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Trust the “PERMANENT” Within You – Values in Management

April 15, 2017 | By

Values in Management – Trust the source that is PERMANENT within your own self. Your being, inherent nature, characteristics, strengths are within you. Peeyush Sharma lists the assets that are Permanent in Life.

permanent secrets of success

The Permanent is my true real strength developed out of my learning and my being

Trust the source that is permanent within your own self. My very being, my inherent nature, my characteristics, my strengths and capabilities are within me. Permanent.

The properties, my bank balances, my belongings, my cars, clothes and watches, everything I posses, has little or no permanency. It can all go. All of it can be lost.

Many before me have lost every possession. Many I know have lost it all. Within me, I thank my fortune that it has not happened with me. All this is certainly not permanent. I did my best to protect it and to be honest; it created a fear of possible loss in me. I lived with this fear. Just like other fears, the fear of losing a loved one, fear of old age, fear of sickness, fear of death.

How can anything that establishes a fear in me become my strength? The fear had made me work harder and be more pro-active, many a times self centered. My golf ex-partner, James, was at least twice more wealthy than all my worth. It took less than six months for him to lose it all. By the time that year ended, his wife of seventeen years deserted him as well. It shook me up.

I made a firm decision to not to allow this to happen to me. But the fear did stay on. It was the dark side within me. It made me think hard. After these two years since I lost all contact with James, I can say, I have now overcome my fear, this fear of losing my possessions. A self realization dawned on me.

What is permanent? Certainly not these possessions, properties, wealth.

The PERMANENT within me is my abilities to amass these:

secrets of success

Values that are permanent and the form the basis of your success

* My upbringing

* My values

* My schooling and education

* My experiences

* My intellect

* My habit of dedicated hard work

* My balanced thinking mind

* My discipline

* My quest for true knowledge

* My respect for all living beings

* My ego-less approach

* My very own genes

All these contribute to my success, my very being. These are permanent. They will not go away, they cannot be taken away. I can rely on them, fall back on them any time, they are with me, have always been. The Permanent is my true real strength.

It did take me two long struggling years, but my regime has given me freedom from fear and made my life happier. I have overhauled all my intakes. I eat what I believe is pure and healthy, good for mind and body, not my taste buds only. As my food for my body went over a change, so did food for my thoughts, food for my eyes, ears, observations, and all.

I started to love and be inspired by Nature like never before. Each atom and molecule in the Nature gives me energy and a sense of positivity without any yearning for ownership. In fact, it has taught me to give. To give without any expectations in return.

I do my best as I can and feel immense inner happiness. That happiness was never in all my possessions put together.

These are my Permanents and will always be by my side. I trust them.

Like what you’ve been reading? Contact me at peeyush@wisitech.com or call me direct 001.416.577.8178 for useful and professional advice on what you can do to turn your ecommerce venture, website or digital marketing towards greater sales and higher profits. 

About the Author: Peeyush Sharma is VP, Business Development & International Marketing, North America at Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd. He spearheads new business development in the area of ecommerce, web solutions and apps. He is also an established corporate speaker and marketing content specialist.

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Inculcated into the Vedic studies since adolescence, Peeyush is a reputed Vedic Scholar and Speaker. Being a management post graduate with many years of experience in marketing and sales and business development, he has a unique slant in applying spiritual teachings to management principles. Peeyush has intensively carried on with Vedic studies and Hindu Spirituality under reputed gurus and swadhyaya or self-study. He started public speaking on the Vedic and Hindu Spiritual Guidance in the year 2003 and has only gained reputation and popularity since. He speaks with authority on subjects and matters related to Upanishads, Darshans, Geeta and the Vedas. He has been a prolific speaker at many Yoga studios and conferences, at number of Hindu Temples and gatherings, Catholic, Evangelist and other Churches, Multi-Faith groups and conferences, Vedic Centres etc. He has given discourses on spiritual meditation and the Vedas in English in Toronto and at multiple centres in Canada, UK, USA and India. He keeps it simple and after most of his talks invites open questions and is ready with answers. Peeyush is VP, Business Development & International Marketing, North America at Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd, and spearheads new business development in the area of ecommerce, web solutions and apps. He writes regularly onmanagement principles and practices. He speaks in English, Hindi, Bengali and Punjabi languages with ease. He currently lives in Greater Toronto Area in Canada.
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