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August 26, 2013

Deepak was returning from school he saw some children of his school following a man. Deepak started following them.

By Ankita Kumar

There was a boy named Deepak. He was very brave and courageous. This story is about a dangerous thief called Ghotala Ram. He would kidnap children, cut their legs and hands or ears if their parents would not give ransom. He also smuggled drugs.


Deepak returning from school

One day when Deepak was returning from school he saw some children of his school following a man. Deepak started following them. The man turned and went behind a banyan tree. Later he heard whispers. Soon a child came out and he was holding something.

Deepak caught hold of him and asked – “What is this?” The child was scared and said, “These are drugs”. As Deepak turned, a man caught hold of him and forced him to sniff a handkerchief. Soon he fell unconscious.

After an hour Deepak found himself in a small room. Just then a man came with food for him. He sat down in front and started drinking. After sometime the man got up, unsteadily. He picked up the plate and turned towards the door. Deepak picked up the empty bottle, kept by the man and brought it down on the man’s head.

The man fell unconscious on the floor. This was a good moment. Deepak ran out of the door and informed the police. Ghotala Ram was caught with his gang. Deepak became famous and he received many awards.


This teen story was first published in Meghdutam.com (between 1999 to 2002).

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