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The Mirage

April 29, 2015 | By

This poem came to me quite spontaneously when I visited Kalimpong in November 2014. We were visiting a flower garden where we were greeted with a host of flowering North American cacti. They were being bred in an alien land. Images of a barren land, that people may have fought over, and the futility of it all just floated by me and I tried to capture them in my own modest way.

Poetry Month Special

The Mirage

The cacti glowed In the parched sand

The sweep of golden sand
In the smirking
Bright Sun.

The cacti glowed
In the parched sand
That they will soon claim
The once-much-desired land.

He looked at the vast stretch
That lay in front;
The land that provoked
Stirred and triggered
Animosity amongst brethren.
Nobody owned it anymore!
And nobody really cared.

He was greedy to grab
To be the master
Of the unclaimed land.

She stood right next to him
With a smile on her lips,
Sneering inside
Reading his mind.
The potion that she had
Carefully served sometime back
Had a mild poison.
That would ensure
Her sole claim
To the once-much-desired land.

The cacti gloated
At the royal fools.
“Two more down”
In lure of the land
That is destined
Never to belong to anybody
Ever again.

Pic courtesy: Nilanjana Dey

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Nilanjana Dey is a post-graduate in English Literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata (India). Her first novel, a children’s tale, The Adventures of Puti – The Cheese Trail, was published in 2013. At the moment, her corporate satire – The Crossover – is being serially published in Café Dissensus. She also loves to experiment with poetry. She is also a marketing and communication professional based out of Mumbai, India.
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