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Teen Times

What happens when a horse is knifed and a gold bracelet stolen? Out on a holiday at Matheran, Aman finds himself in the middle of a chase to solve a theft. A suspense filled short story by Anantha.

Saare Jahan Se Achchha....
Saare Jahan Se Achchha….
An Independence Day Special Children's story by Ramendra Kumar that explores the richness of diversity, culture, traditions and values India stands for.
A Holiday Mystery
A Holiday Mystery
What happens when a horse is knifed and a gold bracelet stolen? Out on a holiday at Matheran, Aman finds himself in the middle of a chase to solve a theft. A suspense filled short story by Anantha.
Chu and Chi
Chu and Chi
What happens when two aliens run out of fuel and land on earth? Chu and Chi find a solution with their human friend in this sweet short story by Sutapa Basu.
Fairy Tale Country
Fairy Tale Country
A beautiful fantasy of a little girl's dreams that come true because of her golden heart and her love for her ailing naani. Children's Day Special Story by Ramendra Kumar.
Every star that twinkles makes me feel like you're watching me
Dau Saheb
A heartfelt wistful reminiscence of her Grandpa by 20-year-old Arshita.
Ramendra Kumar with a young reader of Against All Odds
Against All Odds: The Triumph of the Human Spirit – In Conversation with Ramendra Kumar
Against All Odds, the latest book for children by renowned writer Ramendra Kumar, is about three individuals, three obstacles and one passion – Football. Learning and Creativity caught up with this prolific and highly popular author for a tête-à-tête on his latest tome.
Ramendra Kumar with his enthusiastic bunch of learners
Bookaroo @ Bengaluru 2017: Books & Bliss with Story Telling!
Award-winning and best-selling children's books author Ramendra Kumar conducted a session based on Against All Odds, his latest book which was recently released, in Delhi Public School, Bengaluru as a  part of  Bookaroo’s School Outreach programme.
I was just trying to make do with an apologetic array of vegetables available in the swanky kitchen. Half an onion, three–fourths of a capsicum, and a couple of potatoes.
Yummy, Mummy! Anything for a Hungry Tummy
"I knew the concoction that I was trying to cook, was far from yummy, as I was just trying to make do with an apologetic array of vegetables available in the swanky kitchen. Half an onion, three–fourths of a capsicum, and a couple of potatoes." Santosh Bakaya muses over the challenges mothers face to serve up something yummy, something different for their demanding kids.
It was an old and small house, almost in ruins
Boundless Love
15 year old Maitri Singh pens a lovely story about humanity and compassion, tracing the travails of a Korean girl in the unfamiliar land of India.
I had a Monster In My Life
The Monster In My Life: A Short Story
It was purely my secret. Not even my mother knew of this monster’s existence in my life.
The dusty streets of Rotherham
The Game Of Royals
The very next day, at the stroke of seven, Daniel was out on the road for this dismal job of cocaine transfer.
In the year of 5010 Mm Grance was living on the planet of Neptune.
The Camatoz Comet
JD, 7, has never been able to experience life on Neptune. Her whole family believed that JD had gotten the Demaker's kiss.
Within a few hours of Shivaji’s escape, an informer reported to the kotwal
Chatrapati Shivaji and His Great Escape
Shivaji and his son hid themselves in baskets containing sweets and escaped. The question is how come sweets were served to prisoners in such huge baskets?
The upper regions wore the crown of white. The peaks of the Himalayan ranges sparkled with ice caps.
A True Tale of Valor
This realisation steeled their will further. “Do or die” became their war cry.
A Dream Come True
A Dream Come True
A touching short story by Ramendra Kumar set in a circus about how animals respond to compassion and cruelty.
The very next morning Sachin’s boxing lessons began in earnest.
The Real Winner
One whack and you’ll go flying straight into your mummy’s lap,” he jeered. Everyone burst out laughing.
Its roots pointed to the sky. Its branches dipped toward the ground.
Fooled by Illusion
It was of a tree. It hung upside down in space. Its roots pointed to the sky. Its branches dipped toward the ground.
Mr. Jayabalan was the drillmaster at Ganu’s school. He used his stick generously
Ganapathy and the Drillmaster
That night, Ganu could not sleep. He had frightening visions of Jayabalan dragging him off to Lanka and pounding him with his mace.
Our valiant soldiers are sacrificing their todays for our tomorrows. We are proud that among these real life heroes
The Real Hero
Sahil walked up to the dais. The Principal handed him a huge rolled-up drawing sheet. As he unrolled it and looked at it, tears sprang into his eyes.
I prepared myself for 'ANOTHER DAY' - another boring and hectic day
Another Day
I was crying with joy and pleasure. Yes! I would help make the impossible possible. Suddenly
Saira's mom put Saimma on her lap.
As soon as she came home from school, Saira let herself into the house and crept into her mother's room.
He noticed a red ball to the east. It was at some distance. It was the sun rising.
When Hanuman Tried to Swallow the Sun
He noticed a red ball to the east. It was at some distance. It was the sun rising.
Give him any thing, and soon he would balance one piece on
Building Blocks
“Oh, my God, Ankur, what have you done!” he cried in dismay.Mummy rushed in from the kitchen.“How could you have been so naughty!”
She looked more beautiful than the women residing in his neighbourhood
Exit of Wife — A folk Tale from Japan
Hikosaku was surprised to find that she looked more beautiful than the women residing in his neighbourhood.
Outside the phone booth, it was pouring. Delhi was experiencing the first spell of winter.
The Outlaw and the Cop
They dreamt of a new world order -- a world free of corruption. A new world where there was no rich or poor. Where everyone had equal rights and wealth
A gift – Brand new yellow beach ball.
The Yellow Beach Ball
As if the afternoon sun had taken a break from its duties and descended to the earth disguised as a beach ball.
“Mother, you betrayed me again. You went away when I wanted to hold on to you the most.”
Betrayal : An Emotion
All her emotions, her love, her feelings, pent up for so long rushed out…her eyes grew misty, sobs racked her body. She screamed soundlessly..
Bravery award every year to the boy who depicts exemplary courage.
Change of Heart
Atul couldn’t bear to hear anymore. He rushed to his room threw himself on his bed and cried his heart out.
A bang could be heard. It was clear that the hijacker had hit him.
The Hijack
I stared at the radio with amazement. What was there to panic? Then I heard sounds of gunshots from the cockpit. "Oh, My God!" I exclaimed, "Is it a hijack!"
A magical cat, just like the Puss in boots!!
The Cat that Talked
Heathcliff, it appeared, was no ordinary cat. The neighbourhood abounded with rumours that he could actually talk.
The strange peacock became the center of attraction in the forest.
The Foolish Prince
"Prince, I'm not above death. Tell me, how can you become immortal by eating a mortal?" asked the peacock
Deepak  returning from school
Deepak was returning from school he saw some children of his school following a man. Deepak started following them.
A cracked mirror can never be put together again
Cracked Mirror
A cracked mirror can never be put together again," Grandpa says in utter disbelief."Want to see the magic?" I challenge him.
A Cold December night in Calcutta
The Doctor-cum-Driver
It was a cold December night. I was returning from a party my friend had thrown on the eve of his first marriage anniversary.
by Almira Yoel

5th November 1998
The little girl looked bewildered. She was just 8 and she felt that she had been through all the ups and downs in her life. She could hear the voices again and knew her parents were at each other's throats again. She lay in her bed awake listening to the argument as the voices grew louder and louder. She could not make out what they were talking about. She was still drowsy from her sleep. She did not even care to hear what the argument was about. This happened far too many times for her to be interested any more.

She did not remember when and how the fights started but now it seemed to her like they went on forever. She had been through their many fights too terrified to even cry. When they first started fighting first she couldn't believe what was happening. She must have been around 3-4 years then. She was sitting in her mother's lap and tinkering with her toys when her father walked in. She smiled at him as she always did when she saw him. But he did not look at her. He was looking menacingly at her mother and then he was talking to her loudly. Her mother said something back to him and this seemed to have angered him more. He started shouting louder and her mother did the same. After 10-15 minutes of this, he stormed out leaving her mother in tears.

That was the beginning of the storm that raged on and off. Sometimes for days together everything would be fine. But one day they would be back at it again. Her father's shouts, her mother's screams, things being hurled, and finally her father walking out and her mother crying her heart out. She could not understand what was happening. Two people who loved her so much did not seem to love each another.

Once she heard her mother cry out to someone named God. She was pleading with him as to why this was happening. She did not know who this God was but if he could help her then she would ask him to she decided. But she did not know how to address God. Her mother seemed to look up when she referred to him. Maybe he was above the ceiling. She addressed him and asked him for his help. She told him that she loved her parents very much and that they were doing some bad things to each other. She appealed to him to take away the bad thing that was happening. She wanted to sleep peacefully.

No fights please!" she implored to God. As she was talking to God sleep overtook her and she drifted away. She woke in another hour hearing yet another heated battle going on. Maybe God could not hear her, being so far up!


17th May 2000
The little girl was 10 years old now. She was sleeping peacefully. No arguments disturbed her sleep anymore. She had been sleeping very well for so many days now. Sometimes she heard people whisper to each other as they passed by her. She did not know what they were saying but she knew that they were showing some sort of feeling towards her that she did not like one bit.
She tried to listen to what they were saying. Her aunt was telling her uncle how unlucky the girl was. That she must be going through hell after her parents' divorce. "Oh! I pity the poor girl," she heard her say with a sigh.

Once an old couple came to visit her. Her mother told her they were her grandparents. The old woman took her in her lap and started crying saying what fate had befallen her. That she must be miserable that her parents were separated.

After dinner, the old woman put her to bed and said, "Oh! Why did God have to do this to this small girl." The girl smiled to herself in her bed. She didn't think she was unlucky. Her parents gave her a lot of love. What if they did not live with each other? They took care of her. She liked visiting her father. He gave her so many things. Her mother took such good care of her. The house was quiet. There were no more fights. She slept peacefully. God had indeed listened to her!
The Little Girl
The little girl looked bewildered. She was just 8 and she felt that she had been through all the ups and downs in her life.
That marked the dawn of a new day; the dawn of insight that in meditation there is peace
Road to the Temple
That marked the dawn of a new day; the dawn of hope for the devas and the munis.
Kabhi Kabhi
Kabhi Kabhi
He had met her at his cousin's birthday party. She was working as a Public Relations executive in a Five star hotel.
Golden orioles, love to fly and rest in the mango groves but they never eat the fruit.
How the Mango Birds Were Born
Deep, deep in a dense forest, there was a small mango grove, just five or six trees on a broad ledge at the side of a hillock. Wild trees--no one had ..
"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning." ~ Brad Henry
Impact of Teachers in My Life
Interest in the past is natural, almost organic but interest in history has to be cultivated.
You enter the Examination Hall. Scenario is scary, situation is tight, stomach is in knots.
Cheating for Dummies!
What an irrelevant paper! It doesn't really help you understand the real world and real problems.
Although like all other kid's my age I can't wait to get out on my own, bunk classes and hang out with my friends all day long, I will definitely miss the cocoon of love and security which enveloped me all through my school days
A Roller-coaster Called School
As we passed the Bata shoe shop, my mom suggested I buy a new pair of school shoes, as the ones I had were pretty worn out.
A 'Family' of Strangers
A ‘Family’ of Strangers
Was this her home? A 'family' of strangers with nothing to say to each other? Dead people with dead dreams.
Technology: Can It Heal the World?
Technology: Can It Heal the World?
Man first used the power to hold back the calamities of nature, and then to bring under control, all the cosmic phenomena unpropitious to the mundane world.
A teenager always demands something his/her favorite hero/heroine wore in the recent box-office hit move.
Fashion Trends and Teenagers
The world of fashion is ever changing and fashion is all about glitzy, glitter and glamour.
Indian education system is like driving all with same stick.
Three Hours that Seal your Fate
As the Board exams near, the tension mounts, the long nights of endless studies and revisions stretch out.
Adolescence is a time  when a person finds himself at crossroads.
Navigating Adolescence
After entering the teenage years, at 14 years of age, surrounded by many coloured dreams, I too was ready to experience the heavy delight that the new life promised.

Today’s Motivation

<div class=at-above-post-cat-page addthis_tool data-url=></div>“They're only crayons. You didn't fear them in Kindergarten, why fear them now?” 
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“They're only crayons. You didn't fear them in Kindergarten, why fear them now?” ― Hugh MacLeod