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A Poet’s Petition…!

March 21, 2015 | By

March 21st being International Poet’s Day, I am dedicating this work for all poets around the world.

On full moon nights often he inhales the mist of the moon

On full moon nights often he inhales the mist of the moon

Whole being is sprouted
with foliage of unwritten verses.
In eloquence vibration of the recitation is heard.
Impregnated passion of the poet pursues
for a benign aesthetic poetic indulgence.

A poet is forlorn and weighed down by insatiable urge
when unfinished poems tremble on the finger tips.
A poet is euphoric and randomly writes
Silhouette of classics as if doped
to conquer hearts by indelible imprints.

On full moon nights often he inhales the mist of the moon
He listens to the whispers of stars and the universe.
As a drunkard he gulps the ecstasy of the ocean
and sleeps serenely on the canopy of the sky in aloof.

Despite a hidden heralded purpose flame
his instinctive longing which is more than
just to saturate mere literary thirst.

The embedded vow of a poet refuses to succumb
Until, he signs his petition with his soulful blood.
For his blessed pen is a tool to voice and to escalate
the quandary of humanity by resigning
the reigning discrimination and injustice.

For he is capable of assimilating the vintage of virtues
He is bestowed with sensitivity to grasp what his senses grasp
so never miss the unseen woes that drip as pearls of tears.
His ink never dries out of worshipping humanity and justice,
nor is he satisfied of admiring beauty, love, joy and peace.

For he is not only a poet but a destined warrior who fights
the tyranny of terrorism and razor casteism and racism with pen.
The soul of a poet is stirred whenever a woman’s respect is robbed
so his poetic prowess tries for a paradigm shift to regain her pride.

Before he wraps in his holy wrath
Before any hand tears his loyal petition
He assures to write and write until the judgement day comes.
It is a poet’s petition he meditated upon every moment.

Writing poetry is a passion among other passions. I have experienced poetry as a xanax to me and as cathartic too. Poetry is a viaduct between everything at the micro and macro levels. Some of my dalliance along this pristine journey are fragmented as literary embellishments in several anthologies. A few were awarded at DestinyPoets, UK. I blog at Maaya's - Musing!
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The word Culture comes from Latin "cultura amini' which means cultivation of the soul, and thus Jawaharlal Nehru said "Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit"