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An Encounter With A Thief

January 3, 2014 | By

“I emptied all the hot water on him. He tried to run but I threw the marbles and he fell with a thud.”

Short Story - An encounter with a Thief

“I have pitched my tent and am all set for tonight’s camping.”

“No, Dad no! I can’t sleep in the garden in a tent!” I shouted.

“Oh, come on now. You will be going for camping once you will be a little older. Therefore, you should start preparing yourself for that. When you will go for camping, you will be expected to do all your chores too. This will make you strong and confident in life,” my father said.

We at last agreed with my father promising me a bagful of goodies. I went outside and began setting up my tent. I completed it in an hour`s time. I went inside and informed triumphantly to my father, “I have pitched my tent and am all set for tonight’s camping.” Though I still was apprehensive whether I would be able to stay in my tent all alone or not.

When it grew dark I headed for the tent with my dinner and some other odds and ends sulking. I fell asleep after eating my tasty dinner and arranging the rugs.

Around midnight I heard a sound and awoke with a jump. Was it a cough? Who was there? Friend? Foe?

I got up and went to the tent flap. In the shadow of a thick bush, I saw a burly man. I shivered with fright and shut the flap. I had a phone in my pocket. I immediately phoned the police. I went to the nearest tent window and saw an alarming sight.

The thief was coming near my tent that very minute. I had an idea in my head, which I was longing to try out. I had some hot water and a few marbles. The robber entered the tent and what a surprise he got!

I emptied all the hot water on him. He tried to run but I threw the marbles. He slipped on them and fell with a thud. I trapped him in the tent and when the police arrived, they saw him there, still reeling from the shock. I was congratulated for my bravery.

After a few days time, I was informed that I had actually caught a thief whom the police had been chasing for a long time.

In my school, when the news spread that I had caught a thief, I was stared at often and was asked the same question, “Are you the one who caught a really dangerous thief?”

I was given a large sum of prize money and my hand was well and truly shaken by the Chief inspector.

Some men who had come to interview me asked this question, “Did you learn a lesson from this incident?”

My answer was, “The lesson is – Keep hot water and marbles with you!”

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