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A Manzil of Memories: Rare Memorabilia Of Basu Chatterji’s Films

Poster of Manzil (1979) Mounted On Ceramic Tile

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Poster of Manzil

Basu Chatterji cast Amitabh Bachchan in a tricky role of an ambitious entrepreneur who lies about his social status to woo a rich girl in Manzil, an adaptation of Mrinal Sen’s Bengali film Akash Kusum.

Observes Sounak, “The Manzil poster said, ‘A simple love story told in Basu Chatterji’s style.’ He had become a force to reckon with. This kind of a tagline is a huge stamp of authority, since it is coming from the producer.”

This picture is part of the film memorabilia on display at the exhibition on Basu Chatterji’s films titled ‘Basu Chatterji, A Manzil of Memories’, organised by Sensorium and Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts in Kolkata.

(These film stills and memorabilia are courtesy SMM Ausaja, Rupali Guha and Supratik Roy.)

Tum ho mere dil ki dhadkan (Manzil)

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