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Adorable Printable Postcards for Your Scrapbooking, Wall Decor

March 2, 2017 | By

Printable postcards by MimiOshi are charming and so cute. For any American mom its a beautiful invitation, card for scrapbooking, nursery decor and more.

nursery wall art

Printable postcards are a huge help. Plenty of templates are available, many of them free. There is a problem of plenty, if I may put it that way. And sometimes I am in a fix which one to choose.

This cute instant download printable postcards set caught my attention because of the adorable pigtailed girls in the illustrations. I was looking for something unique for my younger one’s scrapbooking project and stumbled upon this set of three printable postcards. The instant download feature makes it easy to purchase and receive immediately.

The 3 postcards are 10 cm x 15 cm in image size. The 3 front images and 1 postcard back image is delivered in 300 dpi Jpeg files – a good resolution for printing. Make sure you got a high quality inkjet printer and remember to use a reasonably thick cardstock when printing postcards.

My younger one thinks the brown-haired pink dress girl looks much like her. I took more prints and stuck them up above her bed on the wall. Well, that ensured some colorful kids wall décor as well.

Use these the way you want – as postcards or wall décor or scrapbooking.


Click on the picture below or click here to Buy Printable Postcards Set Now.

nursery decor

Their unique kids room wall art features forest animals, cute rabbits, little fairies and so on that add a burst of art and color to a little girl’ nursery.

I loved picking up the MimiOshi nursery wall art from Etsy and will buy even more. Putting together your new baby’s happy place is not difficult if you have the some great nursery wall art.

Your baby’s nursery is going to be her sanctuary for many years to come. As a mother I love to decorate it with fun and charming baby wall art. Visit their store. I am positive you will find something you would love to place in your baby’s room.

Click here to Buy Nursery Wall Art Now


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