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Champa Srinivasan (1 Post)

Champa Srinivasan writes on various blogs and magazines, including B’ on real life issues and incidents. She is a Post Graduate in English literature from Jadavpur University and has taught English in an Undergraduate college in Kolkata. Currently, she is busy shuttling between her husband and two grown up children, located in three different cities and running a family owned leather goods making workshop. Her hobbies include reading, watching films and browsing the net.

Chandak Sengoopta (1 Post)

Chandak Sengoopta teaches History at Birkbeck College, University of London, UK. He grew up in Calcutta and has been interested in Satyajit Ray's work for more than three decades. His other research interests range from the history of European medicine and the history of gender and sexuality to the cultural history of modern India. Sengoopta can be reached by email at [email protected]

Chandrika Acharya (1 Post)

Chandrika Acharya is a postgraduate from EFL University, Hyderabad in the Literature and Cultural Studies Department.

Pradip Biswas (1 Post)

Pradip Biswas is a veteran film scholar and author of 28 books on International directors and cinema. Pradip Biswas has so far served as jury member in many International film festivals of the world and is the winner of the Best International critic at the IFFI, 2013. His two most recent books are Kim Ki Duk: Fresco of scarred Time and Space and Andrey Zvyagintsev: Reflections on Mirror.

Romit Chowdhury (1 Post)

Romit Chowdhury has recently received his M.A. in Media and Cultural Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. He has published articles, essays, reviews and short fiction in The Statesman, India Together, Infochange, Phalanx and Culture Unplugged.

Ujjal Chakraborty (2 Posts)

Ujjal Chakraborty is groomed in Italy on the techniques of Animation films. The author learnt the art of cinema by closely observing Satyajit Ray for many years. His book on film making, The Director's Mind, has brought for him a nation wide prominence in the field. He is a faculty member of Roop Kala Kendro, an Indo-Italian Institute of Films.