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Greatest Indian Film Poll, Write A Review Contest

September 25, 2013 | By

To celebrate the 100 years of Indian Cinema, Learning and Creativity (L&C) is going to conduct a ‘Poll’ to let cine buffs vote the Greatest Indian Film Ever.

100 Years of Cinema

L&C launches ‘Poll’ for cine lovers to vote for the best Indian movie ever made.
Write a Review and Win Prizes.

Indian Cinema completes its 100 years in 2013.

To celebrate this milestone of Indian Cinema, Learning and Creativity (L&C) is conducting a ‘Poll’ for cine lovers to vote for the best Indian movie ever made.

Along with the Poll is an exciting ‘Write A Review’ contest where you get to choose the prize you want to win!

The Poll and the contest kicked off on Oct 1, 2013.

Learning & Creativity will keep publishing the reviews to help participants share their reviews to earn Facebook Likes for the 3 Most Popular reviews.

The winners will be declared on November 19, the eve of the International Film Festival of India, 2013.

L&C encourages you to bring out the critic hidden inside and write a review on your favorite movie. It’s the time for all movie buffs and star worshipers to make their favorite film win! We have made your job a bit easy by identifying 50 best movies out of the rich, rich treasure trove of Indian cinema…but you still have to vote for that one masterpiece you would like to see at the top. Don’t we love to watch our favorite film over and over again?

Meanwhile keep enjoying good cinema!

100 Years of Indian Cinema

Poll’ and ‘Movie Review Contest’ is now live!
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