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The Spring Mood

February 7, 2014

Love is the theme note of the scene that nature paints, inspired by Kamadeva.

By R K Murthi

February and March are the months of hope and rejuvenation, the time when Kamadeva sets out to give color to this earth.

Suddenly, the trees, that had shed their leaves and stood bare, yet boldly and defiantly facing the rigors of the chill or bitter cold of winter come into their elements.

A tiny bud that wears a distinctive gold grins at another that has a slight copper complexion. The buds fill up in no time, change their shades quicker than the chameleon, and become spangled with not only the colors of the rainbow, that are visible, but also the infinite shades that lie between the clear bands of the seven colors.

Chrysanthemums The Flower of Spring

Chrysanthemums are in full bloom and a riot of colours as Spring sets in


The birds, spotting the colors that now glisten and sparkle, hail the advent of spring with throatful of music. The Koel fluffs up its vocal chord and heralds the spring.

The rabbits, who know how to reproduce rapidly, (a wag thinks rabbits multiply more rapidly than the speed that rapidly conveys. He thinks there is a need for a new word. He is happy only when we say that rabbits multiply rabbitly. So be it). They romp around, skip and frisk along, chasing each other, getting ready to date and to mate.

Love is the theme note of the scene that nature paints, inspired by Kamadeva. Love is nature’s way of ensuring the propagation of the species.

Kamadeva is a spirited archer. How daringly he stepped in to draw Lord Shiva out of his Tapasya and draw his attention to Parvati and bring about a consummation of love between the two divine beings. That was something that the devas wanted.

They wanted the Lord of Kailash to wed Goddess Parvati and beget a child who would go after the worst of demons, Taraka. Kamadeva paid a heavy penalty. Lord Shiva, disturbed in the midst of his meditation, let his fury turn Kamadeva into ashes. He sacrificed himself for the public well.

This article was first published in Meghdutam between 1998 – 2003

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