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Bina Shaji Kurup (0 Post)

A communications professional with a flair and passion for writing. Bina writes for several sites on topics ranging from Parenting, Jewelry to Hardware! She believes her love for reading ignited and polished her writing skills. A full-time mother and a freelance writer, Bina also works with the Art of Living documentation team to write up articles on the various AOL projects. You can reach her on [email protected]

Madhuja Mukherjee (1 Post)

Madhuja Mukherjee teaches in the Dept. of Film Studies, Jadavpur University. A section of her Ph.D thesis has been published as the book New Theatres Ltd. 2009, NFAI, Pune. Currently she is doing research on posters and lobby cards of 1950s and 1960s.

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury (4 Posts)

Maitreyee B Chowdhury is a web columnist, poet and creative writer. She is author of three books 'Reflections on My India', 'Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen: Bengali Cinema's First Couple' and 'Where Even The Present Is Ancient: Benaras'. She writes on cinema and art too. Maitreyee writes for Criterion Literary Journal; a journal of media studies 'Kottaka'; Indian Express (Bay Area); Indian Ruminations; YOMO Art Gallery (South East Asian Art House); Gallery 2000 (French Art House); The Sip of Life, etc.

Mamta Joshi (1 Post)

Mamta Joshi did her post graduation in History from Allahabad University. She has been teaching English Literature to College section in St. Mary's Convent Inter College, Allahabad, for past two decades. Passionate about writing, her poems, essays and musings on day to day life appear in dailies and e-magazines of national and international repute. She writes in Hindi and English with ease and fluency.

Manek Premchand (1 Post)

Manek Premchand writes a weekly column on Hindi film music, and has authored five books on the subject: Yesterdays’ Melodies Today’s Memories, Musical Moments From Hindi Films, Romancing The Song, Talat Mahmood—The Velvet Voice, and Hitting The Right Notes—Hindi Cinema’s Golden Music. Besides these, he has written one third of the book Shiv Kumar Sharma — The Man And His Music. Manek’s focus in that definitive biography of the great santoor maestro is the latter’s contribution into cinema—both as an instrumentalist as well as a composer. "Manek Premchand has worked as Consultant with Saregama India Limited, and was a radio host with WorldSpace Satellite Radio, after a stint with All India Radio. He has also received a Senior Fellowship from the Ministry of Culture, on the subject “The Changing Face of Lyrics in Hindi cinema”. He has conducted dozens of interactive music events, including several with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, that beacon of Culture and Education in India.

Manoj Barpujari (3 Posts)

Manoj Barpujari, a journalist based in Guwahati, received Swarna Kamal for the best film critic at the National Film Awards 2011. He wrote a chapter on cinema of Assam in Routledge Handbook of Indian Cinemas (London, 2013) and conducted a workshop on film criticism at the University of West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad in 2012. He has written and edited twelve books including three titles on cinema. He is a member of FIPRESCI (international federation of film critics) and served at film festival juries in India and abroad several times.

Margaret Redlich (4 Posts)

Margaret Redlich has her Masters in Cinema and Media Studies from DePaul University in Chicago. She is the Area Chair for Indian Popular Culture in the Midwest Popular Culture Association and has been published in both academic texts and popular websites. She blogs at dontcallitbollywood.

Marjan Riahi (1 Post)

Marjan Riahi is the Founder & Manager of Short Film News, ( as the first news network on short films and documentaries in Iran & Asia. She graduated in Communications Science, Journalism branch from Islamic Azad University and then in Cinema Directing from Iranian Young Cinema Society (IYCS). Marjan is the Chairperson of Shorts Competition in 17th International Children’s Film Festival Golden Elephant in 2011 (India) and Chairperson of NETPAC in 15th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in 2011 (Estonia). Apart from this she is a jury in several international film festivals viz. Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema in 2010 (France), 9th Third Eye Asian Film Festival in 2010 (India), 4th European Off Film Awards GRAND OFF in 2010 (Poland) etc. Apart from being a Journalist as well in Iranian newspapers and journals, she also directed a documentary on Iranian actresses called Directing Eternal Mothers in 2001

Mayurakshee Gangopadhyay (1 Post)

Mayurakshee Gangopadhyay holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree in Human Development. Living in Kolkata, Mayurakshee teaches Human Development in a city college. She has interest in research works and is also a rehabilitation psychologist. An extensive reader of novels and plays, travelling and dance complete her life.

Michelle Baitali Bhowmik (1 Post)

Michelle Baitali Bhowmik is Lecturer in Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Rani Birla Girls’ College. She finished her MA in the Department of Film Studies , Jadavpur University and now teaches film and media.

Monica Kar (10 Posts)

Monica Kar has her BA in English Literature from the University of Delhi. She now lives in St. Charles, Missouri, USA, where she wears many hats. While she has worked in Publishing, Retail, Education and Construction in various roles, she has been a free-lance editor since 1987, and is currently part time editor with Learning and Creativity-Silhouette Magazine. In 2015 she started writing about her first passion - Hindi film songs of the Golden Age for an online music group. She welcomes suggestions and critiques on her writing as it makes her learn and grow as a writer.

Moti Lalwani (2 Posts)

In the fifties I was fond of seeing Dev Anand movies, due to their unmatched and incomparable music of all genres. I still remember, I went to see Taxi Driver (1954) to hear its music by S. D. Burman. I became a lifelong fan of the peerless maestro who continued rewarding me with melodious, enchanting and romantic music songs. The passion grew with age. I started collecting published articles on my idol. Much later, in 2009, I started my research on Sachinda, meeting those who knew Burman Dada, conducting voice/video recorded interviews, ably assisted by my colleague Ms Richa Lakhanpal. There are some 80+ videos on my YouTube channel of those interviews. This space is too small to describe him, still we discovered Sachinda as: A saintly person, simple and childlike, non-controversial, respected and loved by everyone, a guru who trained his assistants how to compose and singers how to sing, punctual, loved to experiment, praised his peers, declined work suggesting his peers’ names, ready to leave work for son Pancham whom he loved immensely, not interested politics or gossip, spent all day in his music, took immense interest in sports among many other attributes.

Mukul Sharma (3 Posts)

Mukul Sharma grew up in Jaipur, graduated from National Law School, Bangalore. Works with a corporate law firm to pay for books and movie tickets. Idolises Tony Stark and emulates Dogbert.

Sarbasree Bandyopadhyay (1 Post)

Sarbasree Bandyopadhyay teaches History in a college in West Midnapore, West Bengal and researches on women studies. Her area of interest is in films and their influence on women.