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Why You Should Read The Newspaper Daily

August 15, 2013 | By

Newspaper reading is a personal interest or hobby but necessary to be read by everyone.

Newspaper is a part of our lives. If we do not get the newspaper early in the morning we feel uneasy.

Newspaper is a part of our lives. If we do not get the newspaper early in the morning we feel uneasy.

First of all what is the meaning of Newspaper. Word “NEWScomes from North, East, West and South and the publication which brings us information from all four directions is known as Newspaper.

Newspaper is a part of our lives. If we do not get the newspaper early in the morning we feel uneasy. We loose our tempo if we do not get the newspaper.

Newspaper reading is a personal interest or hobby but necessary to be read by everyone. The newspaper gives us the information about the day to day happenings in our city or town in the first few pages.

Then we have the pages which tell us about our nation and include all the happenings in Parliament and Lok Sabha and many more. The ‘Nation’ pages bring us news even from the most remote parts of the country.

The ‘World’ section covers news about the happenings all around the globe. There are many other sections like Sports, Entertainment and Business which are equally important. Advertisements in the newspapers inform us about new products and offers in the market.

One important reading tip is that we can only read the first two or three paragraphs of a ‘news story’ to get the main news. This portion is called the ‘lead’ and it is the most important part of a news story. The rest of the paragraphs in the news story give details of the news.

Another very important section of the Newspaper is the Editorial which has to be read daily and completely. The Editorial is written by the top editors of the newspaper and carries the opinion of the paper about matters of national importance.

When I was a child I used to only read the headlines but as I grew up I started to read the whole newspaper. This habit helped me in my Exams as there were some questions related to current affairs which I could answer easily.

It also helped me in participating debates as I knew everything that had happened recently. One important fact is that the people who do not read newspaper cannot participate in meetings and in debates and therefore struggle in their lives.

So read newspaper and become an enlightened and intelligent citizen.

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Siddhant is a topper in his class, an Abacus champion and a talented cricketer. He loves to write on issues facing children and young people in society.
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8 thoughts on “Why You Should Read The Newspaper Daily

  • Asutosh

    Thanks Siddhant writing this article. If I go back to my earlier years and even today in the morning I am looking for Newspaper with my cup of tea. Also this habit helps us keep a tab on day to day events. Specially reading editorial gives us views of important issues in the world and it helps to increase our vocabulary. Thanks again Siddhant!!

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