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Fragmented Fetters & A Soul’s Awakening

March 29, 2022 | By

Two wistful poems by Rachna Rajesh celebrate life in its diversity and entirety amid numerous shackles of bondages and hail the life force present in every element of Nature.

Fragmented Fetters

I soar in ‘being’
The life force pervades my soul
I celebrate ‘me’.

A keeper, not a burden
A triumph, not an apology
Of my gender, class or creed

My breath sanctions existence
The norms and boundaries wither
My life conforms to me

A minion or a chief,
A person of any leaning
My stake under the sun is equal

Born to the cosmos indelible
I look for no endorsement
My wings fathom my flight


A Soul’s Awakening

She sits in the orange smoky dusk,
solemn in her solitude,
the rhythmic sound of the gentle rain,
a bare murmur over the mute.

The earth is parched, the drizzle mild,
soaking it up, bit by bit,
the earthy smell, rising high,
the air infused, the senses hit…

The dewy leaves, a brilliant green,
breathing on a tree, benign,
whispering and nodding in the rain,
in concurrence with their lifeline…

a croaking frog, celebrating life,
waxing eloquent to a friend,
alert and thriving in the rain,
alive, about and ready to fend…

Her reverie broken, her senses revived,
her soul in resonance with nature,
her heart reaching out as hope beckons,
her face alight with pleasure…

Expressions of nature, myriad and chaste,
the eternal power in communion,
bestowing tranquility upon the land,
awakening the soul of everyone…

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After being in the chemical engineering profession for two decades, Rachna is a homemaker by choice now. She stays busy deciding which of her diverse interests to pursue, leaving little room for doing much. Reading, writing, singing, painting, making short video montages and some community service are a few things she dabbles in. Through all of this, Hindi film music and R D Burman remain a constant in her life.
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