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April 29, 2015 | By

This poem is a dedication to the struggles of womanhood, and the social perceptions regarding the status of women in India.

Poetry Month Special

poetry month

Though battered and bruised you have nurtured man through storm

No one cares
like you do,
why is that so
when no one wants you.

Strange are the ways
of the world,
you are born to
despised in the womb
no celebrations when born,
victim of deprivation
discriminated as a child.

From adolescence to adulthood,
lust full eyes follow you
no freedom of moment
or of speech ,
still none can care
better than you.

Unstintingly for centuries
though battered and bruised
you have nurtured man through storm

like a selfless ship you have cruised
never getting your due,
still giving away, tirelessly.

Mankind will remain
indebted to you
recognition of it
no matter to you,
caring for all
you will always do.

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Hardamann Singh is a post graduate in Psychology and has an extensive experience in working in the field of severe disability. Currently he is working with high risk groups on HIV/AIDS and has started scribbling poetry and short stories, and is actively involved in creative writing groups in Facebook.
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