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Wild Abandon

August 6, 2015 | By

A love poem about the wondrous desires of the heart and the ardent passions that define them.

white jasmine

“my manicured garden bore forth white jasmines
their fragrance stirring unnamed desires”

Today, as in days long gone by,
my manicured garden bore forth
white jasmines
their fragrance stirring unnamed desires
in the hearts of strangers
as I adorned my hair.
But the insipid white of purity
left me unstirred
till you grazed your hand
plucking and tucking a wild rose instead,
splashing red
in the serene silvery moonlight,
to fire my love
with tempestuous desires
of forbidden passions
when you crushed me to your breast,
leaving me breathless
as you mingled
once again with the crowd.

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Dr. Sunil Kaushal is a retired gynaecologist turned writer and loves everything about life. She has a passion for writing shorts stories, poetry and articles. Besides writing, she is an accomplished actor,  having done a number of stage plays, TV and radio programs. She is associated with Mother Theresa’s home and other charitable institutes also. As Lioness club President in 1982, she was awarded ‘Best Lioness President’ Asia. She has also been chairperson of a number of socially committed organizations for many years. Having been on the Advisory Committees of Doordarshan and All India Radio, she brought about a number of changes for Women and Children’s Welfare. Sufi, Indian Classical music and Gurbani are what you would catch her listening to when she is not writing or blogging. You can catch this 70 year old on her blog Reborn at 70.
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