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The Mystery of the Dead Man

June 28, 2020 | By

Investigating a murder near the River Tigris, which was once a part of the ancient Mesopotamian Civilization, the author stumbles upon a sinister plan of stealing diamonds.

Enjoy this thrilling and suspense laden detective story by 11 year old Akash Nag.

The diamond exhibition

The Diamond Festival

Once upon a time, almost forty years back, there was a murder near river Tigris. It was a small river. More than 1000 years back this place was part of the Mesopotamian civilization. Now this is Southern Iraq. I was with my assistant and friend Jack. I don’t live here. I live in New York. I had researched a lot about this place’s history, which was quite interesting.

I was here for a case. Someone was murdered in the night near the river. The man was very rich, his house was also looted that night. ‘But how?’ I wondered. I asked the relatives of that man. Everyone knew that he was rich. I asked if anyone called him that day. Jack wasn’t interested in the case. He wanted to see the beautiful landscape.

I was left alone to investigate. ‘Why near the river instead of his house?’ I wondered. I was in my hotel room trying to find a clue and thinking hard. Nothing crossed my mind. Who can it be then?

I didn’t have any sleep that night. I had solved all the cases I was given to solve till then. This was the trickiest one I ever had in my whole life. I had no clue whatsoever. I was having a doubt in my mind that was he actually dead?

Suddenly got an idea. Jaginder, the dead man, might be the criminal for this case. 3 things couldn’t happen in one single day. I heard that the house was looted after his death and his wife also vanished the same night. This meant Jaginder murdered someone who looked exactly like him. He then disappeared so that everyone thought that he himself was murdered. After that he ran to his house, took all the precious things with him and left with his wife. That night I was thinking about this and wondered why did Jaginder do it. To catch them I needed a very good plan. That’s not got to be an easy job.

I would need Jack’s help in this. I told Jack, ‘The case is clear now. Just I need a good plan.’ I whispered the whole story to him. Jack told me a plan which was full of risks. If Jaginder got to know that we were investigating then he would become alert. I had a hunch that Jaginder was till then hiding in the city. I heard from the mayor that no one went out of the city in the past few days.

I had a plan. I would have to make an announcement that there would be a diamond festival. The diamonds would be displayed and sold at a discounted rate. I told the entire story and my plan to the mayor and he trusted me. He made the announcement. I thought that Jaginder and his wife would come in disguise. The next day the mayor and I were waiting. The festival started. Nobody had that much money to buy the diamonds. ‘Where are they?’ I thought, ‘Did they fool us?’ My plan seemed to be unsuccessful. Jack was useless as he wasn’t there to help me. No good ideas from him and didn’t help me to investigate. I lost confidence a lot as I feared that I would fail for the first time.

So, nothing happened at the diamond festival. I went back to my hotel feeling sad. I told Jack that I had a second idea. The idea was whether there was any treasure hidden at the bed of the Tigris river. Only the mayor knew that there was probably a hidden treasure due to ship wrecks. I now understood how they were hiding. Mayor informed me that Jaginder bought a lot of Oxygen Tubes before the day he died.  When I heard that I was sure where they hid. The next day the mayor arranged for some people to go under water and Jaginder and his wife were caught.

detective story by 11 year old

The next day the mayor arranged for some people to go under water

I explained the mayor why they were so rich. They planned to flee the city by taking all the remaining treasures. That was why they made this act so that people would think that he was dead. The mayor thanked me and awarded me with a diamond.

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Akash Nag is a student of Garden High School, Kolkata. He swears by cricket but loves swimming and watching football as well. When in a good mood, Akash loves to draw the world of his dreams.
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