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Write For Us! Silhouette Invites Reviews, Interviews, Critiques and Retrospectives

April 14, 2015

Silhouette is inviting writers to share their articles, essays and critiques on cinema, including film reviews, retrospectives and interviews. Write for us!

movies writin

Whether you are new or veteran, you are important. Please contribute with your articles…we are looking forward for an association.

We are currently seeking article submissions in the following sections:

1. Film reviews: Submit film reviews of 1200-1500 words in one document. Any genre, any language is welcome.

2. Retrospective: Submit article of 1200 words in one document on eminent films / personalities/ film activism released more than a year back atleast.

3. Music: Submit article of 1200 words in one document on film music, musicians and singers.

4. Critique: Submit critical articles on cinema covering more than one film within 1500 words. Write on genres, techniques, relation of cinema with the other art forms – anything and everything about the audio-visual medium.

5. Interviews: Silhouette also welcomes Interviews of film-makers, actors, technicians and film authors. Please let us know in advance whom you want to interview and then we can jointly decide on the same.

Along with your submission, you may include a brief cover letter and bio, though your work itself will always be the deciding factor.

We expect to respond to you fairly quickly, but feel free to query us if more than three months go by without hearing from us.

All work submitted must be previously unpublished, and if a piece is accepted elsewhere please notify us immediately.

If you have any questions, query us at amitava.nag@gmail.com

We’re looking forward to reading your work!

2 thoughts on “Write For Us! Silhouette Invites Reviews, Interviews, Critiques and Retrospectives

    1. Amitava Nag, Editor, Silhouette

      As of now we are not able to pay our writers. We are however planning to get some sponsorship so that we can pay a honorarium in the near future.
      Amitava Nag

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