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The Hungrysaurus

June 17, 2019 | By

A Hungrysaurus is a sub-species of animal who has the most doleful eyes that seek you out and try and hypnotise you into doling out inappropriate amounts of food. Hungrysauruses have hungry eyes!

1 hungrysaurus ayanpills

She follows me around with those eyes. Many have told me that it is love in her eyes. Ha! I scoff at such suggestions. My rose-tinted glasses were broken way back in time.

She’s got hungry eyes. All she wants is a piece (pieces, actually) of those meat pies…or ice cream or biscuit or paneer or apple or pineapple or carrot or banana or chips.

“Have you ever seen a Hungrysaurus?” I asked my friend. “Hungarosaurus, you mean,” he offered. “No, I meant Hungrysaurus only,” I maintained, getting a mere ‘Huh’ in return.

“I have heard of Hungarosaurus, but what the heck is a Hungrysaurus?” he inquired.

Now, how could I let go of this chance to show off my knowledge? And so, I unleash my inner being, and launch into an appropriately-sized discourse. Let me share some of the more salient points of my address with you.

A Hungrysaurus is a sub-species of animal who has the most doleful eyes that seek you out and try and hypnotise you into doling out inappropriate amounts of food. Hungrysauruses have hungry eyes! That follow you around like the Mona Lisa. These creatures believe in the maxim, “Every food you make, every packet you shake, every bite you take… I’ll be watching you.”


Ayanpills is a quick dose of rumination by Ayan Roy, dedicated to the indomitable animal lovers and foodies of the world. 🙂

I, too, have a Hungrysaurus at home and she employs the proven British Imperial strategy of “divide and rule”. When I come home late at night and my wife is not in the room, my Hungrysaurus looks up at me with hope and begs me to feed her starving soul. It is only once I have fed her and my wife returns that I am made aware that she had a full, hearty meal not even two hours ago! But, then, each time her hungry eyes get teary, I melt and keep falling for the same trick. And who can bear the sight of her giving you that stink eye or ‘you betrayed me’ look? Not me! What about you?

Remember, they believe they will not, and hence, cannot, be denied.

They also believe in swachhata for their bowls are always sparkling clean, as if  untouched by food.

Thus, these creatures milk the sea of humanity to ensure a steady flow of (undeserved) meals. What a sweat…sorry…sweet deal!

Here’s what I say to these Hungrysauruses:

Watching you watching me
It’s so easy to see
That it’s not my loving you
That puts the starlight in your eyes
Your eyes give the game away
Somehow it’s a feeling you can never hide
No matter how hard you try
It’s my plate of meat that makes your eyes shine bright…

(Parody of Bill Withers’ Watching You Watching Me)

Watch this space for more Ayanpills every alternate Mondays. 🙂

(Pic courtesy: Pexels)

A writer, aspiring poet, foodie and a dog lover. Opinionated to the core, he is rarely right, but likes to take it light. He’s 25% writer, 25% comedian, 72% cynic, 28% bored and 100% wonky.
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