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June 2, 2014 | By

My ghost haunts the one,
who caused my early death

That night was scary and spooky, the wind was howling

That night was scary and spooky,
the wind was howling

My body rests in the grave,
and my ghost haunts the one,
who caused my early death.

A year ago it happened so,
out of disappointment and despair,
I was murdered by the one closest to me,
the one I loved the most.

That night was scary and spooky,
the wind was howling,
the branches
whipping against the window.

I had an eerie feeling,
and saw the glow of a sword,
a chill ran down my spine.

I turned to see my friend,
who ran the sword through my body,
And blamed me as the source of her unhappiness.

As I screamed out in agony
and felt the last breath upon me,
as I fell to the ground,
I saw tears upon her face.

Months later I returned,
only to find my friend dead too,
due to the burden of guilt upon her shoulders,
caused due to my murder.

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Tejasri Gururaj enjoys music, science and nature. She likes to read books and draw.
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One thought on “Untitled

  • Partho Mondal

    Why is this young girl writing of murder? You have a long way to go and live…
    The imagery is vivid but the whole thought of being murdered and betrayed is depressing. I look forward to reading inspiring and positive poems from teenagers who are experiencing their best phase of life

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