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The Storm

June 10, 2022 | By

The storm comes in all its fury, leaving in its wake destruction and chaos. And then, when it passes over, we realize the value of peace, serenity and light even more.

Enjoy Morning Meanderings Season 2 with your hot cuppa and cookies. ☕🍪😊

Yesterday night there was a terrific gale; transformer fuses blew away and the all too familiar confusion, neighbours’ frantic voices rising in a crescendo of queries,

“Kya sabki light gayi hai ya kewal hamari hi?” (Has the power gone off in all houses or just ours?)

One could hear huge trees falling, and ominous rumbling and thunder sending chills up the spine.

Thud-Thud-Thud fell the trees one after the other, as panicky chirps and frightened fluttering of wings could be heard in the nocturnal environs.

Right from my childhood, I have had this knack for positivizing my thoughts whenever scared. So while the rest of the household peeped through the windows, taking stock of things outside, I sat in my darkened nook, closed my eyes, and saw!

All around me, there was nothing but breathtakingly beautiful scenery, clusters of clouds hanging over oak and maple leaves – some gold-hearted, some red-hearted. Multi-coloured birds sitting on trees and singing happy songs serenading the world around, as if nothing was wrong with it. A lone pine tree stood in glorious splendour, flaunting a golden ribbon of sunshine. Someone was merrily dishing out musical trivia from a house. A little stream rippled by, reflecting the colours of the trees, and round-eyed kids sailed bright coloured paper boats in them. I could see nothing but bright light around.

“Light aa gayi,” (The light is back) a jubilant cry went up.
Was it the magic of my positive imagery at work?


Morning Meanderings is a musings column by Santosh Bakaya

Today morning, when I stepped out, I was aghast to see two fallen trees, but I consoled myself by the fact, that they were old and gnarled and would have anyway fallen to the ravages of time. One had almost crushed a car. Made me wonder, when the shelter itself falls on the sheltered, and stops just short of causing any harm – it’s a matter of trust.

The sky was cloudy, and a slight breeze was flirting with the leaves of trees, and here and there puddles of water had formed. Afraid that I would slip on the squishy ground, I walked only a short distance and retraced my steps towards my home.

But before that two squirrels playing hide and seek under a tree, caught my fancy, and I headed towards the tree, next to the wall fronting our house. Unfazed by my presence, the two spunky squirrels continued playing hide and seek, but two avian villains perched atop the tree did not like my intrusive presence.

The moment I sat under the tree, they decided it was time for their morning ablutions, and alas, my unprotected head was hit by a cascade of bird droppings. Oh no! I gasped as my hand went to my head.

What positive imagery could possibly come to my rescue now? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. The deed had been done!

Even if I sheepishly sang Raindrops keep falling on my head, or sang with Frank Sinatra, Let it snow, let it snow, the bird droppings had already fallen on my head! They couldn’t possibly go back from where they came. There was no euphemism that could be used for them….snowflakes…raindrops…or even dandruff flakes or just snow. It was a fact – a blatant fact that the birds, for some weird reason, had taken their revenge — but honestly, I consider myself a positive person, so
“that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red
Crying is not for me.
Nothing is worrying me.”

With these words on my lips, imaginary applause following the finale of a symphony, ringing in my ears and the white burden, sitting pretty on my head, I headed back home.

Only a quick shower was the positive imagery I could resort to, in such circumstances.

(Photo courtesy: Antara Nanda Mondal)

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Dr Santosh Bakaya is the author of three mystery novels for young adults, and a book of essays titled Flights From My Terrace, which was recently published as an e-book on Smashwords. Her poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi, Ballad Of Bapu has been published by Vitasta Publishers, Delhi, India in May 2015 and has been receiving rave reviews from everywhere. Although a Political theorist, with a doctorate in political theory, it is literature which has been her first love. She was awarded the Reuel international award for language and literature 2014 for her long poem Oh Hark!, which forms part of the Significant Anthology. Many of her poems have figured in the highly commended category in Destiny Poets, a UK based website and many are part of international anthologies. Right now, she is giving the final touches to her satirical novel, tentatively titled Sanakpur Shenanigans.
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One thought on “The Storm

  • N.S.Rajan

    There is beauty and serenity in everything all around us; we only need our senses to be fine tuned to perceive it. And the words to describe it when we feel the need to share.
    A storm, accompanied by thunder and rain can be irritating and ruinous to some. But, as enchantingly interpreted by the author, it can also soothe, and provide a ‘fresh and fragrant’ view of the world, and enthuse us with ‘positive energy’.

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    There are two possible results of an action. Failure may dishearten one but that should not stop one from trying to act. If one stops trying, one also loses the chance of success thereby predestining the act. The author says ".......but you are doomed if you don't try."