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Elvira Fernandez (3 Posts )

Elvira Fernandez is a Rajasthan-based author who loves to write for children and young adults. She has written short stories, plays, poems and also content for academic books, apart from editing assignments. Working as an English Lecturer, she shares a close connect with children. She is extremely fond of animals, especially her fur babies - a dog and a cat. Currently she’s all set to launch the third book of the Ferns and Blooms trilogy, the first of which was published in November 2018. This trilogy is the result of the joy of her childhood days that she lives and re-lives through her vibrant students. By intermingling realism and fantasy, she aims at enchanting children to read and inculcate a better way of living.

Esha Sury (1 Post )

At the age of sixteen, Esha Sury tries to saturate herself in the world around her, documenting her experiences through works of both poetry and prose. She is a strong advocate for youth literacy awareness; a paramount issue in this era of digitalization, where an unfortunate reality could be that society may gradually lose touch with the power of language and authentic thinking. Although still in the developmental stages of her life, Esha feels strongly about language and hopes to pursue a career studying computational or cognitive linguistics. Although when one feels compassion for the world they tend to stick to concrete means of expression, Esha is attracted to the abstract and vague beauty of words, with the hope that writing will be the raft that convoys her through the tides of the unpredictable but exciting future.

Uday Vatsa (5 Posts )

Uday Vatsa is an intelligent, creative boy. Getting A+ in all subjects is usual for him and he dreams of becoming a scientist or astronomer when he grows up.

Today’s Motivation

The word Culture comes from Latin cultura amini' which means cultivation of the soul, and thus Jawaharlal Nehru said Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit<!-- AddThis Advanced Settings generic via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Share Buttons generic via filter on get_the_excerpt -->
The word Culture comes from Latin "cultura amini' which means cultivation of the soul, and thus Jawaharlal Nehru said "Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit"