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A Dinosaur Called Golu

January 15, 2020 | By

Enjoy this fun short story by Ritwik Matta, a student of Std III, about the heroic acts of the bookworm and plump dinosaur Golu.

This story is part of the Story Lab workshop being conducted by Ramendra Kumar.

a dinosaur called golu short story by kids

Golu with his books, his Mommy and brother Paplu. Papa Dinosaur is visible at a distance

Long long ago when the mighty dinosaurs used to be a formidable tribe of animals, in the dense Amazon forests, there lived two dino brothers.

Though they were brothers, both Golu and Paplu were very different from each other. Nine year old Golu was very plump but intelligent and he always remained immersed in reading books, wearing his spectacles. Paplu, on the other hand, was smart and fit. Golu used to be upset that nobody appreciated his talent and only praised Paplu’s appearance. Both the brothers were favourites of Mommy dinosaur and she always tried to make Golu feel better.

One day, their teacher, Miss Oberoi announced that Sports Day would be celebrated. The special attraction was the ‘Brainy Race’ competition, in which all the participants would have to solve a puzzle and a sum kept in the middle of the race track. Golu was not willing to participate because he thought he can’t win as he could not run fast enough. However, Miss Oberoi encouraged him and he agreed to participate.

The race started. To Golu’s surprise, he was the only one who could solve the puzzle and sum correctly. Golu won the race to everyone’s surprise including his own!

Now Golu had gained some confidence too.

Today was Daddy Dinosaur’s birthday. Mommy Dinosaur said, “Golu and Paplu darling, go to the market and get a hundred air balloons, we’ll decorate our drawing room.”

“OK Mommy,” both of them declared and went to the market.

Holding fifty balloons in his hand, Paplu cried, “I am soaring brother!” He left the balloons to save himself. Full bodied Golu carried all the balloons easily. Golu was delighted as only he could complete the tasks which others couldn’t.

At night, Dinosaur family went to a hotel to stay and celebrate their father’s birthday. Golu and Paplu got ready for swimming. As soon as both the brothers reached the swimming area, they saw a baby dinosaur drowning. Paplu quickly jumped in the pool but he too started drowning. Golu didn’t waste even a single second and jumped into the pool.


All the water came out of the pool. Now Paplu and the baby dinosaur were safe.

Everyone present there praised Golu for his courage. Golu was feeling like a Hero. From that moment he stopped grumbling that no one ever praised him.

(Images: Pixabay / Illustration: Antara)

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Ritwik Matta is an eight year old, studying in Delhi Public School, Ludhiana. His hobbies are reading books, playing guitar and swimming. He is the youngest member in his joint family.
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