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Love Poems and Stories

valentine's day love poem

Ramendra Kumar dedicates a love poem to his beloved wife Madhavi Kumar to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

My Smiling Assassin!
My Smiling Assassin!
Ramendra Kumar dedicates a love poem to his beloved wife Madhavi Kumar to celebrate Valentine's Day.
The singer and the dancer
Celebrate the Differences, Enjoy the Similarities and Forget the Rest!
Every relationship is a potpourri of similarities and differences. Ramendra Kumar muses about why his marriage is considered a runaway success.
Mera Wala 2 States
Mera Wala 2 States
Author Ramendra Kumar steps back into memories and recounts his own love story that bridged two states in a "special, special story for Valentine's Day".
In the smell of rain
Your Memories
A wistful love poem for Valentine's Day by Ramendra Kumar.
Bollywood: Classic Love Sagas Inspiring Poetry
Bollywood: Classic Love Sagas Inspiring Poetry
My poetic tribute to two timeless romances of Bollywood which swept me off my feet in my girlhood days, Ek Duje Ke Liye, and Silsila.
Two Love Poems for Valentine's Day
Two Love Poems for Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day Special: Two love poems by Uma Subedi translated from Nepali to English by renowned poet/author/translator Suman Pokhrel.
Love is...
Love is…
A refreshing, inspiring poem about the meaning and essence of love
A wistful poem celebrating the all-encompassing beauty of love and togetherness.
The Red Rose
The Red Rose
A short, simple, yet touching tale about the meaning and essence of true love.
A Lover's Plea
A Lover’s Plea
A heartfelt, romantic plea from a lover to his lady-love, a simple celebration of their blissful days together.
Love Like Wine
Love Like Wine
A soulful poem on matured love and how the lovers' emotions evolve while exploring love.
Kiss Me Goodbye...
Kiss Me Goodbye…
A poem celebrating the quintessential passion of love.
Autumn Kiss
Autumn Kiss
An intensely passionate love poem, celebrating the emotional fervour of the lovers.
In the flowers, in the pollen 
In the petals that had fallen 
Love was everywhere.
Spring the season of love As ordained by Mother Nature, Was holding in its thrall Almost every creature.
The Spring Mood
The Spring Mood
Love is the theme note of the scene that nature paints, inspired by Kamadeva.
7 Fun Facts About Valentine's Day
7 Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day
There are some interesting fact about Valentine's Day which are not commonly known. Check out some fun facts about this festival of lovers'.
Today Valentine’s Day is all about mushy romance and love!
Legend Behind Valentine’s Day
Have you ever thought how 14th February got to be celebrated as Valentine's Day? The legend goes that there was a saint/priest called Saint Valentine who served as a priest in Rome during 3rd century.