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Pretty Pink Ballerina

October 8, 2013 | By

Life taught me a lesson
That I teach you, my child today
You don’t go in search of opportunities
Opportunities, they come your way


She stood there like a fairy

From head to toe in white

With a twinkle in her eyes

Indeed a pretty sight.


And as she received her golden trophy,

Wrapped in ribbons silky blue,

It donned on me that maybe

I could have been there too.


It started years ago

In my pink ballerina dress

When pirouettes were my priority

And life a lovable mess!


I dreamt o being a dancer

Of doing shows, big and small

I dreamt o f living life to its fullest

As I danced across the hall


She had done just the same

As she swirled and danced around

Like a pretty young angel

Who had just landed on the ground


A lady had come to call me

She said I would be a star

That I would become famous

Be known, near and far


But seeing MY reaction

She was struck with a blow

Because to her very surprise

My answer was, NO!


I said bye to the opportunity

Gave up a golden chance

And soon bid adieu to my passion

Gave up my dance


My ballet shoes were packed in the box

That last glimpse of the dance hall

“Why did I say no?” You ask me

For I was afraid I would fall


I was afraid I would fail

I doubted my own skill

Though there was a way this time,

There was no will


That door I was afraid to open

In fear of what I would see

So I shut my dreams forever

Dreams, of who I wanted to be


Life taught me a lesson

That I teach you, my child today

You don’t go in search of opportunities

Opportunities, they come your way


When life gives you golden chances

Don’t let them slip your hand

Or you won’t climb the mountains

You will just fall, deep into the sand


If I had not committed that mistake

I could have been on stage too

Receiving a golden trophy

Wrapped in ribbons, silky blue.

Namaste! I'm Chaitali Wadhwa. I'm a poet by choice and a debater by nature. I aspire to be a lawyer!
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