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My Worship Laid to Rest

April 29, 2015 | By

I dedicate this poem to widows of all martyrs. Their agonizing sacrifice is respected and honored from the depths of my soul. This poem takes you through emotions of love and patriotism of a strong selfless widow.

Poetry Month Special

poetry month

He lay in midst of white lilies and roses

He lay in midst of white lilies and roses,
He lay still, with our promises, resting down with him.
He parted no glance to me; he parted no touch to me.
As he parted away from me forever, my heart longed for more of his presence.
Hands of farewell lay on our woeful love.
As pins of pang, stung the withered blooms of our love
For the love I cherished deep in me, was lost forever.

As whispers of pain went down my eyes, emptiness set in depths of my soul.
In another dawn to come, I would never hear the music his soul.
For I would remember his tender love and care for all the tomorrows of my life.
In moments to come my love, my worship would be laid to rest.

As soft weeps of pain went down my eyes, I admired his charms more and more.
My heart longed for his love, for a love that was eternal to my being.
But he lay still, as I touched him, to wake him up.
For he was in deep slumber; never to touch me or glance at me ever again

As his joyful whispers lingered in me
As his empties set in me, we bid farewell forever.
The trumpets played away, my nation’s flag folded away.
He was lifted away as my Nation’s pride and honour
And he was laid to rest forever, in my Country’s pride and honour.

As he was lifted away from me forever and ever, child of our love held me tight,
We wept together, till our hearts were silent and still.
Soon a sense of pride veiled in me, for he died a martyr to save my country men.
Lights of hope gleamed in me, as I wiped away my sorrows.
I held my child tight with all my might,
For I knew, he would make yet another soldier for my country men.

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Nileena Bhuvanendran, is an emerging poet from Kerala .She has had her poems published on daily newspaper 'The Navahind times'. Some of her works have appeared in blogs and club magazines. She draws her inspiration from observing nature, people and activities.
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