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Abhijit Kundu (1 Post)

Abhijit Kundu teaches Sociology in Delhi University. He is also a freelance writer.

Abhishek Talukder (3 Posts)

Abhishek Talukder is a software engineer and an independent film maker. His very first short film, Ria, was showcased in Cannes Short Film corner in 2013 and won several awards in the Lake City International Film Festival, Bhopal. He has been an active member of the Cine Club of Naihati for the last three years. His next feature, Antabiheen, is due for release in February 2015.

Adrian Martin (1 Post)

Adrian Martin is Senior Research Fellow in Film and Television Studies, Monash University (Australia), Co-Director of the Research Unit in Film Culture and Theory, and Co-Editor of Rouge film magazine (

Aineesh Dutt (1 Post)

Aineesh Dutt is a high school student in his senior year at St. Xavier's Collegiate School, Kolkata. His hobbies include music, literature, cinema, philosophy and football.

Aishika Chakraborty (1 Post)

Aishika Chakraborty is Associate Professor in History in Brahmananda Keshab Chandra College. Her research interests include Gender History and Dance Studies.

Akash Nag (1 Post)

Akash Nag is a student of Garden High School, Kolkata. He swears by cricket but loves swimming and watching football as well. When in a good mood, Akash loves to draw the world of his dreams.

Amitava Das (1 Post)

Amitava Das is someone who loves literature, but studied Engineering, has a passion for reading epics and writing(not epics, though),but has ended up writing codes, loves mathematics but gets utterly confused calculating small changes. Someone for whom the front courtyard is a stage. And the lone drop of dew, beauty.

Amitava Nag (75 Posts)

Amitava Nag is an independent film critic based in Kolkata and editor of Silhouette. His most recent books on cinema are Murmurs: Silent Steals with Soumitra Chatterjee, 16 Frames and Smriti Sattwa o Cinema. His earlier writings include the acclaimed books Satyajit Ray’s Heroes and Heroines published by Rupa and Beyond Apu: 20 Favourite film roles of Soumitra Chatterjee published by Harper Collins India. He also writes poetry and short fiction in Bengali and English – observing life in a platter. He can be reached at

Amrita DasGupta (1 Post)

Amrita DasGupta, a student of English Literature from University of Calcutta, is a movie buff, a keen reader of books and a writer of poetry. Born and brought up in Kolkata she got enriched by Bengal’s cultural heritage that nurtured within her an avid interest in the different streams of art.

Anand Desai (9 Posts)

After qualifying as a CA, I worked in the field of Investment Banking for around 18 years wth JM Financials and Kotak Mahindra and did a stint in the media with SONY. I now run a business advisory firm and I am an independent director on the Boards of companies. Music consumes a large part of my waking hours and keeps the fire in me alive.

Anandana Kapur (0 Post)

Anandana Kapur is an award winning filmmaker whose work has been showcased at various international and national festivals. She has lent her voice to over 22 films till date and her experience in Communications Training spans 9 years. As Visiting Faculty at AJKMCRC, Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi she teaches Communication Theory and Research Evaluation to post-graduate students. She also lectures exchange students from the US and Canada on Indian Cinema and Representation of Women. Her published work is on Culture, Communication and Media studies. Her interests include photography, art and traveling.

Ananya Das (1 Post)

Ananya Das was a student of Mass Communication & Videography in St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. A Bangladeshi national, Ananya had directed two short films Alaap and Pun Intended and writes extensively on cinema.

Ananya Guha (1 Post)

Ananya Guha is an electrical engineer by education and now working in the software industry. She is a keen patron of quality films and books. Ananya is an amateur writer and has had some of her articles published in The Times of India.

Anshula (6 Posts)

Anshula, a student of ASN Sr Sec School, loves to draw and color, listen to soft music, watch good movies, read mythology and explore new places during her vacations. She has her own blog on Learning and Creativity and also writes in Silhouette Magazine.

Antara Nanda Mondal (68 Posts)

Editor in Chief, Learning and Creativity; Consulting Editor, Silhouette Magazine. A former business journalist, Antara writes extensively on the changing trends of music, direction and filmmaking in cinema. Her articles aim to provide well-researched information on the legends of cinema for the movie and music enthusiast. She is also the Founder-Editor of Blue Pencil, a New Delhi-based publishing house. She edited and published Incomparable Sachin Dev Burman, the biography of SD Burman written by HQ Chowdhury. She has co-authored a chapter on Hemant Kumar's Bengali music in the acclaimed book The Unforgettable Music of Hemant Kumar, written by Manek Premchand. Her articles have also been published in and Antara is Editor-Creative Director of Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Anuradha Warrier (1 Post)

Anuradha Warrier is an editor by profession, a writer by inclination, and is passionate about books, music and films, all of which she writes about on her blog, Conversations over Chai.

Anwesha Deb (1 Post)

Anwesha Deb is an IT professional from Kolkata. Her interests include music , cinema and Toastmasters.

Aparajita Sengupta (2 Posts)

Aparajita Sengupta has a PhD in English Literature from the University of Kentucky. She worked on postcolonial elements in Indian Cinema. She taught postgraduate college in India for some time, and is now a full-time organic farmer.

Arghya Tarafder (1 Post)

Arghya Tarafder has a degree in English literature. A movie bug in his mind, Arghya is ready to unleash himself in the world that revolves around photography, cinema and pop culture. Have perchance for life, love and more.

Ariktam Chatterjee (1 Post)

Ariktam Chatterjee teaches literature and writes on cinema. He is an avid follower of Western music and in his off time he is a Blues Musician.

Arushi Singh (1 Post)

Arushi Singh is currently a second year M.A student at the School of Arts and Aesthetics in Jawahar Lal Nehru University. She is a contributing writer with Helter Skelter, a new online magazine with a focus on independent culture in India. Her research interests lies in investigating the inherent voyeurism in the cinematic medium, how memory of past historical events is comprehensible through cultural texts like cinema and how a culture creates and informs its memory with a mass mediated version of history, and African –American post-modern choreographer Bill T. Jones’ works. She is also a professional Bharatanatyam dancer and teacher at Ganesa Natyalaya, New Delhi.

Ashwini Falnikar (1 Post)

Ashwini Falnikar has a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media and then an M.A. degree in Media and Cultural Studies from TISS, Mumbai. Bollywood opened the doors to her into the world of films. Currently she is working as a video editor for a video blogging project for women's empowerment and teaching ‘Understanding Cinema’ in B.M.M. course.

Avijit Das Patnaik (1 Post)

Avijit Das Patnaik is a banker by profession, network marketeer by choice, frequent traveller by rule, mad about sports by religion, socially active, foodie, stand up comedian (even while sitting) and Moviemaniac by diet.

Avirup Ghosh (1 Post)

Avirup Ghosh is completing his M.Phil in English at Jadavpur University and takes an academic interest in suicide and its representation in literature, films and the visual arts.

Ayesha Arif (1 Post)

Ayesha Arif is an independent filmmaker currently working on a Hindi film as screenplay writer and director.

Chandrika Acharya (1 Post)

Chandrika Acharya is a postgraduate from EFL University, Hyderabad in the Literature and Cultural Studies Department.

Debasish Bhattacharya (3 Posts)

A freelancer consulting Social Development Specialist, Debasish works in large-scale infrastructure development projects in India and abroad as well. An Anthropologist turned Regional Planner Debasish (Shibaji) is fond of several activities from writing travelogues to cooking, from sketching, painting, photography to dress designing, embroidering to choreographing. Whenever he feels, in the early mornings or dead of nights, he sits with doing something creative that is so close to his heart.

Dr Ampat Varghese Koshy (2 Posts)

Dr. Koshy A.V. is presently working as an Assistant Professor in the English Department of Jazan University, Saudi Arabia. He has many books, degrees, diplomas, certificates, prizes, and awards to his credit and also, besides teaching, is an editor, anthology maker, poet, critic and writer of fiction. He runs an autism NPO with his wife, Anna Gabriel.

Dr Amrit Sen (1 Post)

Dr. Amrit Sen is presently Reader in English at Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan. Interested in Eighteenth century Studies, Travel Writing, Tagore Studies and the History of Science, he has won the outstanding research award for his doctoral dissertation, “The Narcissistic Mode: Metafiction as a Strategy in Moll Flanders, Tom Jones and Tristram Shandy,” published by Worldview in 2007. He has recently been awarded the UGC Research Award for his project titled "The Self and the world in Tagore's Travel Writings".

HQ Chowdhury (1 Post)

HQ Chowdhury is a freelance writer on music and films. He first wrote in the late 1960s for the People, an English daily from Dhaka and then for a while in the early 1970s for Cine Advance, published from Kolkata and Mumbai. He is the author of Incomparable Sachin Dev Burman (the biography of composer-singer SD Burman) and a recipient of the 2006 ‘Sachin Dev Burman Award’ from the Government of Tripura, India. HQ Chowdhury is the CEO of Plasma Plus, an application laboratory of science and technology of which he is also the founder. He was listed in the Marquis WHO’s WHO in the World of Professionals from 1997 to 2002.

Moti Lalwani (2 Posts)

In the fifties I was fond of seeing Dev Anand movies, due to their unmatched and incomparable music of all genres. I still remember, I went to see Taxi Driver (1954) to hear its music by S. D. Burman. I became a lifelong fan of the peerless maestro who continued rewarding me with melodious, enchanting and romantic music songs. The passion grew with age. I started collecting published articles on my idol. Much later, in 2009, I started my research on Sachinda, meeting those who knew Burman Dada, conducting voice/video recorded interviews, ably assisted by my colleague Ms Richa Lakhanpal. There are some 80+ videos on my YouTube channel of those interviews. This space is too small to describe him, still we discovered Sachinda as: A saintly person, simple and childlike, non-controversial, respected and loved by everyone, a guru who trained his assistants how to compose and singers how to sing, punctual, loved to experiment, praised his peers, declined work suggesting his peers’ names, ready to leave work for son Pancham whom he loved immensely, not interested politics or gossip, spent all day in his music, took immense interest in sports among many other attributes.