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An Equal Music

August 5, 2013

Book review of Vikram Seth’s An Equal Music by Alokparna Das.

Author: Vikram Seth
Review by Alokparna Das
Published by Penguin

Book review of Vikram Seth's An Equal Music

A story of intense love, passion and loneliness by Vikram Seth

What can one write about Vikram Seth’s virtuosity? The books he has written can only make one wonder, and enjoy them.

From travel writings on China, to a novel in sonnets on Californians, to a massive novel depicting post Independent northern India, Seth’s indepth observations of the human mind and condition is amazing. His latest publication, An Equal Music, needs no words of praise.

Set in England, Vienna and Venice, this is a story of intense love, passion and loneliness. With the magical world of Beethoven and Bach as a background, Seth weaves an impassioned tale of heartache, longing and the power of music.

The sentences have music in them. Seth has succeeded in turning prose to poetry. The rythm makes the novel musical itself.

What is the difference between my life and my love? One gets me low, the other lets me go.
O Luke, O Luke, rack me no riddles more.

An Equal Music, confirms that Vikram Seth is indeed one of the finest contemporary writers in English.


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