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Remembering Nanceylla

April 29, 2015 | By

The poem is about a little girl named Nanceylla whom the narrator met in his sojourn to a hilly place. While the narrator was preparing to go out, the girl pleaded him to take her with him. They both went out and the narrator recalls how the girl on their way picked up little things like a cone of pine tree, etc; and how those little things filled her with wonder. The poem catches not only the beauty of innocence but also the wistful romantic idea of life. The tone of nostalgia found in the poem only enriches its simplicity. The description of natural beauty as emancipated in a serene environment thematically lends sublimity to the poem.

Poetry Month Special

poetry month

where the morn sings peaceful chants
and the breeze tolls the bells

Remembering Nanceylla
is like going to that place
where the morn sings peaceful chants
and the breeze tolls the bells,

and I remember catching the girl
standing on the staircase looking at me,
“Going out?” she would ask
Her eyes filled with curiosity,
“yes” I would have nodded,
And she would just yell
“I want to go out too!”

remembering Nanceylla
is like walking up a slope,
and the morning mist and fog
draping the hills, and life taking a sprint,

“yepee!” She would burst, exclaiming
finding a cone of pine amongst
fallen twines and twigs,
a wood nut tree dressed in algae and a sudden sighting of a monastery,
and smell of incensed leaves,

remembering Nanceylla
is like living another life,
free from cares and meeting
the children of a paradise.

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Moinak Dutta has been writing poems and stories from his school days. He is a post graduate in English and also a teacher of English. Many of his poems and stories are published in national and international anthologies and magazines. He also writes reviews of books and fictions and is interested in photography, films and music. His debut fiction ‘Pestilence’ was published in 2009. His second literary fiction ‘Online@ offline’ was published in 2014. He blogs regularly at
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