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Apply the Helicopter View Technique

August 31, 2016 | By

Helicopter View Technique is a birds’ eye view, a third party observation point, a non-involved study and scrutiny. It changes the entire perspective of how we look at things each day in our business.

Business Management advice

The Helicopter View Technique

Most of us are deeply involved in our day to day activity in our businesses. Rarely do we sit and assess and observe the going on in an un-involved manner. Take a look. It could change your view point into a very constructive one.

Allow me to explain:

Say, we board a helicopter and rise a few meters above ground. We stay there and observe the activities on earth. We look at our business place, the key players, their actions and interactions, visitors, customers, employees, suppliers, stake holders and observe every action and happening. But we cannot communicate or interact as we are far above and away from audible limits.

This is a birds’ eye view, a third party observation point, a non-involved study and scrutiny. It changes the entire perspective of how we look at things each day in our business.

Now, we can see the actions but cannot interfere to change or correct. We can see the wrong or the mess but are unable to speak up. The point is to find REAL FAULT without being a party to it and with no attachments or strings or influence.

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I can assure you, this is not an easy task and needs repeated attempts. But, it is worth trying and most certainly worth achieving as a management audit practice.

Remember, small stuff does not get noticed as it is neither visible nor audible. No person is close or distant, all become equals. Our own bias and prejudices and preferences take a back seat, rather are exposed right into our own face. No auditor or change manager can show and reveal what we are able to thus see.

No one knows our business better than us, thus the remedies, corrective measures, required changes, positive attributes, next action plan, all become apparent to us and come from our inner thought process, ready to hand an authenticated report and solution.

Ask me for clarification or how-to details and it would be a sheer pleasure for me to share. But, try the Helicopter View Technique out. Practice it to form a regular habit and the change will happen for the better.

For example, check out how you can respond to a situation rather than reacting to it using the Helicopter View Technique.

This is one of my most in demand topic that I am asked to speak upon in both management cycles as well as in philosophical circles – how to have a detached attitude and deal with things as a neutral person.


Like what you’ve been reading? Contact me at peeyush@wisitech.com or call me direct 001.416.577.8178 for spiritual guidance and professional advice on stress relief, relaxation and meditation to help you balance and improve your work productivity and personal life.

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Inculcated into the Vedic studies since adolescence, Peeyush is a reputed Vedic Scholar and Speaker. Being a management post graduate with many years of experience in marketing and sales and business development, he has a unique slant in applying spiritual teachings to management principles. Peeyush has intensively carried on with Vedic studies and Hindu Spirituality under reputed gurus and swadhyaya or self-study. He started public speaking on the Vedic and Hindu Spiritual Guidance in the year 2003 and has only gained reputation and popularity since. He speaks with authority on subjects and matters related to Upanishads, Darshans, Geeta and the Vedas. He has been a prolific speaker at many Yoga studios and conferences, at number of Hindu Temples and gatherings, Catholic, Evangelist and other Churches, Multi-Faith groups and conferences, Vedic Centres etc. He has given discourses on spiritual meditation and the Vedas in English in Toronto and at multiple centres in Canada, UK, USA and India. He keeps it simple and after most of his talks invites open questions and is ready with answers. Peeyush is VP, Business Development & International Marketing, North America at Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd, and spearheads new business development in the area of ecommerce, web solutions and apps. He writes regularly onmanagement principles and practices. He speaks in English, Hindi, Bengali and Punjabi languages with ease. He currently lives in Greater Toronto Area in Canada.
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