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Unearthing Life

January 31, 2016 | By

A deeply philosophical poem about the various nuances of human life and what makes life meaningful for us.


Everyone’s life is and should be unique

Suddenly a realization churned out of my mind.
A realization that craves for meaningful isolation;
A realization that speaks for non-interference,
virtual independence;
A realization that champions the need of uniqueness.

I realized that “almost” none of us needs a suggestion
to live a life of own,
and to celebrate one as well.
Everyone’s life is and should be unique.
There is a reason behind every life of every possible kind;
There is a purpose, apparently hidden
yet quite evident;
obvious in a cognitive way,
yet needing some exercise .

Life should be stimulating for the living beings,
to be called as life.

It remains the best that way.

First published on a Non-profit website and on the author’s personal website.

Pic courtesy: Skeeze @ Pixabay

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Anand Sehgal, who writes usually in his pen name, is a graduate research scholar who recently attained Ph.D. at North Carolina State University in USA. In his day-to-day life he is a very ordinary man without any extra-ordinary features. His passions are photography, music ( of course the genre depends on the mood), writing in his diary, pouring his ideas, thoughts and eventually some of them shape up to become a poem, some of them a short story, and most of them nothing at all. He loves to cook and through practice he believes he has become a decent cook. Being a Gemini ( by Bengali zodiac rules), he is pretty restless. He loves to travel a lot. He is also an animal and nature activist and have been associated with benevolent performing art societies and have also acted in a few stage dramas. He loves new friends, fresh ideas and inspiring life style.
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