The White Revolution

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A poem introspecting the inward journey in pursuit of time!

The world too rushes as far as she can. But her knot with the sun is never wrecked.

The world too rushes as far as she can.
But her knot with the sun
is never wrecked.

To give
a sense to the thoughts
vocabulary to ideas
and after beckoning  the lexis
into a festoon of verse
it’s calm. Perfect  tranquility.

I walk bare foot in the peace
of the personal self.
What an inward voyage is it?
A journey in pursuit of time!

Congregating pointed and touching words
my poetry comes effortless and intrepid.
Churned up,  liberal, free-thinking.
But not infringing ties with truth, the sun.

Rhymes and calculations cannot encumber
the ashen vastness of plain papers its domain!

Meaning to the thoughts and
language to the meanings
in green letters disembark
the white insurrection.

This non-stop sport of hide-and-seek
with the Muse seizes rhythm.

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Dr. Nandini Sahu’s preoccupation with poetry began very early in life, and today she is a major voice in contemporary Indian English poetry. Dr. Nandini Sahu (1973) has accomplished her doctorate in English literature under the guidance of Late Prof. Niranjan Mohanty, Prof. of English, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan. She is a poet and a creative writer of international repute, has been widely published in India, U.S.A, U.K., Africa and Pakistan. Dr. Sahu has presented papers on various subjects in India and abroad. She is a double gold medalist in English literature and also the award winner of All India Poetry Contest, the Shiksha Ratna Purashkar and Bouddha Creative Writers’ Award. She is the author/editor of ten books titled “The Other Voice”(a poetry collection), “Recollection as Redemption”, “Post-Modernist Delegation to English Language Teaching”, “The Silence”(a poetry collection),“The Post Colonial Space: Writing the Self and the Nation”,“Silver Poems on My Lips(a poetry collection), Folklore and the Alternative Modernities (Vol.I) and Folklore and the Alternative Modernities (Vol. II), Sukamaa and Other Poems ) and Suvarnarekha (An Anthology of Indian Women Poets Writing in English) all of those published from New Delhi. She has one poetry collection under publication, Sita (A Poem). Presently, she is an Associate Professor of English in Indira Gandhi National Open University [IGNOU], New Delhi. She is continuing her D.Litt. on Native American Literature. Dr. Sahu has designed academic programmes/courses on Folklore and Culture Studies, Children’s Literature and American Literature for IGNOU. Her areas of research interest cover Indian Literature, New Literatures, Folklore and Culture Studies, American Literature, Children’s Literature and Critical Theory. She is the Chief Editor/Founder Editor  of Interdisciplinary Journal of Literature and Language(IJLL), a bi-annual peer-reviewed journal in English.
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