s preoccupation with poetry began very early in life, and today she is a major voice in contemporary Indian English poetry. Dr. Nandini Sahu (1973) has accomplished her doctorate in English literature under the guidance of Late Prof. Niranjan Mohanty, Prof. of English, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan. She is a poet and a creative writer of international repute, has been widely published in India, U.S.A, U.K., Africa and Pakistan. Dr. Sahu has presented papers on various subjects in India and abroad. She is a double gold medalist in English literature and also the award winner of All India Poetry Contest, the Shiksha Ratna Purashkar and Bouddha Creative Writers’ Award. She is the author/editor of ten books titled “The Other Voice”(a poetry collection), “Recollection as Redemption”, “Post-Modernist Delegation to English Language Teaching”, “The Silence”(a poetry collection),“The Post Colonial Space: Writing the Self and the Nation”,“Silver Poems on My Lips(a poetry collection), Folklore and the Alternative Modernities (Vol.I) and Folklore and the Alternative Modernities (Vol. II), Sukamaa and Other Poems ) and Suvarnarekha (An Anthology of Indian Women Poets Writing in English) all of those published from New Delhi. She has one poetry collection under publication, Sita (A Poem). Presently, she is an Associate Professor of English in Indira Gandhi National Open University [IGNOU], New Delhi. She is continuing her D.Litt. on Native American Literature. Dr. Sahu has designed academic programmes/courses on Folklore and Culture Studies, Children’s Literature and American Literature for IGNOU. Her areas of research interest cover Indian Literature, New Literatures, Folklore and Culture Studies, American Literature, Children’s Literature and Critical Theory. She is the Chief Editor/Founder Editor  of Interdisciplinary Journal of Literature and Language(IJLL), a bi-annual peer-reviewed journal in English.

Dr Sigma G R (1 Post )

Dr Sigma G R received her Phd degree from Mother Theresa Women’s University Kodaikanal and currently works as an Assistant Professor in Department of English at Cherthala NSS College in Alleppy district. Her areas of research are Feminist studies and Poetry and Poetics. In her current role, apart from teaching, Dr Sigma is  as an editor, reviewer and advisory board member in four international Journals (The Criterion Journal, TJPRC Journal, The Expression Journal and ARC Journals). She  is an article writer, paper presenter and a poet.  She has got 9.5 years of teaching experience as a lecturer in India and abroad. Dr Sigma  worked for  Oman Ministry Of Manpower as a lecturer.  She is going to publish her collection of poems in June/July 2015. Few poems of her are published by American  Literary press and some poems are published in Dr Sigma has been a poet member in WordChimes community since 2003.   Her research articles are published in India and few articles are published in Times Of Oman.

Dr T Rama (2 Posts )

I am an educational professional teaching English to undergraduates, PG, CAT, GMAT aspirants, and other professionals. I have been teaching for more than 25 years now. Besides teaching I wish to create a positive impact on students with my practical approach to life. I believe in the saying “Whatever happens, happens for our good.”

Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Shankar (2 Posts )

Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Shankar is a contributing author to Crossed and Knotted, a composite novel- the first of its kind in India. She began writing poetry at a very young age and her first poem was published when she was 10 years old. She took to writing again after a long hiatus when she began posting her poems, musings, translations and short stories to her blog. She holds a doctoral degree in English literature from Osmania University, Hyderabad and a Diploma in English Language teaching from EFL University, Hyderabad. She is a shortlisted writer of Litagram's Viral Story Contest and her story is published in the anthology 'Long Story Short'.

Dr. Janet Brill (4 Posts )

Dr. Janet Brill (Ph D, RD, LDN) is a renowned nutrition & fitness expert, writer and consultant. She is the author of three books - Cholesterol Down, Prevent a Second Heart Attack and Blood Pressure Down book. She blogs to share Mediterranean recipes and tips to promote health and longevity.

Elvira Fernandez (3 Posts )

Elvira Fernandez is a Rajasthan-based author who loves to write for children and young adults. She has written short stories, plays, poems and also content for academic books, apart from editing assignments. Working as an English Lecturer, she shares a close connect with children. She is extremely fond of animals, especially her fur babies - a dog and a cat. Currently she’s all set to launch the third book of the Ferns and Blooms trilogy, the first of which was published in November 2018. This trilogy is the result of the joy of her childhood days that she lives and re-lives through her vibrant students. By intermingling realism and fantasy, she aims at enchanting children to read and inculcate a better way of living.

Esha Sury (1 Post )

At the age of sixteen, Esha Sury tries to saturate herself in the world around her, documenting her experiences through works of both poetry and prose. She is a strong advocate for youth literacy awareness; a paramount issue in this era of digitalization, where an unfortunate reality could be that society may gradually lose touch with the power of language and authentic thinking. Although still in the developmental stages of her life, Esha feels strongly about language and hopes to pursue a career studying computational or cognitive linguistics. Although when one feels compassion for the world they tend to stick to concrete means of expression, Esha is attracted to the abstract and vague beauty of words, with the hope that writing will be the raft that convoys her through the tides of the unpredictable but exciting future.

Eva Lianou Petropoulou (1 Post )

Eva Lianou Petropoulou is a much-awarded author and poet from Greece with literary experience of more than 25 years and over 10 books to her name. Her poems have been translated into more than 15 languages. She is the President of Creativity and Art of Mil Mentes Por Mexico Association, representing Greece; President of Global UHE Peru and Vice President of Cultural Association, China & Mexico.

Fatima Afshan (2 Posts )

Fatima is a teacher residing at the city of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (India). She has a B.Ed and MA (English Literature) from the University of Lucknow and has also worked as a Content Editor for a reputed curriculum publication where four of her poems were published in the textbooks meant for primary grades. Her first poem,'Friendship' was published in The Hindustan Times when she was a secondary student. Two of her poems are also selected for Aquillrelle Anthology. She has recently joined a Comprehensive Creative Writing Course from The Writer's Bureau, UK.

Gajendra Khanna (1 Post )

Gajendra Khanna, born into a music loving Punjabi family has stayed across India and currently resides in Bangalore. An engineer by profession, he holds an M.Tech. degree in Computer Technology from IIT Delhi. Other than computing, he has interest in literature, writing, linguistics and collecting music and movies. He is the maintainer for a general artist website on artists called Anmol Fankaar as well as dedicated websites on singers Geeta Dutt, Noorjehan and Shamshad Begum in his spare time. He is a Life Member of the Society of Indian Record Collectors and the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers.

Ganapathy Subramanian (1 Post )

Ganapathy Subramanian is a retired senior electrical engineering professional with 37 years of rewarding and successful experience having worked for various large & medium engineering corporations in business development and sales & marketing, handling both domestic & exports operations. He had the distinction of serving in 2 TATA Group companies. He loves reading, vintage music, writing, sports and travel.

Gauri Dixit (1 Post )

Gauri Dixit is a software professional from Pune, India. She is an avid reader and regularly writes in poetry groups on Facebook. Her poems are published in 3 anthologies. Recently her poems were featured in the Poet's Corner for the E-zine 'Mind Creative' published from Syndey Australia.

Geethanjali (1 Post )

Geethanjali passionately contributes poems to several poetry platforms in literary blogs and Facebook, including The Significant League, GloMag, World Union Of Poets only to name a few. She is a professor of French and heading Zone Francofone at Salem, India. She received the International Reuel Prize for Poetry in 2017 jointly with fellow poet Lopamudra Banerjee, instituted by The Significant League and Autism for Village Project Trust. Her first published poetry anthology co - authored with poet Aakash Sagar Chouhan 'Between Moms and Sons' in February 2016 has led her to publish 'The Virtual Reality' with 7 other renowned poets. Her poems have been featured in several anthologies. Geeth believes poetry is the breath of the soul.

Girija P. Pathekkara (1 Post )

Girija P. Pathekkara is a poet who writes in Malayalam. She is based in Kottakkal, Kerala.  Her subjects include the events taking  place  around  and  be  they  political,  social  or whatever their leanings – she  interprets these events from a woman’s point  of  view.   And therefore her poems have often been called feminist poems.  A woman’s world is different from that of a man’s. The problems a woman faces, her joys and sorrows, her experiences -  all these form the subject of Girija’s  poems.  Her anthology of poems titled ‘Penpiravi‘ was published by DC Books, Kottayam in 2012.

Glory Sasikala (1 Post )

Glory Sasikala is a poet and writer residing in Chennai. She works as a Quality Analyst with Quick Sort India. She is the moderator of a group for writers called Glorioustimes. She is the author of a novel titled, Goodbye Papa. She has edited and published an anthology of love poems written by 60 Indian poets from all over the world, called The Heart Only Whispers…. Her poems also featured in Suvarnarekha an anthology of poems written by women published by The Poetry Society of India. The story is a part of a recently brought out collection of short stories, Cradle Snatcher’s Distress and Other Stories. The book can be bought at instamojo and

Gopa Bhattacharjee (1 Post )

Gopa is an entrepreneur by profession but passionate about writing poetry. An absolute contrast to her work profile, she uses her passion for reading and writing during her free time, as she believes knowledge is boundless and needs to be dispersed. She is passionate about weaving poetry relating to the realities of lives and diversities of nature. She has a strong desire to reach out to the millions through her work, in order to make them aware of this art of spontaneous feelings. She lives in Kolkata with her husband Shuvayu and son Ahir.

Gopal Lahiri (2 Posts )

Gopal Lahiri was born and grew up in Kolkata. He currently lives in Mumbai, India. He is a bilingual poet, writer, editor, critic and translator and widely published in Bengali and English language. Anthology appearances (among others) includes National Treasures, Indus Valley, A posy of poesy, Concerto, Poet’s paradise, My dazzling Bards, The Silence within, East Lit, Indo-Australian Anthology, The Dance of the Peacock, Illuminations. His works have featured in journals Indian Literature, Taj Mahal Review, CLRI, Haiku Journal and electronic publications Arts and Letters, Eastlit, Grey Sparrow Journal, Underground Window, Muse India, Poetry Stop, Debug, Coldnoon diaries He has had three poetry collections and also jointly edited the anthology Scaling Heights. He was awarded Poet of the Year, 2015 by Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets, Wakefield, U.K.

Gunjan Joshi (3 Posts )

Gunjan Joshi is a Delhi based Editor who loves to explore every facet of art and literature. A nature-lover and an avid bibliophile, she loves classics in every form. A perfect weekend evening for her is smelling the waft of a classic hardback in her bed followed by a classic movie.

Haimonti Dutta (3 Posts )

Haimonti Dutta is an assistant professor at the State University of Buffalo, New York. She lives with her husband, Manoj K Pooleery and son, Agneya Dutta Pooleery at Ewing, NJ.

Hardamann Singh (1 Post )

Hardamann Singh is a post graduate in Psychology and has an extensive experience in working in the field of severe disability. Currently he is working with high risk groups on HIV/AIDS and has started scribbling poetry and short stories, and is actively involved in creative writing groups in Facebook.

Hema Rao (1 Post )

Hema is a freelance children's story/content writer and copy-editor. She is currently based in Bangalore (India).

Himadri Agarwal (1 Post )

Himadri Agarwal is a Humanities student of Modern High School. Words are her first love and till date, she is more loyal to them than anyone else. When she is not reading or writing, you'll find her listening to Passenger, sleeping or stuffing her face with chocolate. Her other hobbies include chasing the stars and dreaming out loud.

Himanshu Jha (1 Post )

Himanshu Jha is student of Std. VI, Rishabh Public School, Mayur Vihar - I, extn, Delhi

Himanshu Vashistha (2 Posts )

Himanshu Vashistha writes poetry mostly in the form of Ballads because storytelling should be as natural as drawing breath. Forced into engineering, he found his voice in the 4th year after his 3rd break up with his 2nd girlfriend. He always believed he is the Rebel this world needs, and now he works full-time 9 to 6 @Wisitech as a Business Analyst. Might lose a couple of organs soon, but he loves beer and puffs throughout the weekends. Follow him on Instagram if you like his work, and if you don't, he might play violin during all your hangovers.

HQ Chowdhury (1 Post )

HQ Chowdhury is a freelance writer on music and films. He first wrote in the late 1960s for the People, an English daily from Dhaka and then for a while in the early 1970s for Cine Advance, published from Kolkata and Mumbai. He is the author of Incomparable Sachin Dev Burman (the biography of composer-singer SD Burman) and a recipient of the 2006 ‘Sachin Dev Burman Award’ from the Government of Tripura, India. HQ Chowdhury is the CEO of Plasma Plus, an application laboratory of science and technology of which he is also the founder. He was listed in the Marquis WHO’s WHO in the World of Professionals from 1997 to 2002.

Ipshita Nath (2 Posts )

Ipshita Nath is enrolled in the third semester of the Masters degree programme of the Centre for English Studies, School of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies, Jawaharal Nehru University, Delhi. Her research interests come under the rubric of Cultural Studies, though she has an abiding fondness for the textual mythologies of Shakespeare, Milton, Byron and nineteenth century British and American novelists. She occasionally indulges herself in écriture poesy, enjoys the music of Kumar and Burman, is as fascinated by the persona of Marilyn Monroe as by the works of Botticelli and Michelangelo, has an enduring passion for bi-chromatic American, Bengali and Hindi cinema and would like to get hold of a time-traveller to hop in to the ‘40s and the ‘70s.

Ipsita Ganguli (2 Posts )

A quintessential student of life. Born and brought up in the City of Joy. Graduating with Political Science from Presidency College following it up with a post graduation in International Relations from Jadavpur University, Ipsita went on to become a Hotelier she has worked with the Oberoi Group and is now with ITC Hotels. She finds joy in writing and looking at life with both a smile and at times a pinch of salt.

Iqra and Touheed (2 Posts )

We are real sister and brother and we are in 6th standard. We love to write.

Ishan Tripathi (2 Posts )

Meet Ishan Tripathi, an 11-year-old dynamo from Abu Dhabi! With a twinkle in his eye and a heart full of curiosity, he's a sixth-grade whiz-kid who's absolutely enchanted by the wonders of Ancient Egypt. You'll often find him nose-deep in books, lost in the world of hieroglyphs and pharaohs. Ishan, at such a young age, dreams big—he has set his sights on becoming an archaeologist, driven by an insatiable thirst to unlock the secrets of the past.

Ishika Kiran (3 Posts )

Overthinker and dreamer with the soul of a hummingbird. Mostly found nose-deep in a book or entranced by a just-finished one. Still waiting for her letter to Hogwarts and/or a satyr to arrive at her doorstep. Sometimes cynical, mostly awkward.

Jagjeet Kaur (1 Post )

Jagjeet Kaur was born in Mumbai-India in 1972. Being part of the army family gave her opportunities to stay in varied parts of the country thereby enriching her perception about different people, cultures and communities. She graduated in science and went on pursue a degree in business management from the prestigious University business school, Chandigarh. She worked for 15 years as senior human resources professional with organisations like Eicher, TATA-AIG, Reliance telecom and GE and Max Bupa She is now pursuing her true calling and passion of creative writing. She enjoys writing short stories. Jagjeet is also an acclaimed painter and a large number of her paintings are held in private collections of art lovers across the world.

Jaya Makkimane (1 Post )

Jaya is a voracious reader and an amateur writer. She loves baking and cooking and hopes to become a successful author someday.

Jeyanthi Manokaran (1 Post )

With a writer's scholarship from Highlight's Foundation and an illustrator's award from UNESCO, Jeyanthi Manokaran connects with kids around the world as a writer and illustrator. Her website is:

Joanna Sarah Koshy (1 Post )

Joanna Sarah Koshy is doing her Computer Science B.Sc in Bangalore, St Joseph's. She has been published previously in Browsing Corner, Inklinks: an Anthology and The Significant Anthology. She is working on a novel presently, besides having her own blog Jabberwockyslayer.

Joydev Majumdar (1 Post )

Joydev Majumdar, a student of Journalism and Mass Communication from Central University of Orissa completed his graduation from the Steel City, Rourkela. Passion for acting and anchoring led him to choose Journalism after his degree. Loves travelling, reading books, interacting, writing poems and stories. Has passion for photography too. He has worked as an intern under Public Relations Dept. of Rourkela Steel Plant and also as feature writer of The New Indian Express (Hyderabad).

Jumelia (3 Posts )

Jumelia is an engineer, an IT consultant, a management student and a classical dancer; also an avid reader of various genres, a mother of two lovely daughters, and a diligent midnight blogger, all in random order. She is still soul-searching and poetry soothes her.

Kabir Deb (4 Posts )

Kabir Deb was born in Haflong and completed his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Karimganj. After that completed his Graduation and Masters from Assam University, Assam. Poetry has been his passion and a hobby from childhood. He looks forward to change the society with the power of poetry. His work has been published in 'To be my Valentine' edition of Hall of Poets, Reviews Magazine, Bhor Foundation, Different Truths Magazine. He has recently received The Social Journalism Award from the Different Truths Magazine.

Kamalini Natesan (1 Post )

Kamalini Natesan is a teacher of French and a singer by learning. She has been writing poetry and stories for various magazines for the past ten years, and has recently published book reviews as well.

Kathy Jones (18 Posts )

Homemaker, Wife, Mother, Blogger, Freelancer, Health & Fitness freak based in Dallas, TX, United States. I work as a freelancer on projects and I review products, whatever I find interesting and of great use. From crafts tools, business tools, exercise equipment to gadgets and household items, I enjoy unboxing and reviewing products that are innovative and of high quality. My reviews are published in several online magazines and journals. Contact for professional and honest reviews of your products.

Kiren Babal (1 Post )

A Graduate in Psychology (hons), Kiren Babal has a flair for writing both in English and Hindi. She has dabbled many a shades with creativity. Be it doing plays in AIR, teaching in schools, theatre, writing scripts and short stories for children, etc, the focus remained in keeping her hobbies alive. To her credit she has 13 children books, five anthologies in English poetry and a solo poetry book in Hindi 'Didar-e-Dil’. Poetry she believes is just like a spring which wells out from our inner reservoir, called soul. She finds joy in little things that life offers, which become alive through the power of pen. Yet there's a long way to go. A homemaker, grandmother of four lovely children, she remains in gratitude to the Lord for whatever plan He has bestowed on her to fulfill the mission of this life.

Kirtana Prakash (1 Post )

Kirtana Prakash eats, sleeps and drinks stars. Well, astronomy is her favourite topic, closely followed by Harry Potter. She's a voracious reader and an avid Carnatic singer too.

Krishti Khandelwal (1 Post )

Krishti Khandelwal is a 12-year-old little girl who started playing with ink, emotions, words and imaginations in the lockdown. She has recently released her debut book The Symphony of My Words, a collection of poems of all flavours.

Kshithi Bhanu Singh (1 Post )

Kshithi Bhanu Singh is currently working as a Business Correspondent but continues to harbour an undying love for all things literature.

Kushal Poddar (1 Post )

Kushal Poddar has been widely published in several countries and his poems have been included in prestigious anthologies such as Men In The Company of Women, Penn International MK etc, Van Gogh’s Ear.  He has been featured amongst the poets for the month December by Tupelo Press, Vine Leaves Literary Journal's Best of 2014 and in various radio programs in Canada and USA. He presently lives at Kolkata and writes poetry, fiction and scripts for short films when not engaged in his day job as a lawyer in the High Court At Calcutta and as an English Language Trainer in various universities. He is the editor of the online magazine Words Surfacing. He authored The Circus Came To My Island (Spare Change Press, Ohio), A Place For Your Ghost Animals (Ripple Effect Publishing, Colorado Springs), and Understanding The Neighborhood (BRP, Australia).

Lalit Magazine (1 Post )

After quitting a lucrative job, Lalit Magazine relocated from Mumbai to Bharatpur and started an institute for communication skills and personality development - Magazine Forum, which became immensely popular. This much sought after motivational speaker, is a cricket and theatre enthusiast. His theatre group Navankur staged many a successful play. Take the Plunge, a book, out of print now, based on the success stories of his students was quite a rage among the youth. Right now, he is giving finishing touches to his mystery novel written in the backdrop of Kashmir.

Learning And Creativity Desk (209 Posts )

Learning & Creativity is your one stop resource for all that is associated with encouraging learning and creativity in children, teens and even adults. Learning & Creativity offers the finest literary works, tips, advice, art work, art supplies, books, book reviews, movie info… and more!

Lekha Sengupta (1 Post )

Lekha Sengupta, a romantic at heart, grew up in the suburban town of Asansol, West Bengal, India. She has a Master's and B.Ed degrees from the esteemed University of Kolkata. Her roots are embedded in a humble, yet joyful upbringing. She has taught English Literature and Language to students at high school and is presently engaged in research and documentation of Spiritual Literature. Her family supports her creative writing initiatives and her husband happens to be her best critic. Presently, she lives in the USA with her husband and eight year old daughter.

Lily Swarn (1 Post )

A post graduate in English from Punjab University, Lily taught in degree classes. A gold medalist and a university colour holder for dramatics and histrionics, Lily enjoyed editing the college magazine and writing middles for newspapers. Poetry is a passion that flared after her young son's sudden demise.

Lipi Bhattacharya (14 Posts )

A travel enthusiast and voracious reader. Lipi Bhattacharya spends her free time travelling to historical places and those lesser known terrains.

Lopamudra Banerjee (66 Posts )

Lopamudra (Lopa) Banerjee is an author, editor, poet and writing instructor staying in Dallas, Texas with her family, but originally from Kolkata, India. She has a Masters in English with thesis in Creative Nonfiction from University of Nebraska and also Masters in English from University of Calcutta, India. Apart from writing and editing some critically acclaimed books and being awarded with the Reuel International Prize for Poetry (2017) and for Translation (2016), she has dabbled in all genres of writing, from journalism and content writing to academic essays and fiction/poetry. She has been interviewed in various e-zines, literary blogs and also at TV (Kolkata) and at radio stations in Dallas, Texas. Very recently, she has been part of the upcoming short film 'Kolkata Cocktail', a docu-feature based on poetry, but her love for writing feature stories go back to her journalism days when she interviewed people from all walks of life and wrote essays and articles based on them. She loves performing poetry as spoken words art and has performed in various forums in India and USA.

M Dharma Kirthi (1 Post )

M Dharma Kirthi is the Secretary of Shankar Jaikishan Fans Association International. Starting his career as a an officer in State Bank of India in 1977, Dharma moved on to work with various private sector enterprises as Finance head and Teacher of Finance. He has been working as CFO in Corporate Hospitals in Hyderabad for the last ten years. An active sportsman in his student days, Dharma loves movies and music to the extent of madness. He is also a foodie, is bitten by the wanderlust and loves to anchor music and cultural events.

Maaya Dev (4 Posts )

Writing poetry is a passion among other passions. I have experienced poetry as a xanax to me and as cathartic too. Poetry is a viaduct between everything at the micro and macro levels. Some of my dalliance along this pristine journey are fragmented as literary embellishments in several anthologies. A few were awarded at DestinyPoets, UK. I blog at Maaya's - Musing!

Madhu Verma (1 Post )

Workaholic and successful HR Manager, Madhu Verma is a die-hard fan of Jackie Shroff and watches movies for fun, de-stressing and time pass.

Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar (1 Post )

Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar, a Masters in English, is a bilingual writer (writing both in Hindi and English). She is a poetess, blogger, life skills counsellor, healer. She is also a social commentator and works with women and children. She started her career with the media, moving on to the perfumes and cosmetics sector and finally where her heart lay 'writing'. Her works have been published in various national and international magazines, newspapers, web magazines, journals, anthologies. The author of The Night Jasmine and Other Love Poems, she is also the winner of Icon of the Year - Lifeskills Counsellor 2015-2016 and Creative Writer of the Year 2016. An avid animal lover too, her motto in life is 'Live and Love Life'.

Mahesh Sowani (1 Post )

Mahesh Sowani is a writer, poet, book reviewer, speaker and a legal professional. He holds masters degrees in Law and Management. He was a faculty member for Master of Laws course at University of Mumbai. He has keen interest in yoga, meditation, English literature and financial management. Many of his writings have been published in leading English and Marathi publications like Hindustan Times, Outlook Traveller, Maharashtra Times, Yuva Sakaal, Kalnirnay, etc. He is contributing author of the books Defiant Dreams, Winged Hearts, Love Stories Around Us, Friendship Bonds Beyond Time and Unbound trajectories that changed course of life. His writings in the Hindustan Times are available as an e-book titled Heart of the Matter. His twitter handle is @maheshsowani and Facebook profile. He writes short stories, poems, book reviews and everything that touches the heart on his successful blog, which attracts heavy traffic.

Maimoona Saifee (1 Post )

Maimoona Saifee is a Std X student of BGS National Public School. Her goal is to continue making noteworthy artwork and also learning new techniques and exploring different mediums.

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury (3 Posts )

Maitreyee B Chowdhury is a web columnist, poet and creative writer. She is author of three books 'Reflections on My India', 'Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen: Bengali Cinema's First Couple' and 'Where Even The Present Is Ancient: Benaras'. She writes on cinema and art too. Maitreyee writes for Criterion Literary Journal; a journal of media studies 'Kottaka'; Indian Express (Bay Area); Indian Ruminations; YOMO Art Gallery (South East Asian Art House); Gallery 2000 (French Art House); The Sip of Life, etc.

Maitreyee Pujari (1 Post )

Maitreyee is 12 years old and studying in Germany. She loves to travel and write about her experiences. She also writes poems.

Maitri Singh (1 Post )

Maitri Singh is a school student in Assam. She loves dancing, singing, writing, cooking and reading. She is also a sports enthusiast dabbling in badminton, running and swimming.

Malavika Nair (1 Post )

Malavika Pravin Nair is a Class 8 student in Our Own English High School, Sharjah (Girls). Her hobbies are reading, writing and dancing and her mother tongue is Malayalam.

Malini (2 Posts )

Malini loves to write poems, short stories and very short stories.

Mallika Bhaumik (2 Posts )

The poet Mallika Bhaumik is a student of literature and has completed her Masters' degree in English literature from Calcutta University. She is an avid reader. Her other interests include traveling, listening to music and cooking.

Mandeep Singh (1 Post )

An alumnus of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, XLRI, Jamshedpur and IIM-Bangalore, Mandeep Singh, Partner – is focusing in the areas of Talent and Rewards. Over the years, Mandeep has worked with Vodafone, MetLife, Aviva, BMR Advisors, Naukri and accumulated extensive successes in the area of people management showing some unique and high impact contributions to the companies he has been associated with. He brings on the table expertise in HR Strategy, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Training & Development and Rewards. Mandeep has experience both as a HR consultant and as a corporate Human Resource professional having experience in a wide range of industries and sectors. Mandeep has a total of 17 years professional experience and has certifications in Hogans, SHL, Thomas profiling, Mercer and Hay job evaluation to name a few.

Manikant Sharma (1 Post )

Manikant Sharma, Former Manager QC at Food Corporation of India, is an ardent book reviewer, poet and blogger living in Saharanpur, UP, India.He blogs on poetry and literature at

Manish Uniyal (1 Post )

Manish an Engineer by profession loves to spend time by writing, making sketches and listening music. Passionate to etch life on paper, he feels some expressions can be better understood by putting them on paper in the form of sketches. Every heart has a story, so does every sketch !!!

Mannyaa Saraf (1 Post )

Mannyaa Saraf is a Std V student. She loves to write poems and spend her free time in creative art and craft activities.

Manya Tyagi (1 Post )

Manya is a Std. IV student in Apeejay School, Noida. She is enthusiastic about Sports and Art & Craft. Soon after exploring her stint at skating, Manya now plays Tennis and keeps improving her drawing skills. She is an animal lover, loves swimming and is a happy-go-lucky child.

Mark Z (1 Post )

Mark is an education consultant who loves writing about the numerous benefits and rich experience that a person can gain by teaching English in China. His articles aim to provide insights into the advantages of English teaching jobs in Shanghai or Beijing and anywhere else in the world.

Maya Khandelwal (4 Posts )

Maya Khandelwal is a free-lancer and a language teacher by profession. Rest she is a mother of two children and can be their best pal when the fun cap is on. She is a passionate lover of nature and can commune with it for hours at a stretch. She loves rains and can't resist the sacred drops drench her entire being. Nature, in its various guises, soothes her best in pensive mood. A romantic person at heart, she would often cuddle around her hubby and snatch a 'yes' for a long drive and a 'dhaba' tea whenever it drizzles. She loves soft numbers sung especially by Jagjit Singh. She derives her wells of strength from her husband who has been the proverbial rock in her life. A practical man with business running in his veins like blood, he too has been coloured in the hues of romance after the conjugal bliss of ten years with her. She doesn't hold God in awe. She rather loves Him like she would love her Dad who always understands and listens.

Meghna Mukherjee (1 Post )

I am Meghna, a student from the holy city of Varanasi. Since my childhood I've loved to paint but with the passage of time I found myself with no time to pursue my hobby. With the growing pressure of studies, I was not able to continue my hobby. But since last year I have reinitiated it. I am still a beginner in this colourful world of colours. I have been learning Bharatnatyam and I just love this dance form. It is not only a dance but a kind of aesthetic yoga. I love reading novels, writing poems and also my own experiences and listening to music. These are my ways to spend my leisure time and enjoy my own company. As they say, "A hobby a day keep the doldrums away."

Melorra (1 Post )

Melorra designs jewellery for the Western wardrobe. We have fashion stylists and jewellery designers working together to create fashion-inspired designs. At Melorra, our global trend-spotters spot the styles that'll make the cut for today's fashion scene across global runways like Paris and Milan. Then, our international design team interprets these trends to create jewellery. Melorra is available on iOS and Android, and on a mobile responsive site.

Michele Baron (1 Post )

World-traveler and former Fulbright Scholar Michele Baron currently lives in Kyrgyzstan with her husband and 3 children. She self-published A Modest Menu: Poverty, Hunger and Food Security, in Poetry and Prose, in August, 2015, and A Holiday Carol at year’s end, 2015. A World Bank/Urgent Evoke-2010 top-ten-finalist and presenter/publisher of four local/globally-scalable projects at the World Environment Education Congress (WEEC) 2013, Ms. Baron develops outreach projects, writes poetry, prose, and non-fiction, is an active musician, painter, artist and lecturer. Small groups of her poems have been published in anthologies by Barry Mowles, Brian Wrixon, Different Truths (Arindam Roy, ed.), The Dawn Beyond Waste (Microsoft/GIZ; Joie Bose/Ananya Chatterjee, eds.), and Ampat Koshy. She is the recipient of a Reuel International Award certificate for her writing. Among her other works, she has a self-illustrated book The Dreaming Rugs awaiting publication.

Minal Kaushik (1 Post )

Minal Kaushik is a 3rd standard student, studying in Ryan International. She loves to draw, play casio, badminton and loves to sleep.

Mishika Shrivastava (1 Post )

Mishika Shrivastava is a Grade 2 student of The Shri Ram Universal School, Hyderabad. She loves to read story books, make videos, play table tennis and travel with family.

Moinak Dutta (1 Post )

Moinak Dutta has been writing poems and stories from his school days. He is a post graduate in English and also a teacher of English. Many of his poems and stories are published in national and international anthologies and magazines. He also writes reviews of books and fictions and is interested in photography, films and music. His debut fiction ‘Pestilence’ was published in 2009. His second literary fiction ‘Online@ offline’ was published in 2014. He blogs regularly at

Monika Pant (1 Post )

Monika Pant is the author of Echoes From The Vortex (A Memoir) and Caught in Two Winds. Her stories and poems are published in several anthologies around the world. Her real life snippets are published in the Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul series and a short story written by her was listed for the 2013 Commonwealth Short Story Prize.

Moumita Das (1 Post )

Moumita Das loves writing fiction.

Nafees Ahmed (1 Post )

Nafees Ahmed loves Cinema. Loves Coffee. Loves Food. Loves his gal. Loves Music. Drools over home made Biryani. Unbiased, unjudgemental and unprofessional writer with a little tweak of sarcasm. Enslaved to a '9 to 6' job as software professional.

Nalini Srivastava (3 Posts )

Nalini is a poet at heart and writer by choice. A teacher by profession, she is a mother of a 9 year old son. With one collection of dark genre short stories to her credit, she dreams of her poems getting published soon. A passionate Lucknowite and an ardent Indian, she loves to dream and to work hard to make them come true.

Naveen Anand (1 Post )

Naveen Anand is an Engineer from IIT Delhi and a Management Graduate from IIM Ahmedabad. His company, Baseline Technologies, is a pioneer in the manufacture of sound and vibration instruments in India. He is a passionate music lover actively engaged in helping run the trust 'Ibaadat Foundation' which honours poets and celebrates poetry through music.

Nazir Wani (3 Posts )

A Kashmir University Gold medalist (2002) in English Literature, Wani Nazir, from Pulwama J&K India, is an alumnus of the University of Kashmir, Srinagar. Presently working as Lecturer English in the Department of Education, J&K, he has been writing both prose and poetry in English, Urdu and in his mother tongue Kashmiri. He is a voracious reader and reviewer. He contributes his brain-children- his poetry and prose, in Kashur Qalm and The Significant League, and has been receiving laurels for his writings.

Neeti Kanungo (1 Post )

Neeti Kanungo likes to call herself an accomplished nomad. Life has offered her a mixed bag of interests, adventures and careers - visualizer, educationist, psychologist, trainer and author. She has travelled extensively across India as an army wife, making 15 homes in 8 states in 20 years. She often likes to capture and express the resultant unique experiences and learning in her writings. She says, "I seem to have this infinite curiosity to know more, explore and discover. Whatever I take up, I mould it in my plane of discovery. This makes even mundane the most fascinating. It seems I put on magical spectacles which reveal the beauty, the art, the music and the science of nature’s mechanisms all around me." Neeti has deep interest in innovating teaching of mathematics in schools and has authored a series of mathematics textbooks. She also shares her poetic interests on and psycho-spiritual musings on

Neha (1 Post )

I am passionate about life, compulsive reader, constant traveler, blogger, random writer, seeker of stories and keepsake of memories.

Neha Arora (8 Posts )

A day dreamer, chocoholic, golgappe lover, loves reading & day dreaming of traveling throughout India. Khaled Hosseini and Elizabeth Gilbert are favorite authors.

Niilesh A Raje (3 Posts )

Niilesh A Raje views writing as meditation. He is a "Business Analyst" by profession and a "Writer" by passion. In 2007, he was selected as "The Youth of the Nation" to represent India at the first CCS World Youth Forum held in the European Parliament, Brussels on the theme of Leadership and Motivation. As a thought leader he also received the invitation as India delegate to The Climate Project's Asia-Pacific Summit held in Melbourne, Australia in July 2009 to undergo personal training from Al Gore (Ex-Vice President of America and Nobel Peace Prize laureate). With a strong publication background his articles have been published by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), a leading association in the profession of Business Analysis in USA, in, Business Analyst Times and In Flight Magazines to name a few. His magazine "Nosstalgiaaa", a free online bi-monthly magazine pays homage to the masters of Hindi cinema and enlightens the readers on all facets of film making through articles, interviews, trivia, anecdotes and book reviews. Nosstalgiaaa, is the first of its kind and is solely dedicated to the golden era of Indian Cinema.

Nikita Goel (1 Post )

A Writer by passion and profession, Nikita Goel is working as a Editor and Compiler for Purple Hues Anthology Series. A passionate Lifestyle Blogger from New Delhi currently residing in United States of America, her short stories and poems have been published in Print through various Anthologies, including Roses and Rhythms by Serene Publishers, A Phase Unknown Women by Sanmati Publishers, I am a Woman by Sanmati Publishers, Purple Hues -1 by Sanmati Publishers, Rhyme and Rhythms by First Step Publishing ( Available in 21 countries worldwide), Chixipedia by Moments Publications, Musings of the Stars by Rain Drops Company Her short stories and poems have also been published online and in print, including Sniffer's E - Magazine, Readomania, Aagman , The Arrival. Her Blog -The Enchantress has been ranked amongst India's Best Blogs consistently for three consecutive years in The Directory of Best Indian Blogs. You can write to her at

Nilanjana Dey (2 Posts )

Nilanjana Dey is a post-graduate in English Literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata (India). Her first novel, a children’s tale, The Adventures of Puti – The Cheese Trail, was published in 2013. At the moment, her corporate satire – The Crossover – is being serially published in Café Dissensus. She also loves to experiment with poetry. She is also a marketing and communication professional based out of Mumbai, India.

Nileena Bhuvanendran (1 Post )

Nileena Bhuvanendran, is an emerging poet from Kerala .She has had her poems published on daily newspaper 'The Navahind times'. Some of her works have appeared in blogs and club magazines. She draws her inspiration from observing nature, people and activities.

Nimish Dhawan (1 Post )

Nimish Dhawan is a talented and hardworking boy. He has a natural flair for art and craft and he is just as good at his studies.

Nipun Varma (1 Post )

Nipun Varma is an IT professional moonlighting as a writer. An avid public speaker, movie fanatic, voracious reader, scriptwriter and social worker; he is a classic case of ‘jack of all and master of none’. His debut book Adventures of an Indian Techie, a satire on life of techies in India, was published in 2019. While humour remains his primary weapon, he loves writing across genres. He is into column writing, screenplays and short stories. His other major work is the English translation of the award-winning Malayalam novel Vasavadatha written by renowned Malayalam writer Sajil Sreedhar. He is now working on his second book- a novel that depicts a coming of age story with an undercurrent of humor. He calls himself a ‘916 Mallu’ who hails from Vaikom - a sleepy little town in the outskirts of Kottayam district in Kerala. He believes his life’s mission is to share stories and spread happiness.

Niraj Shah (1 Post )

Niraj Shah, is a Civil Engineer by Profession but is passionate about poetry. He writes ghazals and Nazms. ‘Safha-e-Dil’, Page of my Heart, is his Facebook Page, which is dedicated to ghazals and shayari in general. He is passionate about Urdu poetry and its history. He has written articles on the similar subject in Mid-day, a tabloid published in Mumbai. Currently, he is researching on great poets starting from early 18th century and is working on his first book on ghazals.

Niroj Kumar Sethi (1 Post )

Niroj Kumar Sethi is a Research and Teaching Assistant,School of Humanities,IGNOU,New Delhi.

Nishtha Datta (1 Post )

Nishtha is a 13 year old student currently going to school in Singapore. Her hobbies are dancing, playing the piano and writing. She has been keeping a lockdown diary since day 1. Some of the experiences recorded there inspired her to write this story.

Nitin Kumar (2 Posts )

Nitin Kumar is an experienced digital marketing professional with over 8 years of expertise. He is passionate about exploring the world and sharing his travel experiences on this blog. Join him as he embarks on exciting tours to discover exciting places that are not so talked about.

Nitish Pahwa (1 Post )

Nitish Pahwa is a senior majoring in professional writing with a concentration in editing and publishing. He is passionate about the arts and has written about music and culture for various websites and publications. He owns way too many books and CDs, but somehow it’s never enough. Follow him on Twitter @pahwa_nitish.

NS Rajan (6 Posts )

NS Rajan is a retired senior IRS Officer. He is an avid reader and a sports lover, particularly cricket, having watched many greats in action from the late 1940s (he has played cricket at a fairly competitive level). He loves listening to music of all genres, is fascinated by Hindi film music of the ‘golden era’ and has written many essays on composers, lyricists and singers. Rajan loves to sing and spends some of his time singing on his karaoke system. He likes to write and has contributed articles, short stories and letters to newspapers and magazines, some of which have been published in Silhouette Magazine and LnC. Rajan is very fond of travelling and learning about new and fascinating places and is a keen observer of all that he sees, hears and observes during his travels. Travel and photography usually always go together and Rajan has been interested in photography from his teens, weaned on a German Zeiss Ikon. His abiding love for travel and photography inspired him to write an illustrated book on his trip to the USA, Go West Odyssey: How I Saw America in 19 Days, including in it a number of pictures taken by him during the trip. He works actively to keep himself engaged in some mental pursuit or the other and to keep himself mentally and physically fit at the ripe old age of 87.

Pakanati Lakshmi Priya (1 Post )

Pakanati Lakshmi Priya, was into vintage films and music right from childhood. She observed and absorbed a lot from her father who himself was a good collector of filmy memorablia, a tradition carried on by her brother who whose house is a treasure trove of collections. An avid book reader Priya chooses to call herself a student throughtout her life. Though a university gold medallist from Osmania University in M.Sc Zoology, she went on to do her M.B.A from the same university and taught marketing in a business school for 5 years. Due to delicate health she quit her job and is currently running music groups on the Facebook much to the delight of vintage fans as they continue to enjoy her posts of old films , songs and information.

Pankaj Sharma (20 Posts )

Pankaj Sharma is an avid reader, an active blogger and a passionate writer who wishes to read all the classics written by the literary geniuses of 19th and 20th century.

Parama Sinhapalit (2 Posts )

A scholar of International Relations based in Singapore, Parama has been studying Mandarin for the last 5 years. She is very keen to share her skill and introduce the language to the Indian audience including the tiny tots. An avid traveler, Parama also likes sharing her experiences in different parts of the world and enjoys creative writing.

Paridhi Bhardwaj (11 Posts )

Paridhi is a consistent prize winner in painting and art and craft competitions. She also enjoys taekwondo, badminton and other competitive sports.

Paromita Mukherjee Ojha (1 Post )

A voracious reader, brand new mother of an 11month old princess, mostly on the move having worked with corporate houses for five years and now being the better half of defense personnel. Currently on a sabbatical and awaiting doctoral degree. Have been associated with various Editorial boards of in-house college magazines by virtue of being an Assistant Professor of English/soft skills. Publications include multiple papers on varied topics of Management and English Literature in reputed journals. Few poems and short stories published in Readomania. Aspire to write a novel sometime in the near future. Regularly expresses her thoughts on:

Parth (6 Posts )

After completing high school and entering college, Parth still has a hunger for more exploration in art. After trying paintings and textures as well, he resumed his work on pencil sketches and continues exploring his art form.

Partha Sarathi Mukherjee (1 Post )

Partha Sarathi Mukherjee, alias Sarathi Lokenath is a teacher of English literature and also a published poet and writer in various anthologies and e-zines. After his premature superannuation, he is still in teaching profession at the age touching sixty. He is the author of “Between Life”, an anthology of poems in Amazon. He seeks criticism, through which best correction comes. He has recently received the International Reuel Prize for Best Teacher (2017), instituted by The Significant League, at Delhi Litexperia on August 2017.

Parvathy (2 Posts )

Parvathy, a girl of 18, hails from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. With a deep passion for writing, she gives words to her innate thoughts at her personal blog Silent Drizzle. She has her world pivoting around her brother, pen and music and is also published by online journal, Writer's Ezine.

Parveen Sethi (1 Post )

Parveen Sethi, 42, is a housewife and mother of two college going children. She says she writes poems because they come whispering to her and force her to pen them down. She has been published in few anthologies so far.

Paulami DuttaGupta (1 Post )

Born in Shillong, many moons ago, with schooling at Loreto Convent, and an English Honors from St. Edmunds College, Paulami Duttagupta started her career with All India Radio Shillong. She had written and also given her voice to a few shows there. Later she came down to Kolkata and got a post graduate degree in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University.  She had also taken up a fancy to learning Spanish, but today confesses that she has forgotten most of it. She has written for ‘The Times of India’ in the ‘Guwahati-Shillong plus Edition’ and also ‘The Shillong Times’.  Television had always attracted her and was connected to the Bangla TV industry for about 6 years. She was associated with ETV- Bangla, Akash Bangla and Sony Aath in this period. Having left her day job in 2012, Paulami took up full time writing. Her first novel, 'Pinjar' released in early 2012. Her second novel 'Unplanned Destinty' released in 2014. She is also the screenplay writer of the national award winning Khasi film – 'Ri Homeland of Uncertainty'. 'Ri' has been adapted into a novel and released in September’ 14. Apart from writing full length novels, she has written several short stories and articles. She has also contributed to the Minds@work Anthology and the Family Matters International Anthology in 2013. Recently she has contributed to the 'Roots and Meanderings: Anthology of Selected Short Stories', 'Her Story Anthology', and 'Celebrating India – Love across Borders Anthology'. When she is not writing or watching movies, Paulami is either reading biographies or classic pieces of literature. Cricket, food, cinema, books and music are an integral part of her life.  She is currently working on her next project as movie script writer and editing and compiling an anthology titled ‘Marijuana Diaries.’ Her next novel ‘After a Decade of Solitude’ will release in 2015.

Payel Ganguly (1 Post )

Payel Ganguly is a teacher and educator by profession and a creative writer, textile designer, painter and poet by passion. Many of her creative works have been published and she has received various international awards for painting.

Peeyush Sharma (2 Posts )

Inculcated into the Vedic studies since adolescence, Peeyush is a reputed Vedic Scholar and Speaker. Being a management post graduate with many years of experience in marketing and sales and business development, he has a unique slant in applying spiritual teachings to management principles. Peeyush has intensively carried on with Vedic studies and Hindu Spirituality under reputed gurus and swadhyaya or self-study. He started public speaking on the Vedic and Hindu Spiritual Guidance in the year 2003 and has only gained reputation and popularity since. He speaks with authority on subjects and matters related to Upanishads, Darshans, Geeta and the Vedas. He has been a prolific speaker at many Yoga studios and conferences, at number of Hindu Temples and gatherings, Catholic, Evangelist and other Churches, Multi-Faith groups and conferences, Vedic Centres etc. He has given discourses on spiritual meditation and the Vedas in English in Toronto and at multiple centres in Canada, UK, USA and India. He keeps it simple and after most of his talks invites open questions and is ready with answers. Peeyush is VP, Business Development & International Marketing, North America at Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd, and spearheads new business development in the area of ecommerce, web solutions and apps. He writes regularly onmanagement principles and practices. He speaks in English, Hindi, Bengali and Punjabi languages with ease. He currently lives in Greater Toronto Area in Canada.

Peeyush Sharma (8 Posts )

Consulting Editor Learning and Creativity and Silhouette Magazine. To talk of a few passions of Peeyush, one must start with music. He is known to be a collector of music and information pertaining to Indian cinema (majorly Hindi) spanning a period from early 1930s to 1980s. He has a large collection of Bengali and Punjabi music and material as well. He also boasts of a huge library of related material. Peeyush has delivered talks and lectures on music appreciation, contributed write ups in numerous news papers and magazines. He has co-authored a tribute publication on Anil Biswas. He has co-hosted radio talk shows on music and met and interviewed a number of personalities. Occasionally, he delivers talks even now. Peeyush has been the founder secretary of the prestigious, Vintage Hindi Music Lovers Association in Bangalore that honored Anil Biswas in 1985. He is known as a storehouse of old Hindi music and information regarding music and movies. Peeyush is well read in Vedic culture and literature and is invited in various centers to deliver enlightening lectures on Vedic values. His range spans from four Vedas to Upanishads and Darshans as well as Bhagvad Gita. He has delivered talks on Yog Darshan in Yoga schools and large gatherings. He currently lives in Oshawa, Ontario in Canada.

Perveiz Ali (1 Post )

Born in the eighties in Pampore, the world famous Saffron Town of Kashmir, Perveiz Ali, a poet educationist, is enthused by perennial poetry of famous Kashmiri poetic figures like Lal Ded, Wahab Khar, Rusool Mir, Habba Khatoon, and Mahjoor. Apart from the influence of these great bards, his poetry is strikingly influenced by Sir Mohamnad Iqbal, Mirza Ghalib, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Ahmed Faraz, Mir Takki Mir, Aga Shahid Ali and Keats. His original poetry has gained him considerable appreciation not only in his nation, but internationally also. Apart from contributing to more than 45 anthologies internationally,his work has been published in various magazines like The Criterion: An International Journal in English, Afflatus, Caesura journal, Different Truths, The Mind Creative etc and numerous other poetry blogs. His poems have been taken for World Women Empowerment Promotion 2015 and World Healing, World Peace 2016. In addition to poetry, he has contributed through reviewing books for various newspapers, online portals and journals like eFiction, Dialogue Times, Kashmir Pen, etc. He is presently associated with an online poetry forum, Koshur Qalam as an administrator.

Pheba Mathai (1 Post )

I love writing and reading books. I love music also. My favorite hobby is traveling.

Piu Mahapatra (42 Posts )

A painter, facilitator, and art consultant by profession, Piu never let go the opportunity to work around and along with the ‘Curious little George’ of different schools in India and abroad. Her articles on art education and awareness have been published in different contemporary art journals of India and Virginia for more than a decade. She loves to let her hair go down and often makes pathetic attempts to write poetry and short stories for children. The only thing she has ever done good is letting her son soar high and low with his wings open wide and fear-free.

Pooja Purohit (1 Post )

Pooja Purohit, (36), is a student of Micro Biology. She has a flair for writing. Her other hobbies are reading, spending time with family and playing puzzle games. Currently she works with a UK based MNC. She takes life as it comes.

Pramila Khadun (1 Post )

Pramila Khadun is a poetess from the island of Mauritius. She holds a degree in Food Science from S.N.D.T Women’s University, Pune, India and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education(P.G.C.E) from the Mauritius Institute of Education.She had been Head of the Department of Food Studies Department at Modern College and part-time lecturer at the Mauritius Institute of …Education.She has three collections of poetry published and more are on the way. Recently her textbook ‘Food and Nutrition Simplified’ was launched by Lifi Publications at the Kolkata and Delhi World Book Fair and her novel entitled ‘When Love Speaks’ will soon be in print.Now she is comfortably retired and lives with her husband Raj and three children,Dr Rajnee, Priyumvada and son Kaviraj, an airline pilot.She spends time, reading, writing and travelling and her life flows with the beautiful grace of love and peace.

Pranati Bhat (1 Post )

Pranati Bhat is a 11-year old student, studying in 5th Grade of BGS Public School. She loves reading books, especially adventure stories, writing stories and loves dancing and singing. She also likes to play badminton and throw ball with her friends. Pranati loves watching children's movies and analysing them.

Prapoorna Kiran (1 Post )

Prapoorna Kiran is a creative writer and story teller who finds her inspiration from nature and life. She is a published author, has written the biography of a SMA warrior and several ebooks. She is an active writer contributing to blogs and magazines. Mindful and intentional writing is her style. She works closely with small companies and women entrepreneurs, helping them with their digital content and strategies.

Pratima Apte (1 Post )

Pratima Apte is an English Honours graduate of IP College, Delhi University. Words are her world, especially the printed/written version! Her writings have been featured in anthologies published by Different Truths, Glomag, Hall of Poets and Yayati Madan Gandhi’s publications. She feels grateful to The Significant League, for their indulgence of her. She also treasures her very first prize, a copy of Ballad of Bapu, autographed by author Dr. Santosh Bakaya who also selected her ghost story for Darkness There But Something More Anthology.

Pratishtha Majumdar (4 Posts )

Pratishtha Majumdar, a Law student, is a passionate and a creative artist in drawing and painting specializing in water colour , pencil sketch and still life. She bears a special perspective towards thematic art and is very keen to make book covers, posters, cards etc. She has been prominent since her childhood for her artistic thoughts and was awarded many times. She always remains active in the arena of art and drawings.

Preetika Bhardwaj (3 Posts )

Preetika Bhardwaj is a talented little artist. She loves to draw and paint her thoughts and imagination with oil pastels and crayons.

Priya Saggi (3 Posts )

A Television script writer by profession with an undying thirst for all things creative. A knowledge junkie on the lookout for the next fix! An obsessive reader, an amateur star gazer and a firebrand who lives by her own rules.

Priyanka Chauhan (2 Posts )

Priyanka is a Post Graduate in Print Journalism from India's prestigious Institute Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC). Thereafter, She worked for Press Trust of India (PTI) as a journalist. She is also a Post Graduate and Graduate in English Literature from Gargi College, Delhi University. Priyanka believes in expanding knowledge beyond the set terrain, therefore, she earned international certification from World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in Intellectual Property. Also qualified to teach as a faculty of Communication Skills, she chose writing as her first love. Her articles have been published in the Indian Express, The Times of India, Press Trust of India, The Hindu, Woman's Era magazine.

Rachna Rajesh (4 Posts )

After being in the chemical engineering profession for two decades, Rachna is a homemaker by choice now. She stays busy deciding which of her diverse interests to pursue, leaving little room for doing much. Reading, writing, singing, painting, making short video montages and some community service are a few things she dabbles in. Through all of this, Hindi film music and R D Burman remain a constant in her life.

Radha Srinivasa Murthy (1 Post )

Radha Srinivasa Murthy is a Child Rights Activist and former Chairperson, Child Welfare Committee, Bangalore Urban, Bangalore.

Radhika Mall (1 Post )

Radhika Mall is a poet, a History topper in class 10 (ICSE). After receiving 1st position in inter house music competition and interning with Womenite, she is currently studying in Lady Shri Ram College.

Raghav Agarwal (1 Post )

Raghav Agarwal is from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Raghav loves art.

Rahul Dang (4 Posts )

Rahul Dang is a digital marketer in Wisitech, with a passion for spinning engaging marketing campaigns for social media. Rahul has honed his skills in search engine optimization (SEO)social media marketing, and content creation, helping businesses grow their online presence and connect with their audiences meaningfully. Rahul loves watching movies and is also a passionate food blogger.

Rahul Mall (1 Post )

Rahul Mall is a passionate poet, writer and an artist who lives in the Kathmandu Valley, capital of Nepal. Having recently completed his Bachelors in commerce he is currently working in an advertising firm in Nepal. His works have been published in various online magazines and anthologies. He has also been featured on radio for his poetry. He believes that a paintbrush and a pen are the greatest weapons known to mankind and strives to learn and excel in both.

Raj Swaroop (4 Posts )

My current interests include reading, foreign affairs, the occasional period movie, tennis and golf. I am an admirer of travel writing and 19th/ 20th century literature from India & around the world. Favourites include Fyodor Dostoevsky, Haruki Murakami, Ernest Hemingway and VS Naipaul among others. I would like to see Indian regional language writers get more mainstream and translation space. I live in Singapore with my family and work for a commodity trading firm.

Rajat Mukherjee (1 Post )

Rajat Mukherjee is an architect and urban designer based in Delhi.

Ramendra Kumar (117 Posts )

Ramendra Kumar (Ramen) is an award-winning writer, performance storyteller and inspirational speaker with 49 books. His writings have been translated into 32 languages and included in 26 textbooks and many anthologies in various countries. Ramen has written across all genres ranging from picture books to adult fiction, satire, poetry, travelogues, biographies and on issues related to parenting and relationships. His writings have been published by the major publishing houses in India. His books brought out by National Book Trust (NBT), India have notched up sales of more than 4.9 lakh copies in just one year. Ramen has been invited to several international literary festivals as well as Indian events such as Jaipur Litfest and seminars organised by Sahitya Akademi and IGNOU. The author has won a total of 41 awards in the competition for writers of children’s literature organised by Children’s Book Trust (CBT) over the years, which is among the highest by any writer. Ramen was chosen as the ‘Author and Storyteller of the Year’ (2022), on ‘Talking Stories’, London, UK’s number one Radio Programme dedicated to the art of storytelling. He was nominated as a Jury Member for the Best Children’s Author Category of The Times of India’s ‘Women AutHer’ Awards, 2020. Ramen was also selected as a mentor for the Scholastic Writers Academy. An alumnus of the prestigious Hyderabad Public School (HPS), Ramen is an Engineer & an MBA. He and his inspiration, his wife Madhavi, were General Managers at SAIL, when they took Voluntary Retirement to pursue their respective passions. Their children are bonsai celebrities in their own right. While Ankita is a youth icon and a travel blogger with an Instagram following of 296 K, Aniket creates cool Apps and designs covers for his dad’s books. Ramen is now a Cancer warrior and an inspiration to many. His website is and he has a page devoted to him on Wikipedia.

Rashida Murphy (1 Post )

Rashida Murphy has lived in Perth for most of her life. She has published widely in anthologies and journals. She has just finished a PhD in Creative Writing from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia.

Ratnottama Sengupta (4 Posts )

A National Award winner for her Writings on Cinema, Ratnottama Sengupta is a natural writer with keen understanding of Cinema and Visual Art. A Journalist since 1978, she has been with The Times of India, The Telegraph, Screen and been the Editor of the online magazine Daughter of writer Nabendu Ghosh, she writes extensively on Cinema and on Art. She has contributed to Encyclopedia Britannica on Hindi Films, and has to her credit many titles including on Plastic Arts. Ratnottama has curated 'Little Languages Film Festival' in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata; 'Prosenjit: A Retrospective', Delhi; 'Bimal Roy Centenary', Goa, Kolkata; 'Bengali Cinema After Rituparno', Delhi; and initiated the 'Hyderabad Bengali Films Festival'. * She has been on IFFI Steering Committee; National and International Award juries; with CBFC; and on NFDC Script Committee. She scripted Mukul, a short film on Nabendu (2009). She debuts as director with And They Made Classics.

Ravi Sharma (1 Post )

Ravi Sharma is presently the Dean, Faculty of Performing & Visual Arts at M. D. University. Prior to this he was the Head, Deptt. Of Music, M. D. University, Rohtak & Director Incharge, SOPVA, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Maidan Garh

Reema Das (1 Post )

Reema Das is a teacher, works in NGOs related to Environment ( Founder Member)and Heart Care. She grew up in a sleepy village in Sunpura, Lohit District, where she lived in a wooden bungalow, now almost 75 years old where the mighty Brahmaputra river flows by and spent her life amidst the natural beauty of Arunachal Pradesh .She was born in Assam, many years after ‘Chinese Aggression'. As her mother hails from Tripura, so she is the blend of three states of North-East. She became a teacher at the age of 21, where everyone used to call her 'pet teacher'.

Reena Prasad (3 Posts )

Reena Prasad is constantly losing things like pens, cats and her temper while settling down in the Sharjah desert and trying not become dust but you can find her poems in some anthologies and journals e.g. The Copperfield Review, First Literary Review-East,Angle Journal, Poetry Quarterly, etc. She is also the Destiny Poets, Poet of the year for 2014 and one of the editors of The Significant Anthology.

Reshma Parvez (1 Post )

Reshma Parvez teaches in Delhi Public School, Whitefield, in Bangalore, India. She writes poems in Hindi, Urdu and English and also essays, short stories and anecdotes on sensitive, heartfelt issues. Though she teaches little children, she calls herself an educationist and a thinker.

Rhiti Bose (6 Posts )

Rhiti Bose is a writer/blogger based in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India, where she lives with her daughter, son and husband. She believes in being simple, kind and honest. Her main passion is writing, closely followed by travelling and reading endlessly. She is the Founder/Chief Editor of the blogazine Incredible Women Of India, which publishes inspirational life stories of real Indian women. Her short stories have been published in an anthology named ‘An Atlas of Love’ by Rupa publications,, Rhiti is currently working on her first Novel. Rhiti also blogs at The Scattered thoughts of Mrs.Bose

Ridhanishaa Loganathan (1 Post )

Ridhanishaa is a Grade 7 student in Ambassador School, Sharjah

Ritesh Agarwal (1 Post )

Ritesh Agarwal, 30, is currently pursuing Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University. He lives in Calcutta with his parents and three rabbits.

Rituparna Roy (1 Post )

Rituparna Roy is an academic and writer based in Kolkata. She is the author of South Asian Partition Fiction in English: From Khushwant Singh to Amitav Ghosh (2010) & co-editor of the ICAS Volume, Writing India Anew: Indian English Fiction 2000-2010 (2013). She is Initiator, the Kolkata Partition Museum Project that aims at the establishment of a Partition Museum in Kolkata. Roy blogs at Authors Electric and her own website (, and writes features and reviews for online portals and magazines. Her maiden collection of shorts - Gariahat Junction - was published in 2020 by Kitaab International, Singapore. She is currently working on a memoir and a co-edited volume of essays on the Bengal Partition.

Ritwik Matta (1 Post )

Ritwik Matta is an eight year old, studying in Delhi Public School, Ludhiana. His hobbies are reading books, playing guitar and swimming. He is the youngest member in his joint family.

Rohit Agarwal (2 Posts )

Rohit Agarwal is a blogger and a travel enthusiast. His blog at Trans India Travels provides information about various tourist spots in India.

Ronald Tuhin D’Rozario (4 Posts )

Ronald Tuhin D’Rozario was born at Calcutta and is a die heart Calcuttan. He loves his semi-British City and always maintains saying that, ’Calcutta may not have colours but it surely does have flavours.’ Ronald studied commerce with specialization in Marketing Management from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta. He is an avid reader and writes too. He has a keen interest in books, art, Literature, advertisements, art films and carnatic music. Many of his articles, short stories and poems have been published in various magazines and journals such as The TTIS, The Herald, The Little Messanger-news paper for Young Life, The Why Poll blog of author Hindol Sengupta & Ramona Sen and Reflection –W & R Mag. During his schooling years he had also worked for the TTIS (The Telegraph in Schools) Newspaper as a trainee student news correspondent.

Ronin (4 Posts )

A writer, poet, graphic designer, harmonica player, Ronin is an artist who loves to do whatever he does. He likes fiction and fantasy genre and is a huge fan of Van Gogh, comic book legend Stan Lee, Munshi Premchand, and Dan Brown to name a few. Ronin loves listening to old rock songs; Pink Floyd and Guns N' Roses are his all time favorite. Ronin also goes by the name of Shubhang Saurav in the mortal world, which is his birth as well as socially accepted name.

Rounak (4 Posts )

Rounak studies in Delhi Public School, Bangalore. His hobby is to curl up with a good book and collect coins.

Ruchi Chakraborty (1 Post )

Ruchi Chakraborty is a professional from college of arts Delhi. She can be contacted for placing orders for Quill Art for room decor, table decor, jewelry, gift decoration and other purposes by commenting on this post.

Rudrodip Majumdar (1 Post )

Dr. Rudrodip Majumdar holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from North Carolina State University, USA. Currently he is teaching and conducting research at IIT Bombay. Rudrodip takes great interest in Wildlife Conservation, Indian Classical Music, Creative Writing and Nature Photography. Rudrodip writes in Bengali, English and sometimes in Hindi as well. He usually writes in his pen name 'Anand Sehgal' that represents Joie de vivre. He has got his poetry published in bi-monthly literary magazine The Larcenist. His work has been also published in the debut issue of the literary magazine Foxtrot Uniform after winning 6th position in an online contest. His work has won position in Wuji International online poetry contest twice. He has two independent blogs and contributes in online Bengali blogging platform titled Chorjapod regularly. He has published in several Bengali magazines like Obokash, Shatadal, Melbandhan (a magazine for Bengali Diaspora living world-wide). He is also planning to launch a trilingual blogazine in near future. Rudrodip is an ardent fan of Kishore Kumar, R.D. Burman, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi and Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma.

Ruhail Andrabi (2 Posts )

Born in Jammu and Kashmir, Pulwama district, India, Ruhail Andrabi is currently pursuing doctorate degree in educational sciences with a specialization in educational psychology. While pursing his post graduation, when he was around 20 years of age, he discovered his passion for literature and philosophy. Largely self taught, he reads literature for the eternal joy of discovering the metaphysical questions of human nature. He is highly influenced by E. A Poe, Robert Frost, Oscar Wilde and JM Storm. He writes mainly on existentialism and love, realism and loneliness. Recently, eight of his poems got published in a journal called Dotism, based in Sydney, Australia.

Rupali Gangopadhy​ay (1 Post )

Writer and Research Scientist in Kolkata. Rupali writes regularly for the prestigious "Desh" magazine of the ABP group, loves to explore the quiet, remote and unfrequented places and dabbles in nature photography.

Rupalim P Rabha (1 Post )

Rupalim P Rabha has been in the field of education for the past twenty five years, happily teaching English to students from primary to college level at different stages of her life. Books have always been her first love, not only as an entertainer, but also as one of the two main sources of wisdom, the only other source being life itself. After being a teacher and mother, she discovered another bonus in the habit of reading books, i.e, one can develop a mastery over a language effortlessly, simply through consistent reading! An unwavering faith in the power of books has goaded this bibliophile to unlock the treasure house of books to her children and students, and the rich dividends that she has earned through her endeavour has, in turn, reinforced her faith in the enchanting world of words.

Ryan DeJonghe (5 Posts )

I didn't always read, but that changed in June of 2013. I dropped the unnecessary stuff and picked up the awesome stuff--like reading! I started posting my reviews on and within a few months rose to the top 0.1% of reviewers. My reviews then went to Goodreads, and now my blog and Twitter.

Saheli Mitra (1 Post )

Saheli Mitra is a journalist, author, blogger and poet. She is an amazon best selling author of romantic novel Lost Words that was launched by Penguin Partridge USA last year. Her poems regularly feature in US literary magazines like Yellow Chair Review and India’s literary poetry journal Taj Mahal Review. Saheli often uses poetry as a tool of protest in a patriarchal society known for its atrocities against women. She is also a mother to a naughty twelve year old son and an avid environment activist running her group To Trees With Love. She was Calcutta University Topper and did her MSc on Environmental Biology and Mphil on Egg Shell Thinning.

Samina De (1 Post )

Samina De (Urmi) is a noted classical thumri singer based in Delhi. She is a devoted disciple of the Queen of Thumri Shobha Gurtu, who considered Samina as one of her most favourite students. Bangladesh-born Samina hails from a family of musicians. She is a regular Kheyal/Thumri artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan and has performed at many classical music festivals all over India and at music gatherings in North America, UK, Europe and Bangladesh.

Sampurna Chowdhury (4 Posts )

Sampurna Chowdhury is a student of English Honours in Gokhale Memorial Girls’ College. Her writings have been published in The Times of India student editions and various magazines including LLP Magazine (June and December 21), and 'Feminism in India'. She has also presented her paper in the National Level Online Seminar on ‘Education in its Juxtaposition with its Aims and Reality’.

Samrudhi Dash (1 Post )

Samrudhi Dash, who writes under the pseudonym Inara, is a young poet, author, editor and motivational speaker. Having completed her Masters in English Literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, she has to her credit five poetry collections and three novels, the latest of which made it to the Amazon Bestsellers list at Rank 10. Her poems, stories and articles have been published in national and international anthologies, e-zines and magazines, including the prestigious Reader’s Digest. She has also edited and co-edited five prose and poetry anthologies. She has been honoured with the International Nissim Poetry Prize – 1st for the year 2022 . Optimistic and positive, a strong feminist at heart, she believes in women empowerment and gender equality. Her signature words are “Hope, Live Believe”.

Sana Tamreen Mohammed (1 Post )

Sana Tamreen Mohammed, M.A., B.Ed resides in Kolkata, India. She won The First Monsoon Haiku Competition, Kolkata. Presently, she works as a teacher when not working on her manuscript. She was featured in a radio show. Her poems were published in various online literary magazines and translated into four different languages.

Sanjay Kumar Bissoyi (1 Post )

Sanjay Kumar Bissoyi is an alumnus of IIMC and a columnist. What distinguishes him from others in communication field of expertise is that he treats communication as entertainment. Sanjay has a special interest in writing poems and he believes the road to success is trying. Born in Nabarangpur, Odisha but now based in Delhi, he's determined to uncover the secrets of how people become successful.

Sanjeev Sethi (4 Posts )

The recently released, This Summer and That Summer, (Bloomsbury) is Sanjeev Sethi’s third book of poems. His work includes well-received volumes, Nine Summers Later and Suddenly For Someone. He has, at various phases of his career, written for newspapers, magazines, and journals. He has produced radio and television programs. His poems have found a home in The London Magazine, The Fortnightly Review, Allegro Poetry Magazine, Solstice Literary Magazine, Off the Coast Literary Journal, Oddball Magazine, Hamilton Stone Review, Literary Orphans, Crack the Spine Literary Magazine, The Peregrine Muse, Otoliths, Kitaab, Café Dissensus Everyday, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Muse India, and elsewhere. Poems are forthcoming in Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Ink Sweat & Tears, First Literary Review-East, Meniscus, Futures Trading and The Jawline Review. He lives in Mumbai, India.

Sanjhee Gianchandani (1 Post )

Sanjhee Gianchandani holds a Masters’ degree in English from Lady Shri Ram College for Women and a CELTA from the University of Cambridge. She has been published in eFiction India, Madras Courier, Borderless Journal, Indian Ruminations, among others.

Sankar V Murali (1 Post )

I am a class Vl student, studying in Rishabh Public School. I like to write poems and short stories.

Santasree Chaudhuri (1 Post )

Santasree Chaudhuri is a successful woman entrepreneur, an award-winning, internationally acclaimed women's rights activist. She participates in spiritual healing programs, political discussions and conducts relationship workshops. She spoke to BBC on various issues and also has been a regular panelist on national news channels, participated in various documentaries on atrocities against women, minor girls and child trafficking. An ardent follower of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, she is the founder Trustee and Chairperson of Green Tara Social Initiative (a charitable trust), a gender expert, actively associated with many NGOs as mentor and adviser. She is also a maker of critically acclaimed poetry films, a proud Rotarian and public speaker.

Santosh Bakaya (153 Posts )

Dr Santosh Bakaya is the author of three mystery novels for young adults, and a book of essays titled Flights From My Terrace, which was recently published as an e-book on Smashwords. Her poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi, Ballad Of Bapu has been published by Vitasta Publishers, Delhi, India in May 2015 and has been receiving rave reviews from everywhere. Although a Political theorist, with a doctorate in political theory, it is literature which has been her first love. She was awarded the Reuel international award for language and literature 2014 for her long poem Oh Hark!, which forms part of the Significant Anthology. Many of her poems have figured in the highly commended category in Destiny Poets, a UK based website and many are part of international anthologies. Right now, she is giving the final touches to her satirical novel, tentatively titled Sanakpur Shenanigans.

Sarbani Mohapatra (1 Post )

Sarbani is a guest faculty of Communicative English at Techno India University, Kolkata. She has majored in English and enjoys reading and writing poetry.

Sathya Saran (1 Post )

Currently Consulting Editor with HarperCollins Publishers India Pvt Ltd, Sathya Saran's books include Ten Years with Guru Dutt Abrat Alvi's Journey, Sun Mere Bandhu Re The Musical World of SD Burman, a collection of short stories titled The Dark Side and From Me to You, a selection of Editorials written during her term as Editor of Femina magazine, and later of Me magazine. Her latest book Baat Niklegi to Phir is due for release in July 2015.

Saurabh Turakhia (4 Posts )

I am Saurabh Turakhia, a 39 year young passionate portrait artist. I work full-time as a writer and am passionate about writing short stories and painting. I paint in my free-time and on weekends. I believe in the power of predictable stories of good over evil that can inspire and provide hope to a child in the slums or a labourer who is challenged. My short stories blog is Always Open Pen and art blog is Heart At Art, which has a collection of over 350 portraits. There has been good recognition of my paintings from celebrities themselves. The collection has portraits of every major star from Raj Kapoor to Ranbir Kapoor, Nutan to Kajol, Geeta Bali to Vidya Balan, Pran Saab to Amrish Puri.

Sayan Roy (15 Posts )

Successful top ranking executive in an MNC bitten by wanderlust. Sayan Roy loves traveling around the world to pacify his wanderlust, often with wife Panchali Mukherjee Roy as able company. Although an amateur shutterbug, Sayan takes you through historical grandeur, natural marvels, exotic locales, mesmerizing scenery with amazing dexterity.

Shabir Ahmad Mir (3 Posts )

Shabir Ahmad Mir from Gudoora, Pulwama Kashmir; gets bored every now and then. And out of this boredom he scribbles - sometimes in prose and sometimes in verse; and occasionally in ink as well-blue and black only. Earlier he used to scribble on loose paper leaves of his class-notes (he sometimes imagines that they were fallen leaves of a forgotten tree) but now he mostly scribbles on his Facebook wall... Occasionally someone drops in to read.

Shahnoor Wahid (1 Post )

Shahnoor Wahid is a Senior Journalist, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Shakun Narang (18 Posts )

Shakun Narang is passionate about people, dancing, music, kids and their safety rights, traveling and city exploring. She is a perpetual dreamer and dream-chaser, a friend for life and companion for all conversations and part time Agony Aunt. A moviebuff and bookworm herself she is actively working on her Facebook communities Moviemaniacs and Bookoholics to be that happy place where people bursting with views and reviews around movies and books can meet and mingle with like minded people.

Sharanya Banerjee (2 Posts )

Sharanya Banerjee is a bubbly, spirited girl, about to be 11 years old, living with her family in Dallas, Texas, USA and has already published her debut book of poems and stories titled ‘My Unicorn is a Dove’ (Blue Pencil, 2020). Participating in anthologies on poetry and fiction and also pursuing art (painting, sketching) is her passion, and she has recently been part of the anthology ‘Nursery Rhymes and Children’s Poems from Around the World’, published by Authorspress, India. She goes to Middle school (6th grade). She had won Honorable Mention at the Kappa Theta Writing Project of Lewsville ISD, Texas for her short story entry titled ‘An Adventure to Giggly Land’, which is part of her debut book. She also plays violin and makes creative videos in Youtube in her channel ‘Sharanya’s World’.

Sheikha A (1 Post )

Sheikha A. hails from Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. She has authored a short poetry e-book titled Spaced (Hammer and Anvil Books, 2013). With work published in over 40 literary magazines such as Red Fez, A New Ulster, Mad Swirl, Pyrokinection, Ygdrasil, Carcinogenic Poetry, Sunlit, The Bactrian Room, Danse Macabre du Jour to name a few, and several anthologies, she continues to seek a wider audience in order to be read and discussed with viable frequency. She edits poetry for eFiction India.

Shernaz Wadia (1 Post )

Shernaz Wadia is a retired primary school teacher, and lives in Pune, India. She was educated in St. Joseph’s High School Valsad and Wadia College, Pune. Her articles, short stories and poems have been widely published in web journals and anthologies. She has also published Whispers of the Soul, a collection of some of her poems and Tapestry Poems – a genre of poetry composition in partnership, developed by her and Israeli poet Avril Meallem. More about this form can be read at:

Shikhar Verma (3 Posts )

Shikhar Verma is a Movie Critic at JAM Magazine. Lives, eats and smokes Movies. Blogs at God's Unwanted Children

Shirani Rajapakse (1 Post )

Shirani Rajapakse is a Sri Lankan poet and author. She won the Cha “Betrayal” Poetry Contest 2013 and was a finalist in the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Awards 2013. Her collection of short stories, Breaking News (Vijitha Yapa 2011) was shortlisted for the Gratiaen Award. Shirani’s work appears or is forthcoming in Café Dissensus, Silver Birch, International Times, Writers for Calais Refugees, The Write-In, Asian Signature, Moving Worlds, Citiesplus, Deep Water Literary Journal, Mascara Literary Review, Kitaab, Lakeview Journal, Cyclamens & Swords, Channels, Linnet’s Wings, Spark, Berfrois, Counterpunch, Earthen Lamp Journal, Asian Cha, Dove Tales, Buddhist Poetry Review, About Place Journal, Skylight 47, The Smoking Poet, New Verse News, The Occupy Poetry Project and anthologies, Flash Fiction International (Norton 2015), Ballads (Dagda 2014), Short & Sweet (Perera Hussein 2014), Poems for Freedom (River Books 2013), Voices Israel Poetry Anthology 2012, Song of Sahel (Plum Tree 2012), Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology, World Healing World Peace (Inner City Press 2012 & 2014) and Every Child Is Entitled to Innocence (Plum Tree 2012). She blogs at Shirani Rajapakse.

Shirish Waghmode (2 Posts )

Shirish Waghmode is a member of the family that ran the music store, Maharashtra Watch & Gramophone Co, Dadar(W), Mumbai for a record 91 years! From 78 RPM to EPs and then to LPs and then from cassettes to CDs & DVDs, they have been witness to every milestone that technology wrought. Shirish is passionate about Marathi, Hindi and English music in equal measure and has been a public speaking coach and a compere (two shows of Jagjit Singh being the crowning glory). He enjoys writing about music.

Shoma A Chatterji (3 Posts )

Dr. Shoma A Chatterji is a freelance journalist, film scholar and author based in Kolkata. Her focus of interest lies in Indian cinema, human rights, media, gender and child rights. She has authored 24 books mainly on Indian cinema and on gender and has been jury at several film festivals in India and abroad. She has won two National Awards - for Best Film Critic in 1991 and for Best Book on cinema in 2002. She has also won four fellowships over the past 10 years.

Shreyatama Datta (1 Post )

Shreyatama Datta is a post graduate in English. She is also a poet and a painter. She believes that there is only one life to experience everything including death.

Shubhankar Kundu (1 Post )

Shubhankar is 9 years old and a student of class IV. He has been good in academics and active in other curricular activities. From childhood, he has a strong liking towards arts and keeps on drawing different things. His favorite subject of drawing has been lord Ganesha. He also likes to play different sports. His favorite games include badminton, swimming, cricket and loads of indoor board games. With a childlike inquisitiveness and excitement, his aspirations keep on changing when asked on what he would like to do in future where his range goes from Pilot to Sport star, Artist to Armed personnel. He enjoys watching action movies of Salman Khan. Some of his all-time favorites are Singham, Dabang and Chennai Express. Emotional by nature, he has strong attachment towards family. He enjoys and cherishes time with siblings and relatives. He has big friend circle and always ready to make new friends.

Siddhant (5 Posts )

Siddhant is a topper in his class, an Abacus champion and a talented cricketer. He loves to write on issues facing children and young people in society.

Siya Sahani (1 Post )

Siya Sahani is a student of Std. IV, Ahlcon International School, Mayur Vihar-I. She loves to colour, paint, draw and create lovely craft. She is also a medal-winning skating champ.

Smitha M (1 Post )

Smitha M is Assistant Professor, Department of English, Government Victoria College, Palakkad. She is an avid reader interested in fiction, nonfiction, poetry and films. Writing she loves but she is a person who writes only if it becomes irresistible or it becomes that much of a necessity to express herself. In writing, her interest lies in poems and film reviews. Smitha lives in Palakkad, Kerala.

SMM Ausaja (1 Post )

Film historian, author and archivist of vintage film memorabilia SMM Ausaja is Senior Vice President - Content at Fantico, the first Indian NFT platform. Based in Mumbai, Ausaja has collected, preserved, archived and restored a phenomenal collection of posters, movie stills, song synopsis booklets, lobby cards, glass slides, post cards, LP records and other film memorabilia over the last three decades. He is the author of Bollywood in Posters and has co-authored Bollywood: The Films! The Songs! The Stars! He can be contacted on

Sneha Suman (3 Posts )

Sneha Suman is a Std. PP-I student, studying in Kalka Public School. Drawing and coloring are her favorite pastime.

Soham Chakraborty (1 Post )

Engineering under graduate with keen interest in design and photography.

Sohini Roychowdhury (1 Post )

Sohini Roychowdhury, Indian dancer and choreographer, is October 2013 awardee of the Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman by the House of Lords, British Parliament, London, and Founder of Sohinimoksha World Dance & Communications and Sohinimoksha Artes de La India. From performing at the special request of director Danny Boyle at the Slumdog Millionaire premiere, to rocking the Andes with the jingle of her ghungroos in Bogota, to mesmerizing snow covered Moscow, to enthralling audiences from Adelaide to New York with her stagecraft and performances, Sohini Roychowdhury has been a premier ambassador of Indian culture for the last several years. She is the 2010 European Brand Ambassador for India Tourism’s Imagine !ndia campaign; Visiting Professor of Dance, and performer, at the Los Andes University in Bogota (Colombia), the Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Center of ICCR (Moscow, Russia), Salamanca University, Complutense University (Madrid), UIMP Santander, Spain, Casa Asia, Madrid.

Somrita Urni Ganguly (1 Post )

The writer is presently a Research Scholar in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her interests range from the occult and supernatural to theatre and gender studies. This poem was composed on her last flight back to Delhi from the City of Joy to which she still truly belongs.

Sonal Ganguly (1 Post )

Sonal Ganguly is a talented little artist from Kolkata. She loves to give expressions to her imagination through sketches and paintings.

Sonali Majumdar (1 Post )

Sonali Majumdar is a US based IT Management professional, working for a major US Bank. Married and mother of two, she enjoys creative writing, painting, volunteering and working with kids. She also loves cooking and traveling. Her perspective of life comes from her challenges as a working woman, as a mother, as a person seeking her purpose in life.

Sounak Gupta (5 Posts )

Sounak Gupta, Assistant Editor,, is a regular blogger and writes on various websites. His writings (in English and Bengali) as an amateur author have also been published in magazines and news dailies in India and abroad. He has co-authored a chapter on Hemant Kumar's Bengali music in the acclaimed book The Unforgettable Music of Hemant Kumar, written by Manek Premchand. An MA in Bengali Literature, Sounak is currently doing his Masters in Education. Sounak takes keen interest in music. One of his passions is the collection and archiving of Indian Music on Gramophone Records. His YouTube channels GeetaDuttDevotee and Sounak93 are great storehouses of rare and peerless music.

Sourav Paul (1 Post )

Sourav Paul, a student of English literature and a UGC Junior Research Fellow, is presently pursuing his Ph.D at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in National Institute of Technology Durgapur, India under the supervision of Dr Shri Krishan Rai. Sourav’s research focuses on the Post 9/11 South Asian Literature in special terms of Terror, Violence, Islam and the Secular paradigmatic socio-political concerns. He is also interested in Contemporary Literary Theory, Poetry of the Romantic Period and Greek Drama. Nevertheless a Sangeet Prabhakar in Indian Classical Music (vocal) from Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad (India), Sourav is interested in poetry, music and teaching. Among many of the publications he has got two papers and two poems in international journals.

Souryadeep Chakraborty (2 Posts )

Souryadeep is just another ordinary lad from Kolkata who aspires to become a filmmaker. Besides watching movies all day long, he has a soft corner for music and the latest fashion trends. Though he has average grades in school, he shows a keen interest towards art and literature.

Sraosha Angel Lyall (1 Post )

Sraosha Angel Lyall is a grade 5 student in in Our Own English High School, Sharjah. She is ten years old. Sraosha loves reading, writing stories, drawing and swimming. She gets a lot of inspiration from books and the world around her.

Srijan Chakraborty (1 Post )

I'm Srijan, 11 years old. I live in Pune, Maharashtra. I'm a student of City International School, Wanowrie. I like drawing very much.

Srijata Chatterjee (2 Posts )

Srijata Chatterjee is pursuing M.A in English Literature under West Bengal State University. She writes poems not professionally, but whenever her heart dictates. She is not sure if she is a poet or not, but she is definitely an artist who is striving to enrich herself in an ongoing creative journey.

Srinjoy Banerjee (1 Post )

Srinjoy Banerjee was born and raised in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh and had his first music lesson at age 4. He had completed Sangeet Visharad and Prabhakar in his teens from Prayag University. Subsequently, while pursuing his school and college education and all through his Master’s in Inorganic Chemistry and later an MBA diploma from IPM, he continued to learn and perform. He joined Modi Rubber’s in Meerut but never abandoned his love and devotion for music. He also paints, choreographs and is equally proficient in Hindi and English and Bangla, and writes in all the 3 languages. After retirement, he started teaching in a school. His daughter is married and lives in Jaipur and his son works with Deloitte. He also takes online music lessons.

Srobona Banerjee (2 Posts )

Srobona Banerjee, 8 years, studies in second grade and stays in Texas with her parents and her sister, a first-grader. She also loves playing the piano, dancing, art, reading the American Girl series and watching Kids' Baking Championship and other cookery shows.

Subha Das Mollick (1 Post )

Subha Das Mollick is a media teacher and a documentary filmmaker. She has made more than 50 documentary films on a variety of subjects, most of which have been aired on the national television. She had been the head of the Film Studies and Mass Communication Deptt. at the St. Xavier's College, Kolkata.

Subhajit Sanyal (2 Posts )

Subhajit Sanyal, born and brought up in Purullia, is presently pursuing English Honours at Kolkata University. He is a poet who loves writing on different forms of poetry covering all aspects. A translator, an author and an executive member of CCC, he was also a participant of the World Culture Festival organized by the Art Of Living in 2016 and a 3rd place winner of the Verse Poetry Contest organized by the renowned organization, Realistic Poetry International (USA). He is a contributor to many online anthologies and magazines and his works feature in many printed anthologies, journals and magazines.

Subhasri Bandyopadhyay (1 Post )

A medical graduate of R G Kar Medical College, Kolkata and postgraduate from IMS BHU she's into healthcare services for more than three decades. She loves to go places interacting with people. Her immense love for mountains and jungle took her back to Himalayas and the National Parks time and again. Her travels and writings have been published in various journals. Though she had no formal training she an avid follower of Indian classical music.

Sufia Khatoon (5 Posts )

Sufia Khatoon is a social activist managing Our World Our Initiative, a social and philanthropic initiative to help underprivileged focusing on helping old people, children and orphans who are forced to beg or earn on the Streets. As an Art curator of Art Fair and artists she has exhibited her works in eminent galleries in Kolkata like Mirage Art Gallery, Birla Art gallery, Academy of Fine Arts, Chemould Art Gallery,  ICCR, Shrimati Art Gallery with more than 20 groups shows in 2 years. She has been featured *India Positive, CNN IBN*, Femina, Telegraph, Times of India, Taaza Tv various online portals, magazines and websites for her social and artworks... She is a young passionate enthusiast who loves to live her life. Writing for her is survival...without which she would lose her vision. Her poetry has been selected for various national and international anthologies namely Magnitude by IIA, Umbilical Cord by Rejected stuff, Milange by Poets corner, Kaafiyana of Delhi Poetry festival, Create2inspire initiated anthology The Dawn Beyond Waste, Avadh Literary Festival anthology 'Lifenaama', Red Balloon Anthology, Hall of Poets, Colours of Refugess, and many more. Her short stories has been published in various anthologies life 25 Strokes of Teen Life by Grapevine,  Seasons of Love, Myraid Tales and Life Sundae, Wordweavers, etc. She is the co-founder  of Rhythm Divine, a poets' group in Kolkata which focuses on promoting poetry, organizing creative writing workshops and featuring poets live on radio. It's about poetry reaching out to people and poets evolving. She is currently working on her poetry book.

Sulagna Dasgupta (2 Posts )

Sulagna Dasgupta is a Postgraduate in English literature from the University of Calcutta and an aspiring scholar. A bookworm by nature and a writer by passion, a few of her poems have been published in little magazines. She is currently publishing her poems and short pieces of writing in her own blog.

Sultana Raza (1 Post )

Sultana Raza’s poems have appeared in numerous journals, including Columbia Journal, and The New Verse News, London Grip, Gramma, Classical Poetry Society, Spillwords, Poetry24, Dissident Voice, and The Peacock Journal. Her fiction has received an Honourable Mention in Glimmer Train Review (USA), had been published in Coldnoon Journal, Szirine, Apertura, Entropy, and Ensemble (in French). Her creative non-fiction has appeared in Litro, and A Beautiful Space. Her 100+ articles (on art, theatre, film, and humanitarian issues) have appeared in English and French. She has presented many papers related to Romanticism and Fantasy in international conferences.

Sumauli Mukherjee (6 Posts )

As a content writer by profession and creative writer by passion, Sumauli Mukherjee loves penning her thoughts on the places she travels, the books she reads and the movies she watches. Being an amateur shutterbug, Sumauli enjoys to frame moments and shares a visual that her mind speaks.

Sundeep Pahwa (1 Post )

Film and music enthusiast Sundeep Pahwa has a wealth of knowledge and information on movies, especially of the Golden Era. He belongs to a family which was closely connected with the film industry and had produced two films Bahu (1955) and Bombay Race Course (1965). Sundeep is an active member of several movies and music groups and foundations which are striving towards reviving and preserving our film heritage. He is known for his tireless efforts towards helping other film enthusiasts and writers access authentic and accurate information of movies and music.

Sunidhi Bajaj (1 Post )

An amateur writer, breathing through pulchritudinous metaphors to survive the strident actuality.

Sunil Kaushal (1 Post )

Dr. Sunil Kaushal is a retired gynaecologist turned writer and loves everything about life. She has a passion for writing shorts stories, poetry and articles. Besides writing, she is an accomplished actor,  having done a number of stage plays, TV and radio programs. She is associated with Mother Theresa’s home and other charitable institutes also. As Lioness club President in 1982, she was awarded ‘Best Lioness President’ Asia. She has also been chairperson of a number of socially committed organizations for many years. Having been on the Advisory Committees of Doordarshan and All India Radio, she brought about a number of changes for Women and Children’s Welfare. Sufi, Indian Classical music and Gurbani are what you would catch her listening to when she is not writing or blogging. You can catch this 70 year old on her blog Reborn at 70.

Sunil Sharma (4 Posts )

Mumbai-based, Sunil Sharma, a college principal, is also widely-published Indian critic, poet, literary interviewer, editor, translator, essayist and fiction writer. He has already published three collections of poetry, one collection of short fiction, one novel and co-edited five books so far. His six short stories and the novel Minotaur were recently prescribed for the undergraduate classes under the Post-colonial Studies, Clayton University, Georgia, USA. He is a recipient of the UK-based Destiny Poets’ inaugural Poet of the Year award---2012. He edits online journal Episteme:

Sunila Kamal Khemchandani (3 Posts )

Sunila Kamal Khemchandani is a commerce and law graduate from India, a teacher by profession and a poetess for love of English literature, now based in Canary Islands, Spain. She has several poems published in English anthology collections (Wings, Change, Indus Valley, Heavenly Hymns, Poetic Symphonies, Synthesis - The Duet Anthology and in one of Brian Wrixon’s anthologies). In 2008, she won the position of the best annual poet in Besides writing poems, she translates spiritual articles, books of her spiritual master, proof reading and transciption. Some of her translated works have been published and are circulating.

Sunita Singh (3 Posts )

Sunita Singh is a bi-lingual poet and writer. Some of her poems feature in Anthologies and e-magazines. Many of her poems have also won awards on on - line forums. A few of her Hindi poems have been turned into lyrics for private albums. She is also an active member of a forum reviving Indian languages.

Suparna Ghosh (1 Post )

Suparna Ghosh has published three books of poetry - Sandalwood  Thoughts, a collection of poems and drawings; Dots and Crosses, a prose poem with CD, and Occasionally, which features poems in free verse and ghazals in classical Indo-Persian style, one of which has been translated into Urdu, set to music, and made into four short videos. Her poems have been published in local and international literary journals. Suparna was short-listed for the Montreal International Poetry Prize and published in their Global Poetry Anthology. Her poem, Dance of the Goddess, won the grand-prize at the Artists Embassy International’s Dancing Poetry competition and was recited, choreographed and staged in the California Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco in 2012. She has exhibited her paintings in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, Mumbai and New Delhi. Her paintings were chosen for the Canadian Art of Imagination show featuring international artists. Her work titled Vigil was one of the finalists in the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto competition, NEXT! 2015. Her website is

Surajit Roy (1 Post )

Surajit Roy is an alumni of Welham School Dehra Dun & Mayo College Ajmer and did his Postgraduation from St Stephens College, Delhi. Having a work experience of nearly 40 years, he has served both in the govt as part of the civil services and the private sector. After finishing his innings of full-time employment last year, Surajit at present mentors young professionals on how to connect with their work-life. Recently he also published his first book on the subject titled Say Goodbye to Monday Blues. Surajit is equally passionate about travel, Hindi films and music and performs on stage at regular intervals as a founding member of the Pancham Fan Club, Delhi.

Surbhi Sarna (1 Post )

Surbhi Sarna is a children’s writer based out of Bhubaneswar. A biochemist by training, the world of children’s literature appealed more to her imagination than the cold precision of science. Although she discovered children’s writing rather serendipitously but now it has become a serious pursuit for her and a very enjoyable one! A few of her short stories have been published as illustrated storybooks and several others have appeared in various dailies. When she is not writing or reading, she loves to meditate and spend time in nature. Sometimes she can be seen hugging trees. She blogs at

Surendra Mohanty (1 Post )

Surendra Mohanty writes short stories and articles, many of which have appeared in anthologies and in a few magazines. He is presently in the process of completing a novel and is looking for a publisher. After taking voluntary retirement from the defence forces, he is working at KiiT International School, Bhubaneswar. He edits and publishes a children’s magazine titled Kloud 9, that is owned by the KiiT group of institutes.

Surojit Sengupta (2 Posts )

An amateur astronomer, poet, lyricist, composer, amateur photographer, singer and writer all rolled into one is what describes Surojit Sengupta. Surojit, a trainer by profession has been exploring the imaginative depths of his mind with his creative expressions.

Sushil Kumar (1 Post )

Sushil is a movie buff who loves to spend his free time watching movies from different genres and languages.

Susmita Paul (1 Post )

Susmita Paul is an emerging writer with only a couple of English poems recently published in Montauk after a long hiatus. Her sole Bengali poetry book was published by Kaurab in 2019. She is also a Zentangle inspired artist and also a mother to a curious five-year old. She lives in Graz, Austria with her son and her husband.

Sutapa Basu (1 Post )

Sutapa Basu is an author, poet, editor and publishing consultant. She has authored two historical novels, a thriller and co-authored four anthologies and two poetry collections. Her stories, plays and poems for children have been published in English and Value Education textbook series for schools which she has authored. Her extensive collection of children’s fiction and poetry can be accessed at her website

Swati Lahiri (1 Post )

Swati Lahiri is an educator turned entrepreneur and also a globetrotter by choice. She is a life logger and loves capturing random moments that find a place in her ramblings and photographs.

Swati Sarangi (2 Posts )

Swati Sarangi is pursuing a course in Engineering and has an intense obsession with words, colors and numbers.

Swayam Ganguly (5 Posts )

Swayam Ganguly's novel titled “Love Films and Rock n Roll” (Alchemy Publishers) has been released recently. His next upcoming novel “Good, Bad and Ugly” (Supernova Publishers) is slated for release soon.

Sweta Sarangi (2 Posts )

I am an undergraduate student. I like blogging though I am not a regular writer. My hobbies include singing, sketching, writing poetry or prose, and composing music by playing synthesizer.

Tamchi Mingka (1 Post )

Tamchi Mingka is a student of Ane Moriam School, Sangram, Arunachal Pradesh, India. He likes to play football and read story books in his leisure time. His aim is to become a Civil Engineer.

Tanusri Gururaj (2 Posts )

Tanusri is a class VII student of DPS Noida. She has won prizes in painting competitions, Sloka recitation and music competitions and has represented her school on Sahara TV. In sports, she loves to play badminton and basketball.

Tanvi Nigam (1 Post )

Tanvi is an 11-yr-old student of Std. VII, Amity International School, Mayur Vihar - I, extn. She loves to draw and paint.

Tapan Dasgupta (8 Posts )

Tapan Dasgupta, a business associate caters to corporate brand promotion and scribbles at pastime to shape out literary forms.

Tapati Dutta (2 Posts )

Tapati Dutta is the niece of legendary singer Geeta Dutt. She retired as deputy education officer at Kolkata Municipal Corporation and spends her time listening to music, reading and travelling. She lives in Kolkata and visits her daughter in Houston often.

Tapeswar Prasad Yadav (1 Post )

Tapeshwar Prasad Yadav is a Graphic Designer currently working as an Asst. Librarian at St. Xavier’s College, Digha (Patna). Married to a beautiful woman with two loving daughters and a son, presently based at Patna. His schooling was from K.V.S. Jorhat (Assam), Sarsawa (U.P), Halwara (Punjab) respectively and graduation from Punjab University (Chandigarh). Painting, sketching, reading and music are some of his part time hobbies. Awarded Bihar Wibhuti Samman for his social work. He is the author of three books, Ansul Amef  [Meaning: Atma Prakash in hindi], released in the year 2002, Soul, released in 2013 by the Poetry Society of India, Gurgaon and Divine Trumpet released in 2014 by Shambhawi, Kolkata. Besides, his poetry has been featured in numerous international anthologies, journals and e-zines including Camel Saloon, Scaling Heights (an Anthology on Contemporary Indian English Poetry), inklinks, The Aquillrelle Wall of Poetry, Anthesis and Episteme: an online interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and multi-cultural journal. He has been included twice as ICOP: Roll of Honour as Faith centered poet of the year 2013 and 2014 as Highly Commended by Sir Louis Kasatkin, U.K.

Tapti Pal (1 Post )

Tapti Pal has been born a Bengali, brought up in Odisha and Kerala and settled in Jharkhand, which helped her broaden her horizons as a person and also as a writer. A University topper, she is a postgraduate , and M. Phil in bioscience. After a decade long stint as a school teacher, she quit in order to live a life of her choice. Teaching, music and reading continues to be her passion, Having a grown up son who is away from home to pursue academics, she has devoted her time to writing poems and prose pieces.

Tejasri Gururaj (2 Posts )

Tejasri Gururaj enjoys music, science and nature. She likes to read books and draw.

The Significant League (17 Posts )

The Significant League is a Facebook literary group which was started by a person who has a child with autism and hence has a special interest in it which explains why every April Autism Awareness month the group tries to do something connected with autism. This time, as for last year, it has been to trying to get its members to write poems on autism. Some very fine poems have come up as result.

Tikuli (3 Posts )

Brought up in Delhi in a family of liberal educationists Tikuli is a mother of two sons. She is also a blogger and author. Some of her short stories and poems have appeared in print and in online journals and literary magazines including Le Zaparougue, MiCROW 8, Troubadour21, The Smoking Book (Poets Wear Prada Press, US), The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, Mnemosyne Literary Journal, Women's Web. Open Road Review. Some of her print publications include poems in Guntur National Poetry Festival Anthology, Melange - a potpourri of thoughts (Anthology By Poets Corner). and much acclaimed Chicken Soup For The Indian Romantic Soul (Westland). Her work has also been featured on websites related to gender issues and child sexual abuse. She blogs at

TJ Natarajan (1 Post )

TJ Natarajan loves to capture the beautiful moods and moments of Nature with his camera. He is a music enthusiast with vast knowledge in Hindi film music and plays the flute to entertain himself in moments of solitude. TJ lives in Jamshedpur, India.

Tripathga Vatsa (1 Post )

Tripathga Vatsa lives in Jamshedpur and enjoys doing creative artwork, whenever her two energetic sons are not keeping her on her toes.

Uday Kanungo (1 Post )

I am a nineteen-year old, college going student, residing in New Delhi, and an aspiring writer. I have contributed to my school and college magazines, and have a keen interest in writing short stories.

Uday Vatsa (5 Posts )

Uday Vatsa is an intelligent, creative boy. Getting A+ in all subjects is usual for him and he dreams of becoming a scientist or astronomer when he grows up.

Udayaditya Mukherjee (2 Posts )

An author and poet, Udayaditya Mukherjee is the author of Rhythms in Solitude - Love, Life and Nature Through Poetry, By the River Dibang a collection of short stories and A Beautiful Life in the anthology Twilight's Children.

Uma Subedi (1 Post )

Uma Subedi is a young Nepali poet, lyricist, story writer, editor, singer, and much loved and celebrated fiction writer. She writes in Nepali and knows many other regional languages. Her first published book, a Ghazal collection titled TapkiyaraAnjulima, was published in 2010 which won the “Best Book Award” by the International Nepali Literature Society. Her second book, collection of poems titled Tirsanakachhalharu, came out in 2011 which also received approbations by poets and readers alike, in and around nation. Her first fiction Toda earned her nationwide fame and won prestigious ‘RamrajPantaSmriti Award’. Her second fiction Iti was  published in 2016 which popular Nepali literary landscape. Apart from doing creative and critical writing, Subedi is also on the board of few literary organizations. She is one of the Founding Directors of Aawahan (Think Differently), a non-conformist literary forum based in Kathmandu. With her two other Co-Directors, Subediruns monthly events on ghazal, poems, books, music, art, creative and critical thinking, and contemporary issues.

Urban Ladder (1 Post )

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Urvi Tyagi (1 Post )

Urvi Tyagi studies in Std. IV in Ryan International School, Noida. She loves to get good grades in her studies, enjoys learning classical dance and draws and paints in her free time.

Ushnav Shroff (2 Posts )

Ushnav Shroff is a freelance writer whose work has featured in The Hindu, eFiction India, and Reading Hour, among others. He began to put pen to paper from the age of nine and since then his love of creating something out of nothing has not left him. Apart from short stories, he delves in poems and book reviews. He is currently working on his first novella.

Vamika Singh (1 Post )

Vamika loves to sing pop star Miley Cyrus's songs. Katy Perry is her favorite too. She dances on her favorite Bollywood numbers and swims 25 metres in the span of 30 seconds. She is a voracious reader and J K Rowling is her best author for writing the famous Harry Potter series. She has read four series till now! She likes to write adventurous stories and pens down poems too.

Vandana Subramanian (1 Post )

Vandana Subramanian is a B. Sc Geology, with Distinction from Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune. Apart from her interest in arts, she loves to try out new ideas in cooking baking, tailoring and music.

Varun Narayanan (1 Post )

Varun is 11 years old and studies in 5th grade. His hobbies include art and crafts, baking, cooking and swimming. He loves experimenting with a lot of recipes. Baking cakes and cookies are his favorite pass time. He loves drawing and painting , and invests a lot of his time and effort in art and crafts. He is a very creative child and likes to express his skills in his own unique way .

Venkat Aekka (1 Post )

Venkat Aekka worked as an IT Manager in Ford Motor Company in Metro Detroit, Michigan. He is the past president of Detroit Telugu Association (DTA) and currently an active volunteer of the community. He holds Masters in Computer Sciences from Wayne State University. He is from Hyderabad and worked few years in APSEB after his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Osmania. He is married to Vasudha and his daughter Apoorva and son Anuraag are in college. He is a passionate singer, blogger and also a writer.

Vijay Kumar (2 Posts )

Born in 1950, Vijay Kumar’s ancestral roots were in Uttar Pradesh. He took early schooling in Ludhiana, Punjab; secondary school and college education in Kanpur; a post-graduate in Statistics, and much later, obtained a law degree from the Delhi University. A government job brought him to Delhi, where he had the opportunity to handle national policies on education and culture. His last professional engagement was in the Ministry of Tourism, where he was the Director, heading the division responsible for the promotion of education and skills specific to the tourism sector. Vijay Kumar is a recipient of the National Hospitality Education Award 2011-12, in recognition of his contribution towards skill development initiatives for the tourism and hospitality sector. His early childhood was shaped by a familial milieu that was quasi rural, with songs and music for every occasion. His mother had a good memory for Kabir and Tulsidas and she recited them. This music sensitization mutated into a love for the Hindi film music as he grew.

Vijaya Kumar (1 Post )

Vijaya Kumar is the academic head at NeoStencil. He has more than 5 years of UPSC preparation experience and guiding aspirants preparing for competitive exam preparation.

Vineetha Mekkoth (2 Posts )

Poet, writer, translator. Based in Calicut, Kerala. Has published poems in various anthologies. On the translators panel of the Kerala Sahitya Academy. Her poems have been included in the Brian Wrixon anthologies 'Words on the Winds of Change' and 'Women of One World'. She has also co-authored a poem with Gaurangi Patel which has been included in the 'Duet Anthology' brought out by Xpress Publications. She has been selected for the ICOP Critics Award for March 2015 and her poem 'Reflections' is on the list of Highly Commended poems for the month of March 2015 selected by Destiny Poets, UK. Her poem ‘Ashtavakra’ was selected as the ‘Poem of the month’ for April 2015 by Destiny Poets, UK.

Vivek Chib (9 Posts )

Vivek Chib is a practising advocate in New Delhi

Yash Singh (1 Post )

Yash Singh studying in sixth grade at Thane. Science, Maths, English and languages being his favorites, he tries to excel in those subjects. He is following his passion for music, fine arts and science technology. He has earned appreciations for his drawing, writing, piano, speech, drama along with his academics. Yash likes writing stories, poems, comic illustrations, doodling and animation. He is currently working on his own animation stories.

Yashika Mahajan (1 Post )

I am 10 years old. I study in Std. V in Queen Mary's School Mayur Vihar-I Delhi. I love to write poems and stories.

Zahra Abbas Manasawala (1 Post )

My name is Zahra Abbas Manasawala. I study in Our Own English High School, Sharjah - Grade 6. I love reading, Swimming, dancing, and hula hooping. I started writing stories and poems since I was nine. My parents encouraged me to write ‘The Haunted House’.

Zaynab Shahab (1 Post )

Hi, I am Zaynab Shahab, 9 years old and student of grade-5 in Our-own English high school (Girls), Sharjah. I love to be with my parents and enjoy playing with my friends. I am an avid dancer and like reading and writing

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Life offers us various opportunities, how we utilize them is our own decision and preference.