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Watching TV

March 3, 2014 | By

So friends, watch TV from a distance

Watching TV is good or bad?

Watching TV is good or bad?

Watching TV is good or bad?
Mom says do not do that.
My Teacher says it’s bad

But Green Ghost or Scooby Doo,
I love watching Iron Man too.

Red Fairy makes my Grandmother’s day shine.
Grandfather enjoys ABP’s news lines.

Dad’s favourites are movies and songs
But he cannot watch them all day long.

So friends, watch TV from a distance and
Do not watch it all day long.

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Himanshu Jha is student of Std. VI, Rishabh Public School, Mayur Vihar - I, extn, Delhi
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One thought on “Watching TV

  • Madhu Verma

    Oh what a lovely sharing…:))

    You have wonderfully conveyed the pros & cons of watching TV.

    I like the last four lines the most as it talks about the maturity level of Author’s father that he watches TV for fun and takes proper care of his eyes.

    Though TV is an excellent educator and entertainer but it is also true that excess of everything is bad. If we consistently & continuously spend more than 4 hours per day watching TV we tend to gain weight. It has adverse affects for kids who view violent acts.

    Hence true saying, prevention is better then cure.

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