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The Day it Rained Strawberries!

January 16, 2020 | By

Enjoy this fun short story by Pranati Bhat, a student of Std V, about the adventures of Advenulya and Advediti in Pinkrain of strawberries. 🙂

This story is part of the Story Lab workshop being conducted by Ramendra Kumar.

short story by kids

There lived a girl named Aditi. She was a very curious girl. One day, during the last period she was playing in her school ground.

Just then she and her friend, Amulya saw that it was raining a few kilometres away, somewhere in the farm which was abandoned. They could smell strawberries. They assumed it couldn’t be the rain and must be her friend, Nita eating strawberries. Now Nitya always brought fruits as her snacks and everybody had kept her nickname as Fruity. But, when they asked Nita what she had brought that day she replied that she had a pomegranate.

So, after school they went to the abandoned farm area which was very close to their home. They went home, wore their special Adventure Hats which they had created when they were in 1st standard. They had also given themselves names like Advenulya for Amulya and Advediti for Aditi. They took their bags informed their parents and left for the farm.

In the farm, they saw that the whole place was full of strawberries. They looked very tasty so, they took a few and kept them in their bag. They could hardly walk, so they swam through the ocean of strawberries to the other end and saw that there was a small room. Inside, they noticed that there was a pillow shaped like a strawberry from which red light was coming out. Amulya and Aditi touched it and it started raining again. They were lucky to be inside the room or else the strawberries would fallen on them and those squashed strawberries would be all over their body.

While it was raining, Aditi said, “Let’s call this rain Pinkrain! What do you think Advenulya?” Amulya agreed. By that time, the ‘Pinkrain’ had stopped. This time the strawberries which had rained were very soft. This meant that if they swam back the other way back they would be drenched in strawberries.

Amulya said, “We are trapped! What do we do now Advediti?”

Just as Aditi was about to answer they both saw another strawberry pillow from which a pink light was emerging. While they both were going closer to it, Aditi tripped and fell on the pillow. They both were scared that what if it started raining again.

Then within a few seconds there was a sound – Bang!! All the strawberries were cleared up and the two friends were very happy to have finished their adventure and succeeded in their mission.

Amulya and Aditi took both the pillows and tore them up so that it wouldn’t rain strawberries again.

(Illustration: Antara)

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Pranati Bhat is a 11-year old student, studying in 5th Grade of BGS Public School. She loves reading books, especially adventure stories, writing stories and loves dancing and singing. She also likes to play badminton and throw ball with her friends. Pranati loves watching children's movies and analysing them.
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