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October 8, 2013 | By

I watched as she walked away, Till I could see her no more
But she left behind some thoughts, And my teddy on the floor
That day the snow melted, Both inside and out
That day I finally realized, What childhood is all about




‘Spoilt’ some called me

Since I was pampered by all

As a kid of five

I was chubby, fat and small


One day mum packed my clothes

Said something about ‘vacation’

I grabbed my teddy in my hand

And moved towards the station


A huge light hung from the ceiling

Mum called it a chandelier

And as I stared in awe and amazement

I dropped my teddy bear


A girl peeped out of the corner

Her eyes fixed on my toy

To her my brown stuffed animal

Seemed like a bundle of joy


I approached her with a smile

With the teddy I was to lend

And she smiled right back at me

She called me her friend!


She was a child labourer there

So I offered her my things

After all, I had plenty

Of those frocks, bows and rings


She smiled with her broken teeth

And to my very surprise

Said that possessions like these

Were a bunch of golden lies


For her true happiness

Was to eat leftover cake

To swing in the playground when no one was looking

To catch butterflies near the lake


Restaurant duties were her favourite

Because sometimes she danced along

When the singer ‘babu’ on the stage

Sang her favourite song



She said her name was Pinki

But that just didn’t seem right

Pink wasn’t present in her fate

Oh, such a sorry plight!


Her eyes sparkled

As she talked about her dreamland

And that is when I saw

The whip mark on her hand


Bruises on her face

Told me she gets beat

And cuts by broken glass

Had pierced her feet


Her smile suddenly faded

Her gaze shifted to the ground

And without uttering a word

She quietly turned around


I watched as she walked away

Till I could see her no more

But she left behind some thoughts

And my teddy on the floor


That day the snow melted

Both inside and out

That day I finally realized

What childhood is all about

Namaste! I'm Chaitali Wadhwa. I'm a poet by choice and a debater by nature. I aspire to be a lawyer!
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