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and they made classics Nabendu Ghosh

That Bird Called Happiness, a collection of legendary script and screenplay writer and author Nabendu Ghosh’s short stories, translated from Bengali into English, was launched by eminent filmmaker Kumar Shahani at the Habitat Film Festival in New Delhi in May this year.

And They Made Classics…, Ratnottama Sengupta’s documentary on the memorable and path-breaking Hindi films made by Bimal Roy and scripted by Nabendu Ghosh has been screened at several prestigious film festivals and special screenings to much appreciation.

Silhouette attended some of these events. We present here a compilation of Ratnottama Sengupta’s answers to some seldom asked questions at the Habitat Film Festival and other forums, about Nabendu Ghosh, the writer who wrote for readers and viewers.

Utpal Dutt in Mrinal Sen’s Bhuvan Shome (1969), Satyajit Ray’s Agantuk (1991) and Heerak Rajar Deshe, Gautam Ghose’s Padma Nadir Majhi (1993) and Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Naram Garam
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