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InTalkies Short Film Contest 2017 for Bengali Filmmakers

October 19, 2017

InTalkies Short Film Contest 2017 is now open for entries. Standout film in Jury Choice and Popular Choice categories will win prize money worth USD 1250.

InTalkies Short Film Contest 2017 Chitrabani

InTalkies Short Film Contest 2017, jointly organized by Chitrabani (Kolkata) and InTalkies (Bangladesh) is now open for entries!

“Standout film” in the two competitive categories – Jury Choice and Popular Choice will win prize money worth USD 1250.

* The contest is open for all Bengali filmmakers of West Bengal & Bangladesh.

* Films with a running time not more than 30 minutes are eligible to participate.

* Film can be of any genre and one can submit maximum 3 films.

* The film submission deadline to enter the contest is November 15, 2017.

Entry details and competition rules and regulations can be found on the InTalkies’ website

All Entries in the 2017 competition will be judged by the experienced Jury team comprised of film and media professionals of West Bengal and Bangladesh.


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