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Abeer (2 Posts )

Abeer loves to draw and paint, solve puzzles and spend his free time in creative activities.

Antarip Siddhanta (1 Post )

Antarip Siddhanta studies in Std II in Patha Bhawan, Kolkata. He loves colours, cars, long drives and dreams about driving the fastest and smartest cars when he will be allowed to hold the steering wheel.

Archisha (9 Posts )

Archisha loves reading adventure stories and is a prolific writer of stories and poems.

Bina Shaji Kurup (1 Post )

A communications professional with a flair and passion for writing. Bina writes for several sites on topics ranging from Parenting, Jewelry to Hardware! She believes her love for reading ignited and polished her writing skills. A full-time mother and a freelance writer, Bina also works with the Art of Living documentation team to write up articles on the various AOL projects. You can reach her on

Dr Mary Annie A. V. (2 Posts )

Dr Mary Annie A. V., (M,Sc., Ph.D) writes under the pen name Anna Maria. She has been recipient of the Shanker’s International prize in writing at the age of five for her poem titled My Brother, which was subsequently published in the Illustrated Weekly of India. She has been an announcer for the All India Radio English Yuvavani programmes for nearly ten years during her college career and has done several features for the English sections of Yuvavani, AIR, Trivandrum. Though her subject is Zoology, her life is writing and literature and to her the simplest definition of Poem is : Virgin white paper Raped Rapt. She has been hugely acclaimed online and her poems have been published in Mirror, several anthologies in USA, U.K. and in e-zine magazines, India and abroad. She has been featured in Jes Führmann’s “The Diary of Pink Pearl, A Bird’s Eye View” released by Bookstand Publishing 2013. (First trilogy in America about a Moluccan cockatoo.), She has also been featured in The Camel Saloon, Destiny Poet’s, The Little Child Magazine, Muse India, Indian Ruminations, The Plum Tree Books, No Nothing Nowhere, The Origami Publications, The Indian Ruminations, The Taj Mahal Review, The Gulmohar Magazine, Musings: A Mosaic Thanal Online, and many more. Her poems have been translated into Malayalam, Brazil, Arabic, Greek, Russian and French. At present she works in the University of Kerala and resides in Trivandrum with her husband and three children. She also comperes for the Gyanvani FM, Trivandrum. She has two published collections of poems : My Beads Unstrung. by Poetree Garden, Trivandrum (2006) and More Beads Unstrung, by Roots and Wings,(2011).

M Dharma Kirthi (1 Post )

M Dharma Kirthi is the Secretary of Shankar Jaikishan Fans Association International. Starting his career as a an officer in State Bank of India in 1977, Dharma moved on to work with various private sector enterprises as Finance head and Teacher of Finance. He has been working as CFO in Corporate Hospitals in Hyderabad for the last ten years. An active sportsman in his student days, Dharma loves movies and music to the extent of madness. He is also a foodie, is bitten by the wanderlust and loves to anchor music and cultural events.

Maaya Dev (4 Posts )

Writing poetry is a passion among other passions. I have experienced poetry as a xanax to me and as cathartic too. Poetry is a viaduct between everything at the micro and macro levels. Some of my dalliance along this pristine journey are fragmented as literary embellishments in several anthologies. A few were awarded at DestinyPoets, UK. I blog at Maaya's - Musing!

Madhu Verma (1 Post )

Workaholic and successful HR Manager, Madhu Verma is a die-hard fan of Jackie Shroff and watches movies for fun, de-stressing and time pass.

Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar (1 Post )

Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar, a Masters in English, is a bilingual writer (writing both in Hindi and English). She is a poetess, blogger, life skills counsellor, healer. She is also a social commentator and works with women and children. She started her career with the media, moving on to the perfumes and cosmetics sector and finally where her heart lay 'writing'. Her works have been published in various national and international magazines, newspapers, web magazines, journals, anthologies. The author of The Night Jasmine and Other Love Poems, she is also the winner of Icon of the Year - Lifeskills Counsellor 2015-2016 and Creative Writer of the Year 2016. An avid animal lover too, her motto in life is 'Live and Love Life'.

Mahesh Sowani (1 Post )

Mahesh Sowani is a writer, poet, book reviewer, speaker and a legal professional. He holds masters degrees in Law and Management. He was a faculty member for Master of Laws course at University of Mumbai. He has keen interest in yoga, meditation, English literature and financial management. Many of his writings have been published in leading English and Marathi publications like Hindustan Times, Outlook Traveller, Maharashtra Times, Yuva Sakaal, Kalnirnay, etc. He is contributing author of the books Defiant Dreams, Winged Hearts, Love Stories Around Us, Friendship Bonds Beyond Time and Unbound trajectories that changed course of life. His writings in the Hindustan Times are available as an e-book titled Heart of the Matter. His twitter handle is @maheshsowani and Facebook profile. He writes short stories, poems, book reviews and everything that touches the heart on his successful blog, which attracts heavy traffic.

Maimoona Saifee (1 Post )

Maimoona Saifee is a Std X student of BGS National Public School. Her goal is to continue making noteworthy artwork and also learning new techniques and exploring different mediums.

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury (3 Posts )

Maitreyee B Chowdhury is a web columnist, poet and creative writer. She is author of three books 'Reflections on My India', 'Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen: Bengali Cinema's First Couple' and 'Where Even The Present Is Ancient: Benaras'. She writes on cinema and art too. Maitreyee writes for Criterion Literary Journal; a journal of media studies 'Kottaka'; Indian Express (Bay Area); Indian Ruminations; YOMO Art Gallery (South East Asian Art House); Gallery 2000 (French Art House); The Sip of Life, etc.

Maitri Singh (1 Post )

Maitri Singh is a school student in Assam. She loves dancing, singing, writing, cooking and reading. She is also a sports enthusiast dabbling in badminton, running and swimming.

Malavika Nair (1 Post )

Malavika Pravin Nair is a Class 8 student in Our Own English High School, Sharjah (Girls). Her hobbies are reading, writing and dancing and her mother tongue is Malayalam.

Malini (2 Posts )

Malini loves to write poems, short stories and very short stories.

Mallika Bhaumik (2 Posts )

The poet Mallika Bhaumik is a student of literature and has completed her Masters' degree in English literature from Calcutta University. She is an avid reader. Her other interests include traveling, listening to music and cooking.

Mandeep Singh (1 Post )

An alumnus of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, XLRI, Jamshedpur and IIM-Bangalore, Mandeep Singh, Partner – is focusing in the areas of Talent and Rewards. Over the years, Mandeep has worked with Vodafone, MetLife, Aviva, BMR Advisors, Naukri and accumulated extensive successes in the area of people management showing some unique and high impact contributions to the companies he has been associated with. He brings on the table expertise in HR Strategy, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Training & Development and Rewards. Mandeep has experience both as a HR consultant and as a corporate Human Resource professional having experience in a wide range of industries and sectors. Mandeep has a total of 17 years professional experience and has certifications in Hogans, SHL, Thomas profiling, Mercer and Hay job evaluation to name a few.

Manikant Sharma (1 Post )

Manikant Sharma, Former Manager QC at Food Corporation of India, is an ardent book reviewer, poet and blogger living in Saharanpur, UP, India.He blogs on poetry and literature at

Manish Uniyal (1 Post )

Manish an Engineer by profession loves to spend time by writing, making sketches and listening music. Passionate to etch life on paper, he feels some expressions can be better understood by putting them on paper in the form of sketches. Every heart has a story, so does every sketch !!!

Mannyaa Saraf (1 Post )

Mannyaa Saraf is a Std V student. She loves to write poems and spend her free time in creative art and craft activities.

Manya Tyagi (1 Post )

Manya is a Std. IV student in Apeejay School, Noida. She is enthusiastic about Sports and Art & Craft. Soon after exploring her stint at skating, Manya now plays Tennis and keeps improving her drawing skills. She is an animal lover, loves swimming and is a happy-go-lucky child.

Mark Z (1 Post )

Mark is an education consultant who loves writing about the numerous benefits and rich experience that a person can gain by teaching English in China. His articles aim to provide insights into the advantages of English teaching jobs in Shanghai or Beijing and anywhere else in the world.

Maya Khandelwal (4 Posts )

Maya Khandelwal is a free-lancer and a language teacher by profession. Rest she is a mother of two children and can be their best pal when the fun cap is on. She is a passionate lover of nature and can commune with it for hours at a stretch. She loves rains and can't resist the sacred drops drench her entire being. Nature, in its various guises, soothes her best in pensive mood. A romantic person at heart, she would often cuddle around her hubby and snatch a 'yes' for a long drive and a 'dhaba' tea whenever it drizzles. She loves soft numbers sung especially by Jagjit Singh. She derives her wells of strength from her husband who has been the proverbial rock in her life. A practical man with business running in his veins like blood, he too has been coloured in the hues of romance after the conjugal bliss of ten years with her. She doesn't hold God in awe. She rather loves Him like she would love her Dad who always understands and listens.

Melorra (1 Post )

Melorra designs jewellery for the Western wardrobe. We have fashion stylists and jewellery designers working together to create fashion-inspired designs. At Melorra, our global trend-spotters spot the styles that'll make the cut for today's fashion scene across global runways like Paris and Milan. Then, our international design team interprets these trends to create jewellery. Melorra is available on iOS and Android, and on a mobile responsive site.

Michele Baron (1 Post )

World-traveler and former Fulbright Scholar Michele Baron currently lives in Kyrgyzstan with her husband and 3 children. She self-published A Modest Menu: Poverty, Hunger and Food Security, in Poetry and Prose, in August, 2015, and A Holiday Carol at year’s end, 2015. A World Bank/Urgent Evoke-2010 top-ten-finalist and presenter/publisher of four local/globally-scalable projects at the World Environment Education Congress (WEEC) 2013, Ms. Baron develops outreach projects, writes poetry, prose, and non-fiction, is an active musician, painter, artist and lecturer. Small groups of her poems have been published in anthologies by Barry Mowles, Brian Wrixon, Different Truths (Arindam Roy, ed.), The Dawn Beyond Waste (Microsoft/GIZ; Joie Bose/Ananya Chatterjee, eds.), and Ampat Koshy. She is the recipient of a Reuel International Award certificate for her writing. Among her other works, she has a self-illustrated book The Dreaming Rugs awaiting publication.

Minal Kaushik (1 Post )

Minal Kaushik is a 3rd standard student, studying in Ryan International. She loves to draw, play casio, badminton and loves to sleep.

Moinak Dutta (1 Post )

Moinak Dutta has been writing poems and stories from his school days. He is a post graduate in English and also a teacher of English. Many of his poems and stories are published in national and international anthologies and magazines. He also writes reviews of books and fictions and is interested in photography, films and music. His debut fiction ‘Pestilence’ was published in 2009. His second literary fiction ‘Online@ offline’ was published in 2014. He blogs regularly at

Monika Pant (1 Post )

Monika Pant is the author of Echoes From The Vortex (A Memoir) and Caught in Two Winds. Her stories and poems are published in several anthologies around the world. Her real life snippets are published in the Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul series and a short story written by her was listed for the 2013 Commonwealth Short Story Prize.

Moumita Das (1 Post )

Moumita Das loves writing fiction.

Pakanati Lakshmi Priya (1 Post )

Pakanati Lakshmi Priya, was into vintage films and music right from childhood. She observed and absorbed a lot from her father who himself was a good collector of filmy memorablia, a tradition carried on by her brother who whose house is a treasure trove of collections. An avid book reader Priya chooses to call herself a student throughtout her life. Though a university gold medallist from Osmania University in M.Sc Zoology, she went on to do her M.B.A from the same university and taught marketing in a business school for 5 years. Due to delicate health she quit her job and is currently running music groups on the Facebook much to the delight of vintage fans as they continue to enjoy her posts of old films , songs and information.

Rashida Murphy (1 Post )

Rashida Murphy has lived in Perth for most of her life. She has published widely in anthologies and journals. She has just finished a PhD in Creative Writing from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia.

Sarbani Mohapatra (1 Post )

Sarbani is a guest faculty of Communicative English at Techno India University, Kolkata. She has majored in English and enjoys reading and writing poetry.

Sonali Majumdar (1 Post )

Sonali Majumdar is a US based IT Management professional, working for a major US Bank. Married and mother of two, she enjoys creative writing, painting, volunteering and working with kids. She also loves cooking and traveling. Her perspective of life comes from her challenges as a working woman, as a mother, as a person seeking her purpose in life.

Surendra Mohanty (1 Post )

Surendra Mohanty writes short stories and articles, many of which have appeared in anthologies and in a few magazines. He is presently in the process of completing a novel and is looking for a publisher. After taking voluntary retirement from the defence forces, he is working at KiiT International School, Bhubaneswar. He edits and publishes a children’s magazine titled Kloud 9, that is owned by the KiiT group of institutes.

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Sincere and competent effort put in a good cause will always be, however delayed, acknowledged and the effort will always bring successful results.