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The Seed of Our Mystery Love

April 29, 2015 | By

In this poem, the poet depicts a sense of being in love, the kind of love which may not fill emptiness but certainly makes emptiness serene.

Poetry Month Special

seed of love

The mystery love between you and me
Enraptured with unending wail like the sea

If the  seed of our love is already sown
Then the whispering breeze,
might have blown over the horizon
The mystery love between you and me
Enraptured with unending wail like the sea
If you spot me a place within your arms
A seductive and full of warmth
I would whisper your name
Down your neck, with little shame
Melting your desire with mine
And our feet, tingling and touching the outline
If the tall cumulonimbus clouds bang with thundering
I would whisper in your ears and say: I love you, darling!

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Reema Das is a teacher, works in NGOs related to Environment ( Founder Member)and Heart Care. She grew up in a sleepy village in Sunpura, Lohit District, where she lived in a wooden bungalow, now almost 75 years old where the mighty Brahmaputra river flows by and spent her life amidst the natural beauty of Arunachal Pradesh .She was born in Assam, many years after ‘Chinese Aggression'. As her mother hails from Tripura, so she is the blend of three states of North-East. She became a teacher at the age of 21, where everyone used to call her 'pet teacher'.
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