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Super Discounts On Valentine’s Day Gift For Him

February 11, 2014 | By

Surprise your man with unique and awesome gifts this Valentine’s Day. From clothing, watch, grooming kits to some practical items; the list is endless.

L&C brings you some beautiful gifts for your valentine.

Maxima Attivo Analog Watch
Original Price: Rs 2,995
Flipkart Price: Rs 2,545
Nokia Lumia 520
Original Price: Rs 11,289
Flipkart Price: Rs 8,567
Davidoff Cool Water Spray
Original Price: Rs 1,900
Flipkart Price: Rs 1,540
Men's Striped Casual Shirt
Original Price: Rs 2,499
Flipkart Price: Rs 1,250
Peora Men's Bracelet
Original Price: Rs 1,600
Flipkart Price: Rs 1,359
Rockford Oval Sunglasses
Original Price: Rs 1,599
Flipkart Price: Rs 699
Original Price: Rs 750
Amazon Price: Rs 428
Allen Solly Belt
Original Price: Rs 1,299
Flipkart Price: Rs 909
Nautica Wallet
Original Price: Rs 2,499
Flipkart Price: Rs 1,749
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