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What They Say


Adoor Gopalakrishnan

Renowned filmmaker
The idea of restarting the Web Magazine Silhouette is most welcome. There is not a single serious publication on cinema in our country. We are occasionally lamenting about nothing new happening in Indian cinema. The absence of any serious debate or even appreciation of good efforts has been responsible for this situation. I hope you will be able to fill up at least a portion of the big gap. Wishing Silhouette well.


Shoma A Chatterjee

National Award winning film critic and scholar
“Serious, in-depth writing on cinema is almost a rarity in these days of star-centric and market-driven film journalism. Several serious journals and magazines on cinema have stopped publication. In this dark scenario, Silhouette is reborn and brings the hope of that elusive rainbow at the end of a dark tunnel. As a contributor to Silhouette and a constant reader of this journal, I feel it works ideally not only for throwing up original and unique perspectives on cinema, but also as a frame of reference for students of film studies and for filmmakers across the English-speaking literatti now and in the future..

Here is wishing Silhouette a long, healthy and productive life for the sake of cinema lovers everywhere.”


SMM Ausaja

Film Historian and Achivist at Osianama Learning Experience
“In these times of information overload all over the net and otherwise, when analytical and critical reasoning without sounding academic is rare, Silhouette Magazine is coming up with articles that are objective and informative at the same time. There are very few magazines which cover Indian cinema’s uniqueness and blend it with World Cinema. The design is neat and the format is easy to read. I wish all success for the relaunch. Keep up the good work!”


Dheeraj Akolkar

Film maker and director of Liv & Ingmar
“It is necessary to have public forums that celebrate and investigate deepest corners and chasms of art with keenness, vision, fearlessness, genuine thirst and knowledge. In that invaluable position I place The Silhouette Magazine – amongst the few places where readers can find challenging and stimulating closeness to art. My best wishes on its relaunch!”


Bikas Mishra

Editor of and Film Director of Chauranga
“In the crowd of countless glossy and shallow film magazines, Silhouette shines for its in-depth analysis, insightful interviews and incisive film reviews. Kudos to Amitava Nag and the entire team!”