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Critique on Pathaan and other films

Audiences have begun embracing mindless entertainment, reflecting a cultural shift towards a slow and steady acceptance of our own true choices and ourselves. This acceptance extends to our past, as seen in the resurgence of 90s music and the acknowledgment of B and C grade cinema. Saumya Baijal critiques this emerging trend.

2001 A Space Odyssey
Space and Time in Films
Science fiction in films has evolved...
A Cyberpunk Chorus
A Cyberpunk Chorus
Mrinal Sen made Chorus in 1974. His...
Guide: A Spiritual Odyssey
Guide: A Spiritual Odyssey
Dev Anand’s creative effort reached...
From Margins to Centre Stage
From Margins to Centre Stage
Ever since the initiation of the...
In the Wink of an Eye
In the Wink of an Eye
A particular film has often achieved an iconic...
The film exposes the evils of real estate dealers and multi-millionaire promoters - Tarneja (Pankaj Kapur) and Ahuja (Om Puri)
Looking Back at Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro
A 1983 film made on a shoe-string...
Women at the Centre: Four Sensitive Films
Women at the Centre: Four Sensitive Films
Four contemporary films handle adeptly the perennial...
Maurits Cornelis Escher’s ‘The Eye’ looks straight in my eyes
I’s Eyes: Exploring Use of Eyes in Films
The recently concluded Kolkata International...
Jamie Fox plays Rhythm and Blues musician Ray Charles in the biopic Ray (2004)
The ‘Biopic’ Teaser
Biopic films have more often than not run into...
Mrinal Sen's Bhuvan Shome - an Indian Nouvelle Vague experience
Re-claiming Indian Parallel Cinema
The Indian Parallel cinema has been...
Uttam Kumar in Satyajit Ray's Chiriakhana
An Open Letter to Byomkesh Bakshi
There have been a flurry...
The Idea of Apu
The Idea of Apu
On reading Pather Panchali one cannot help...
The Many Faces of Byomkesh Bakshi
The Many Faces of Byomkesh Bakshi
Indian cinema and television has...
The Mind Twisters (8 Movies No One Can Watch Just Once)
The Mind Twisters (8 Movies No One Can Watch Just Once)
The best aspect of this genre is the faith the...
Charulata: The Lonely Wife
Performativity and Politics: Ray and Ghatak
Ray, in his characteristic...
Bollywood - Wacckopedia
Bollywood – Wacckopedia
Bollywood signed a $12.79 million deal...
In Gulaal’s heavily masculine world of politics, inheritance, and parochialism, Kiran, starts from a point of disadvantage on account of her gender and pedigree, to battle her way in a bid to acquire power on her own rules.
Sex And The Second Sex In Anurag Kashyap’s World Of Films
And although Kashyap’s woman is often the...
Satyajit Ray's Sonar Kella, the first of the two films he made on the Feluda series
Why Feluda Works
When we talk of re-birth of Feluda on screen with...
What Is Acting
What Is Acting
Michael Chekhov, a great Russian...
Alex looking straight at the camera with the eyeballs slightly above centre
(Pic: Amazon)
The Need For A Visual Syntax
The quest to create strong, powerful and...
Masculin, féminin
Cast: Jean-Pierre Léaud, Chantal Goya
Director: Jean-Luc Godard 
(Pic: Amazon)
Space Sound Color: Giving Life To An Art Film
Since its nascent beginnings, the so-called art film...
New York: Capturing The Essence
New York: Capturing The Essence
New York is much more than a studio...
Bobby Deol in Oye Lucky Lucky Oye
Screening Delhi
Films that deal with Delhi as a city largely...
Taylor and Van Johnson find romantic fulfillment in The Last Time I Saw Paris
City and Cinema: The Cinematic City of Paris
Cinema is a powerful signifying...
Marriage of Maria Braun
A Nazi City – Berlin in the Films
Interestingly, the film makers trying...
Videos To Voice
Videos To Voice
Community Video is a unique...
Three Movies of the Digital Age
Three Movies of the Digital Age
The DVC phenomenon shows that...
Neocolonialism and Videogame Culture
Neocolonialism and Videogame Culture
Videogame culture offers...