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Avirup Ghosh (1 Post)

Avirup Ghosh is completing his M.Phil in English at Jadavpur University and takes an academic interest in suicide and its representation in literature, films and the visual arts.

Gajendra Khanna (1 Post)

Gajendra Khanna, born into a music loving Punjabi family has stayed across India and currently resides in Bangalore. An engineer by profession, he holds an M.Tech. degree in Computer Technology from IIT Delhi. Other than computing, he has interest in literature, writing, linguistics and collecting music and movies. He is the maintainer for a general artist website on artists called Anmol Fankaar as well as dedicated websites on singers Geeta Dutt, Noorjehan and Shamshad Begum in his spare time. He is a Life Member of the Society of Indian Record Collectors and the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers.

Gargi Ray Chakraborty (1 Post)

An economics major who has spent a decade in communications industry handling some very well reputed brands. Currently based out of Bangalore, her varied interests include literature, cinema, visual art, animal welfare, yoga, spirituality, world cuisine, Indian handicrafts, antique furniture and gardening where she plans to grow a wide range of organic fruits & vegetables soon.

Gaston Roberge (2 Posts)

Gaston Roberge, a Jesuit Father, was born in 1935 in Montreal, Canada. He volunteered to come to India and he was sent to Kolkata where arrived on 15 October 1961. He has a MA in Film Studies from the University of Los Angeles, USA.

Gaurav Sahay (1 Post)

Gaurav Sahay is a Delhite largely though with substantial exposure to urban and quasi rural Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. He has a Masters in Business Administration and a law degree from Delhi University. He is a banker by profession but has interests on a range of subjects, including astrology, homeopathy and sports. He is passionate about films, in particular Hindi. His understanding however is not populist but critical and at times transcending. He writes in English and Hindi with equal command. His essay on Guide is ample evidence of the writer and critic within him.