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Birth of a Poem

April 29, 2015 | By

The birth of a poem is an unconscious prosody of a wordsmith’s or poet’s wonderland where his / her senses are stimulated. The poet’s self is rejuvenated with a profound, new ambience. In that divine moment, a poem sprouts, germinates, is born.

Poetry Month Special


My heart sang, my soul danced
When my fingers merged the flow

On a leisurely indulgence
An innocuous volition crept
and stimulated my senses.
I remained agog for a while!

Myriad thoughts jostle in
Refraining, refreshing, reforming
With neither rest nor respite.
I remained stoic for a while!

My sigh travels across mile
Towards destination afar.
With a yearning so dear, perhaps,
I remained restive for a while!

Amid an intense silence
I embraced my desire slyly,
Swaying away fears aside.
I remained bold for a while!

In that moment of oblivion,
An realm of artistry opened wide
Onto a surface invisible.
I remained invincible for a while!

My heart sang, my soul danced
When my fingers merged the flow
of unsaid words to the obvious.
I remained ecstatic for a while!!

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Writing poetry is a passion among other passions. I have experienced poetry as a xanax to me and as cathartic too. Poetry is a viaduct between everything at the micro and macro levels. Some of my dalliance along this pristine journey are fragmented as literary embellishments in several anthologies. A few were awarded at DestinyPoets, UK. I blog at Maaya's - Musing!
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