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When Heart Probes

June 16, 2014 | By

Talking to Mumma, asking and answering… A little girl’s story

You know Nita Ma'am selected me and Ashish for the Rhyme Dance.

You know Nita Ma’am selected me and Ashish for the Rhyme Dance.

Mumma, look at this. Maasi bought it for me. She said I’ll look a princess on the wedding day. After all she isn’t that bad. You remember what I told you the day Papa brought you here, na? How Papa was left with no option other than bringing you here! That was OUR secret then. But today I made Maasi too a part of our secret. And you know what Papa said? “The ice is melting.” He said this with a cute smile, so I didn’t retort. Maybe he was thinking of something else. Otherwise why would he say that! Funny na! Or does it mean something that I don’t know Mumma? I heard Naani saying to her friends that you would be so happy seeing me getting along with Maasi. Are you?

Oh Mumma! How could I forget this. You know Nita Ma’am selected me and Ashish for the Rhyme Dance and not Pinky. Serves her right! You remember na, how she made fun of me and was telling everyone that she dances better than me. Papa told, Maasi and he’ll be coming to watch my dance. When I asked him about you, he picked up his phone and went out, as always. Poor Papa. He’s always very busy na! Then Naani hugged me and told me something that I couldn’t understand. She too is strange. She always end up in tears talking and I never know what she is saying! Not just Naani. Many do that. But I never say anything bad. Pakka promise. Everytime I feel like saying “bad” things, I remember your words. I’m your little angel and angels never do anything bad. Then why are they like this? Maybe they too have dust allergy like you. That’s why they cry at times. So Mumma, won’t you too come to watch me dance with Ashish?

Papa told me not to go school tomorrow. He says, it’s Haldi. Mumma, it is the same day when people play Holi with only yellow color na. Like you did in that picture of yours. I love yellow. How pretty you look in yellow! And I know I too will. After all I’m your little angel. I’m getting sleepy. Come let’s sleep. Mumma, you know something, I love hugging you while sleeping. Good night Mumma.

 Questions and answers. Now, they dawned in her dreams. She loved this routine of asking and answering.

Alas! Sculptures wouldn’t speak.

Parvathy, a girl of 18, hails from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. With a deep passion for writing, she gives words to her innate thoughts at her personal blog Silent Drizzle. She has her world pivoting around her brother, pen and music and is also published by online journal, Writer's Ezine.
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The word Culture comes from Latin "cultura amini' which means cultivation of the soul, and thus Jawaharlal Nehru said "Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit"